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Can A Dog Be Trained To Go Potty Both Outdoors And Indoors?

Do you have a pet dog who you want to potty train? Many dog owners want to know if a dog can be trained to go potty both indoors and outdoors. It’s a serious question and needs an immediate answer.

Well! Yes, if you have just got a pup and want to potty train it, with some extra effort you can do it. Moreover, if you have an elderly dog with health issues, you are living in a sky-high apartment, or your puppy is too tiny for an outdoor dog toilet, you have the option of potty training your dog indoors.

Why Is It Important To Potty Train Your Dog?

Potty training is a necessary part of pet grooming. To live with human society, dogs must learn some essential behaviors, and potty training is one of them. Here’s a list of reasons that make this training a must to do for your canines.

1.To Keep Your House Clean
By training your dog in the right place to excrete, you keep your house clean from unexpected and hidden accidents. It also saves you from embarrassment in front of guests as your dog doesn’t poop randomly anywhere. It’ll know where its toilet is.

2.It’s A Healthy Practice
When your pet is not potty trained, it excretes anywhere in the house. Not only it attracts flies but also the bacteria in the poop cause many illnesses.
By giving your doggie proper training you keep yourself and your family safe.

3.Potty Pads Are A Comfortable Option
While training your puppy, you use potty pads. They are pads that you place under your dog to urinate and poop on. They have high absorbance and help you maintain a healthy environment.
Many are easy to wash and reusable. Besides, some are even disposable. So, it’s a pretty comfortable option to go with.

4.Saves You Some Bucks
Training pets for nature’s call at a specific spot saves you from the frustration of deep cleaning. You don’t need to call cleaners or send your carpets, rugs, or bed sheets for laundry. Hence in this way, you save money.

Therefore, we suggest you start training your puppies from an early stage for popping and urinating at the right place.

How To Potty Train Your Canine Inside The House?

Do you live in an apartment? Are you mostly at work and can’t take your puppy out for pooping outside? You can potty train your pup even at home. Though it’s a bit more challenging than outdoor toilet training as you have to replace the potty pads. With patience and consistency, it becomes easier. But the question is how’ll you do that? Let’s figure it out!

1.Finding The Right Place For Potty Pads
Get some potty pads for your dog. Yes! Allocate a specific area inside your house as your doggy’s toilet. Place a premium quality pee pad there. Take your pet to the location after it has eaten meals or drank enough water.
Upon reaching the site command your canine ” go potty” and wait for 4-5 minutes for your pet to poop. If it doesn’t excrete, take it back and repeat the process after 10-15 minutes. Make sure you don’t forget about it or else be ready for a surprise cleanup!

2.Rewarding The Pet
Use positive reinforcement. When the pet obeys your command, reward it with treats. It makes the training smooth and super exciting for the pooch.

3.Following A Routine
Besides, make a schedule. Take your pet to the designated indoor toilet daily at the same time. Doing this daily will help your canine remember the way to its toilet. When you are not around, finding the indoor toilet will not be a problem for the pet. When your pet is potty trained for the indoor toilet, start training it for the outside dog bathroom area.

Now you must be thinking about where to get an indoor potty mat for your canine. Right? Stop stressing your brain so much! We’ve come up with a list of the best potty pads for pooches. So let’s go!

Potty Pads For Your Canine Companion

We understand how difficult it is to find the right potty pad for your pet. That’s why after a lot of research, we’ve shared the top-notch super absorbent potty pads for your pet dog. Do check them out!

Dog Grass Pee Pad
  • Easy for potty training.

  • Two dog grass pee pads available for replacement.

  • Extra large potty tray – ideal for medium to large dogs.

  • Larger urine capacity with a bigger tray.

  • Perfect for homes and high-rise apartments that have no yard.

When it comes to choosing the best pet grass pee pad for your four-pawed furry companion, go for Loobani’s grass pee pad. It’s a perfect mat that you can install anywhere in your house to relieve your pooch. Besides, the grass gives a real feel to your pup. If you live in an apartment or it’s raining outside and you don’t want your puppy to go out, the pee pad is of great help.

The Loobani grass pee pad comes with a tray to collect the urine. So, you don’t need to clean the floor every time your naughty boy pees or poops. Simply, wash the pad, allow it to dry, and reuse it. Yes!! One of the biggest advantages of this pad is that it’s reusable. And one more amazing thing about the Loobani pee pad is that washes don’t affect the grass quality and it also enhances the look of your porch or balcony.

