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How to protect dogs’ paws on concrete

I bet you probably know how painful it is to walk barefoot on a surface like concrete that was hot or cold. It’s the same for your special family member, your beloved dog. You may ever think about how your dog with paws burned or frozen by hot and cold concrete. In that case, may lead to many issues with your dog’s walking over time. And now that it’s starting to get colder, maybe you should think about investing in some good dog foot protection boots to protect your furry dog’s paw pads. If you have a puppy or an adult dog, dog safety matters should be important to you. 

Maybe you were doing great in dog pad protection for your dog in the summer, but you know there are so many different options with dog foot protection for your dog out there. Protecting dog paws in winter sometimes can be hard for any breed of dog owner you know?

How to protect dogs’ paws on concrete

For example, dog paw wax can be useful for many kinds of dogs, dog paw gloves may work better if your dog prefers stylish pieces of stuff, puppy shoes, and dog shoes can be very protective of you and your dog live in a very chilly place all year round… If your dog loves to run along the shore’s limestone rocks all day long indoors and outdoors, you may found out that your dog’s paws would be tender and beat up at the end of the day. Because I can be sure that walking those rocks on the concrete was pretty hard for your dog. Not to mention rough on your dog’s dog paw pad covers.

How to protect dogs’ paws on concrete?

You should try to avoid hot&cold asphalt and concrete

You may know that avoiding hot or cold surfaces altogether should be the most easiest and obvious way to avoid your dog’s paws getting hurt from the concrete. That would be shady if you let your dog walk in a grassy area or somewhere similar. In summer, you can try walking on those surfaces when it’s cooler outside, such as in the morning or evening. 

Same with winter, you can also try to walk on the concrete barefoot to feel the temperature if it’s comfortable to walk on before you let your dog walk on. But if you have to walk your dog on a hot or cold surface, you may want to limit the amount of time your dog spent over there. And if you keeping a small puppy, you can always pick him or her up then carry across a parking lot if you want to. 

How to protect dogs’ paws on concrete

You should use a dog stroller if needed 

Sometimes, you can use a dog stroller if the situation of your dog is applicable. I understand there are lots of dog parents who can’t use a stroller if they are keeping a large or extra-large dog. The stroller is mostly common among small breeds of dogs in our daily life. But you can try to do that during the harsher hours during the day because your dog still needs to walk for exercise daily you know? 

Maybe you try to imagine that if you have a dog stroller could come in handy if you are walking your dog to some outside dog-friendly events for some extended periods which may present with hot or cold ground surfaces. 

You should use some dog paw protection cream on your dog’s paws

You may need to check with your veterinarian to make sure everything is OK on your dog’s paws if your dog’s paw pads did get burnt or frozen from walking on concrete. The protective dog paw cream and protective dog paw balm that I’ve used on my dog’s paw pads before which I think may be soothing and helpful for my dog. 

I’ve used DIY anti-slip paw wax on my dog’s feet before and I did work well. I homemade it by myself, it’s true that does not look as good as the dog wax products on the market. But it does smell and feels great, the most important thing is 100% organic and natural with what I’ve done. Maybe you can also have a try and let me know how did it go? 

How to protect dogs’ paws on concrete

You should try some dog feet protectors on your dog’s paws

Just in case you can’t avoid the hot or cold concrete totally, then you might want to look into getting a pair of dog paw shoes for your cute dog. Nowadays there are plenty of different kinds of protective dog shoes that go with different features available you can choose. For example, dog paw protective socks can be super cozy if your dog can wear one in the chilly days, dog paw protection boots can add a layer on your dog’s paws which were already got socks on in the chilly winter…

For my dog, recently he tried out LOOBANI dog paw protection pads for the first time and he likes them so much. I’m ordering another new one soon as I did not pick out the right size the first time and they were too small. The loobani dog paw pad protection is waterproof, reusable, and lets your dog’s paw pads keep away from getting burnt on hot concrete on summer days and not get hurt by the frozen surfaces on winter days. And can be used as dog paw wound protection, dog paw winter protection, and so on…

How to protect dogs’ paws on concrete

You should check your dog’s paws from time to time

Sometimes, most people who were keeping a dog may not consider about the obvious way to care about your dog’s paws is to check your dog’s paws regularly. Because we all know that how important it is to take your dog out on daily walks, so protecting your dog’s paws on concrete it’s just as important to check their paws regularly to ensure that your if dog’s paw pads are crack or abrasion.

Just do it gently but firmly grasp his or her paws in your hand then just inspect the dog paw pads for any abnormalities and injuries visually. Secondly, just gently press down on your dog’s paw pads with your thumb and make notes of any discomfort this action might register on your dog’s paws if you have found some. But also remember to check between his or her toes for any cuts, lumps, stickers, or discoloration at the same time. Just like us human beings’ checking, the importance of maintaining good dog paw pads’ health on your dog’s paws can not be stressed enough you know?

You can do all you need to do to protect your dog’s paws on concrete

All in all, you need to remember to keep your beloved dog stay safe all year round, especially in extreme weather periods, like summer and winter. The most important thing is to keep your dog’s paw pads away from getting burned or frozen.

I admit that I don’t know about you, but I would not want to walk around with burnt or frozen footsies you know? You can help to spread all these messages by sharing with your dog-lover friends if you also want all dogs in this world can reach as much as a care.

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