Many dog pee pads become stinky or less absorbing. But by choosing the Loobani grass pee pad, say bye-bye to bad odor. Its absorbance is also unmatchable. The grass mat is lightweight and portable. Besides, it keeps your pet’s paws dried after urination. Hence, preventing the mess in your house. In short, this dog potty system is just wow. You can check its video too.

Price: $16.99 – $115.99
Size: Multiple sizes. You can choose the one that best suits your pet.



Easy to wash and prevents leaks


The grass sheds off.


Can be installed anywhere in the house


Sometimes the pee odor doesn’t go away even with washing.


Can be used as a play mat

While playing, puppies can eat parts of the mat.


Doesn’t stink and is reusable



You can use it for your kitties as well.



Good for both indoor and outdoor use


Bulldogology Premium Puppy Pee Pads with Adhesive Sticky Tape (24x24) Large Dog Training Wee Pads with 6 Layer Extra Quick Dry Bullsorbent Polymer Tech (100-Count, White)
  • Easy for potty training.






Suppose you are at work and upon returning home you see that your doggy has pooped on the carpet. It is the most horrible nightmare ever. Right? To avoid such incidents, you potty train your pet.

With the help of bulldogology pee pads, the process has now become even smoother. You might be thinking what is special about these pads? Come on! Let’s explore together!

Bulldogology pads have incredible absorbency. The liquid that your dog excretes quickly changes into the gel. In this way, it keeps the floor dry and clean. These pads come with optional sticky tape to keep them in place.

The Bulldogology premium puppy pee pads have a pretty innovative six-layer design. The top layer is of attractant fiber. Then comes the odor-neutralizing layer. Besides, the Bullsorbent polymer technology and ultra sorbet gel layer keep the liquid locked. Lastly, is the leakproof layer that prevents leaks.

The dog pads are super easy to handle and even the fully soaked ones don’t drip. They come in different sizes such as standard, medium, large, and extra-large. Besides, the number of pads per pack also varies. Now, the company has also introduced charcoal Bulldogology premium pads to enhance the odor-locking potential.

Do you know what makes these pads so wanted? Upon buying 2 boxes of large 100-count pads you get 10% off. When you purchase 3 or more boxes, you get 15% off. Additionally, you also get a money-back guarantee if you didn’t like the product. Isn’t it amazing?

Price: $ 41.57 (regular)
Size: Regular is 24 X 24 inches and extra-large is 24 X 35 inches
Color: White



It’s completely leak proof

A bit expensive

Easy to lift the soaked pad off the ground


The sticky tape leaves marks on the floor




Ultra absorbance



How to choose better dog grass pee pads in 2022

If you have a dog and live in an urban area, you probably face a serious problem: there aren’t enough green spots for your dog to relieve himself. There aren’t many parks in many cities. Additionally, some of these are off-limits to canines!
Dogs generally like playing, running, pooping, and rolling around in the grass. Actual grass patch for dogs upkeep is time-consuming, and erratic weather can keep from getting enough outside time. Complicating matters is that some dogs won’t go outside when it’s snowing or pouring.
A fantastic alternative to natural grass is artificial dog grass pee pad. Because it is synthetic, it doesn’t yellow quickly, cleans better, and repels parasites and reptiles less. Artificial grass is a low-maintenance solution if you want to provide your dog with a designated spot in your home to use the restroom or if you want to install some grass so your dog may play.
Even though artificial doggie pee grass is considerably simpler to maintain, if you have pets, you might not be sure if it is a good option. After all, how can artificial dog grass patch be kept clean when there are dogs that appear to poop constantly? You may be surprised at the solution. In actuality, dogs and artificial grass get along just fine.

What Is a Dog Potty Indoors?

The alternative answer to the issue of a doggy grass needing to urinate but being unable to go outdoors is to provide indoor potties for dogs. It is a straightforward, adaptable bathroom area within the home that is made available to the dogs generally or to potty-train them in the house.

What Do Dog Litter Boxes Make of Grass?

Dog litter boxes made of grass which is either AstroTurf or a grass substitute, are a particular product. In contrast to cats, all dog litter box brands are designed to resemble grass. This encourages the dog to go potty by simulating the outdoors, where dogs typically urinate.
Dog poop boxes can be used as an indoor toilet when going outdoors is not an option, not just for housebreaking. Dogs who utilize a litter box are frequently trained for indoor and outdoor use. Dogs trained to go outside know that the grass for dogs to pee is where they should relieve themselves.

How to Choose Better Dog Grass Pee Pads

Can Dogs Pee and Poop on Synthetic Grass?

Dogs can defecate and urinate on fake grass pee pad for dogs just like on natural grass; therefore, the answer is yes. The good news is that your fake grass won’t need to be cleaned of urine. It dissipates similarly to how precipitation does.
However, you must pick up and dog pee pad grass just as you would when your pet makes a mess on regular grass. To properly remove any remaining debris, it is also advised to hose down the area where the poop was spilled.

Are Dog Grass Pads Safe?

Natural and artificial grass pad for dog are an excellent alternative for urban residents who cannot access an outdoor area for their dogs to relieve themselves. They’re also an excellent choice for sick or old dogs who might not be able to manage their bowels or bladder.

Are Grass Potty Pads better than Traditional Pee Pads?

Many people discover that dog pee pads grass, whether real or fake, cause dogs to prefer to urinate or defecate on grass naturally. The decision between conventional and grass poop pads is somewhat subjective. What works best for your dog will determine the answer.

Things to Look When Choosing the Best Dog Artificial Grassy Potty Tray

The priceless animals that you appreciate most are your pets. Therefore, you must have always given them high-quality items. When purchasing artificial turf, you must consider several factors before making your purchase.
One of the most crucial things is to provide your dog with the ideal outdoor pee pad for dogs because it significantly contributes to its comfort. Here are some factors to consider when you are choosing the best artificial grass dog potty mat for your dog:

Knowing how much you can afford to spend on fake puppy grass for dogs to urinate outside is vital before making any purchase. You should see the cost of your synthetic grass for dogs to urinate outside. This might help you focus your search and make selecting the best product within your price range simpler.

You must be careful when selecting an indoor dog pee grass patch because many types are available, including pee pads, litter boxes, grates, artificial grass, and genuine grass. Your dog’s preferences will undoubtedly influence your decision.

Remember the different types of indoor grass patch for dog, such as disposable, washable, scented or unscented, etc.

Systems for natural grass puppy grass potty for dogs include a cardboard box and real turf. Urine is absorbed by the turf, keeping the box dry. The benefit is that this technology won’t contribute to landfill development because it is entirely disposable and biodegradable. On the other side, plastic is used to make urine collection trays and artificial grass puppy pads.
Some dogs may curiously chew objects, including their toilet pads. If you own a dog like this, you should have artificial grass composed of non-toxic materials to keep them safe.

Please consider that replacing its parts may increase costs because indoor grass potty pad for dogs can be disposable or only replaceable parts.

This is arguably the most crucial factor, particularly if you intend to use your grass pee pad for dog in a tiny apartment or if you have a young puppy or an incontinent dog who will frequently use the restroom inside. You won’t have to clean up urine as often with genuine grass potties as you would with artificial grass, but you can only use it so many times before you have to throw it away. Most artificial toilets are quick dry and can be cleaned with soap and water.

If you have a large dog or a pack of dogs, you should choose artificial outdoor pee pads for dogs that are thicker and more durable. A synthetic turf won’t be damaged as much by smaller, more delicate dogs, but it’s vital to remember that high durability is rarely an issue with any product.

Antimicrobials should be included in the formulation of artificial grass used for dog pee to protect against toxins, pathogens, and odors. Choose fake grass pads with silica grains to prevent bacteria and mildew growth.
The given factors are crucial for choosing the artificial grassy potty tray for your friend to keep it safe, healthy, and happy. Now let’s discuss some of our picks to assist you in choosing the right product for your dog!

Best Grass Potty Tray Pads in 2022

Here are some top artificial grass potty tray mats; you can choose one of them according to your dog’s size and your priorities:

LOOBANI Large Grass Porch Potty Tray
  • COME WITH TWO PADS: Loobani dog potty system is come with two fake grass mats. After you used them, loobani replacement fake grass mats for this potty can be purchased separately.

  • TRIPLE LAYER DESIGN: On top of the potty, there’s a layer of synthetic grass. You can easily replace this grass mat or use an odor-eliminator to keep it clean.

  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The loobani dog potty is suitable for homes and high-rise apartments that have no yard. 

Potty training within a condo or apartment can be done successfully and practically with the help of this low-maintenance artificial grass from LOOBANI.
The LOOBANI grass patches for dogs have an excellent reputation and happy users. This artificial grass dog potty pad has excellent drainage and contains odor-neutralizing natural agents. The LOOBANI artificial grass’s ability to be used inside and out is one of its outstanding features. It exists to make potty training a little bit less complicated. It is available in three sizes, and the cost is very reasonable.
Because LOOBANI puppy grass pee pad is created with premium drainage backing material, everything drains quickly. The drainage pores in the grass assist in swiftly clearing away dog poop. This grass is the greatest you can obtain for your dog because it gives them a lot of comfort and ease.
It is made with efficient drainage to prevent leaks and keep it dry. The grass employs specific compounds on the backing and the fibers to reduce smells. Additionally, this dog patch of grass prevents poisons from growing on the turf.
Two turfs are included in each order, so you can use them alternately. You can use LOOBANI grass patch dogs both inside and outside.


  • Item Size: 15.67 x 9.78 x 2.83 inches
  • Rating: 4
  • Brand: LOOBANI
  • Item Weight: 1.28 Pounds


  • Indoor/outdoor use grass for dog
  • Affordable
  • consists of two grass pads
  • The tray holds the urine
  • simple to clean


  • Only one size is offered.
PETMAKER Artificial Grass Puppy Pad for Dogs and Small Pets Collection
  • DOG GRASS PAD WITH TRAY – This artificial turf dog mat provides a sanitary place for your pet to relieve themselves inside or on your balcony or patio.

  • EASY PUPPY TRAINING – Potty training your new best friend just got easier, even if you live in an apartment or work long hours.

  • THREE-LAYER SYSTEM – The artificial dog grass mat sits on top of a secure plastic drainage insert that allows liquid to empty into the durable collection puppy pad holder to avoid messes and spills.

  • EASY CLEAN-UP – Cleaning this reusable turf grass bathroom mat is quick and easy.

The artificial grass mat from Petmaker is made to provide the most pleasing toilet experience for your dog. It has all the beautiful qualities of fake grass. These include sturdiness, integrated drainage, odor resistance, and cleaning simplicity.
The reasonable price is one of the first features of this dog grass pee that caught our attention. This toilet’s upkeep, design, and size make it an excellent value. It won’t break the bank, but rest assured that it won’t let you down, either.
This puppy pad grass is straightforward to clean. It has a three-layer construction enables the liquid to drain into a collection tray. Empty the collection pan and wash the three layers with soapy water when it’s time to clean.
This mat proved to be an excellent resource for potty training puppies, which can sometimes be challenging. The puppies could learn to waste themselves more quickly in a defined area because of the grass’s lightweight and a lifelike appearance.
This mat is simple to clean and has a three-layer design that allows fluids to gather on a tray. All that’s required is a fast wash with soap and water for each layer.


  • Color: Green
  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Synthetic Plastic
  • Style: Mat
  • Dogs: Small to Medium Breeds 
  • Dimensions:20 x 25 x 1.25 inches Plastic 


  • A reasonable pricing range
  • A 3-layer method that guarantees a spotless bathroom area
  • Simple to clean
  • Offered in two sizes


  • Need frequent cleaning
Downtown Pet Supply - Dog Potty Pad - Puppy & Dog Housebreaking Supplies
  • Dog Potty Training: Pet grass for dogs potty will make potty training a breeze.

  • Outdoor & Indoor Dog Potty: Three-layer dog potty pad design with artificial grass turf.

  • Low Maintenance: Washable dog potty grass is treated with odor control.

  • Make Your Life Easier: Most dogs and puppies quickly accept our turf potty pad holder for dogs. 

Downtown washable dog potty grass has an odor-reduction treatment. It’s secure and straightforward to clean. We advise replacing turf every three to five months.
The top layer gives the impression that the grass is natural and suppresses odors. The pee pad mess is collected in the drawer, making cleanup simple and quick. Due to its small size, you can move it about the house as frequently as you desire.
Downtown artificial grass potty pads for dogs has various benefits, including portability, efficiency, and distinctiveness. This lawn toilet is an intelligent investment, mainly if you reside in a small flat.
This fake turf for dog potty is portable and won’t take up much room because of its compact size. This product’s two-layer structure sets it apart from the advancements made by rivals. The grass that appears as natural as possible is on top. The pallet is simple to clean and catches all waste.


  • Size: 20″ x 30″
  • Odor control Technology: Yes
  • Tray: Yes
  • Style: Mat
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 1.5 inches, 5 Pounds


  • Easy cleanup thanks to the removable container.
  • Supple grass
  • Lightweight and practical


  • Complain about the odor on the first time unpacking

STARROAD-TIM Artificial Grass Rug Turf for Dogs Indoor Outdoor Fake Grass for Dogs Potty Training Area Patio Lawn Decoration
  • Grass Pad for Dogs: 39.3 inches by 31.5 inches.Grass Mats have realistic colors, soft and dense grass silk, which looks like real lawn.

  • High Quality Products: Artificial Grass made of high quality synthetic material, Superior resilience and durability.

  • Easy to clean: Just wash with soap and warm water, then dry. Drainage holes and high permeability make Dog Grass mats easy to clean and fast drying.

For people with little space, there is an artificial turf called STARROAD-TIM. This grass is perfect for pups or little dog breeds because of its size.
It is a lightweight, adaptable product that may be mounted on terraces, balconies, apartments, and sunrooms. It would help if you did not worry about making a significant mess in your space because the grass has drainage elements.
This dog outdoor pee pads is about half as thick and considerably lighter than the package above of natural grass (0.8 pounds vs. 10 pounds). Still, it will endure several uses because of its weatherproof components, including a rubber pad underneath, making it the more cost-effective option.
Place this dog pee grass pad on the ground and allow your dog to use it. It is pretty simple to clean with just soap and water, and it should be done frequently to prevent foul odors from accumulating within the house.
This mat is elementary to clean. We discovered that rinsing with soap and water works perfectly to eliminate odors and give the dog a clean place to relieve itself.


  • Dimensions: 39.3 x 31.5 x1.18 inches
  • Material Type: Synthetic Yarn 
  • Style: Mat
  • Dogs: Large Breeds 


  • Weather-resistant
  • Artificial grass
  • A 4-layer system that is smooth and comfortable
  • Does not emit any smells


  • Only for large dogs

Four Paws Wee-Wee Dog Grass Patch Tray Small
  • Dog grass pads have attractant to draw dogs to the pad

  • Realistic grass patch gives your pup a more natural feel

  • Durable grass patch tray has an easy-drain spout for quick cleanup

  • Small dog potty grass for dogs up to 15 pounds

Four Paws is a unique grass for indoor dogs with exceptional qualities. This fake grass puppy turf is worth your money if you’re searching for something to train your tiny dog or puppy. Its most outstanding feature is the 5-ply system, which guarantees that your floors stay dry and clean 24 hours a day.
The top of the turf is quilted to trap moisture and eliminate odors. This artificial indoor dog grass pads is enhanced with an attractant to encourage your dogs to urinate there. Most significantly this turf for dogs to pee on, looks like an actual grass. It would help if you didn’t have trouble cleaning the grass using a patch tray.
Your dog will feel more natural wearing a realistic dog grass mat patch. A sturdy grass patch tray with an easy-drain spout makes cleanup straightforward. For dogs weighing up to 15 pounds, little dog potty training grass.


  • Age Range Description: All Life Stages
  • Item Form: Wet
  • Product Description: 20 x 20 x 1 inches; 8 Ounces


  • Best dog grass pad for outdoor or indoor potty training
  • Suitable for up to 15 pounds also


  • Sometimes difficult to maintain

PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Outdoor or Indoor Dog Potty - Reusable Dog Grass Pad with Tray
  • PEACE OF MIND: Great for working pet parents or those that live in apartments and want to train the dog to use the restroom indoor

  • LESS ODOR: The covered waste bin and Wee Sponge powder work together to trap smells and help keep the potty odor-free.

  • EASY-TO-CLEAN GRASS MAT: Synthetic grass mat can be easily cleaned with water; Simply remove from the base and rinse.

  • FOR LARGE DOGS: Labrador, Golden Retriever, Australian Shepard, Husky, Boxer, etc.

For a large dog, a patch of synthetic grass must be built to withstand their toilet habits, which most likely entails a thick pad, a tray, and good drainage. This item can contain up to two liters of liquid, is portable so that you can carry it anywhere you need to go, and is simple to clean owing to the removable tray that can be washed with soap and water.
To keep the grass dog training grass, it is advised that you spray it with an enzyme cleanser about once per week and clean the mat and tray once a week. Due to the range of sizes, this portable home pot is appropriate for all breeds. Pet Loo works well indoors, is great for apartments, and is suitable for training when you can’t let your pet outside.
Urine might drain into the base through the top layer of the artificial grass training pads for puppies. Additionally, the base slopes, directing the pee into a trash receptacle where it gathers before being removed for cleaning. The trash container is made of a substance that masks the scent and holds 2 liters of liquid.


  • Material: Artificial grass
  • Material: Plastic
  • Breed size: Medium
  • Size options: 24.5” x 24.5”
  • Tray: Yes


  • Waste system
  • Removable bin
  • Simple to train
  • An alternative to litter boxes and urine pads
  • Simple to clean; wipe with warm water


  • It may roll over.

Prevue Pet Products with Tray Potty System for Dogs
  • Simple and lightweight; great for home or travel

  • Creates a designated place for your dog to tinkle when going outdoors is not an option

  • Protects floors and carpets

Prevue Pet Supplies Large dogs should consider the Tinkle Turf System for Dogs. Your dog has lots of areas to play or relieve themselves on the large mat, which has the appearance and feel of natural grass. The puppy grass patch looks and feels like genuine grass and can be cleaned with warm water and dish soap. The lead-free tray collects the liquid and employs microorganisms to manage odors to avoid unpleasant smells.
It is built, made of lead-free turf, and includes a pan underneath to preserve the flooring. The synthetic turf uses absorbent polymers and odor-control technology to soak up your dog’s feces. It is portable and straightforward to clean. You should purchase new turf to use while your other grass is drying and being groomed. You can wash the turf with warm water and dish soap.
Because the artificial grass for dogs to pee on is transportable, you may take it almost any place you need to go with a housetraining puppy.


  • Target Specie: Dogs
  • Tray: Yes
  • Material: Plastic


  • Massive mat
  • The thin edge
  • Simple to clean


  • Pads sometimes are not fit on the base

Giantex 30x20inch Dog Puppy Pet Potty Pad with Artificial Grass, Home Bathroom Dogs Training Toilet Pad
  • Effective Solution to Pee Accidents- Our puppy pet grass training mat will make housework become easier.

  • Easy to Maintain Clean- The artificial grass mat top is similar to real grass and greatly attractive for dogs.

  • Durable Materials and Easy to Use- The design and durable materials offer a comfortable place and provide a ideal mat for your pet.

  • Suitable for Outdoor and Indoor Usage- The dog training pad is also useful for disabled, older dogs inside your home. Besides, it can also be used for outdoor usage.

For several reasons, Giantex Dog Puppy Mat deserves to be on this list. This mat can help prevent dog urine from getting on your priceless floors and rugs while at work.
The outdoor dog pee pad from Giantex is appropriate for small to medium-sized dogs. The Giantex synthetic grass turf feels nice under bare feet and has incredibly lush-looking materials. The grass on the pad is detachable, which makes cleanup simple.
The rug features a PP base tray underneath the lawn pad to catch moisture from the carpet. As a result, the grass is always dry, and cleaning is simple and quick. A non-toxic layer of substance makes the mat feel terrific against bare feet.
Remove the grass before washing, and spray the tray and turf with soapy water. The mat has antimicrobial qualities and is odor-resistant. This device will produce excellent results whether you are potty training or seeking a regular restroom location.


  • Colors: green
  • Size: 30″x20″
  • Material: PP/PS/PE
  • Item Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Target specie: Dogs


  • Convenient and weatherproof
  • A few high-end materials
  • Simple to clean with a rinse of water
  • Turf replacements are an option.
  • Suitable for indoor


  • Not Effective for large dog breeds
MEEXPAWS Dog Grass Pee Pads for Dogs with Tray
  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE: 45 ×35 inches, suitable for extra large dogs, like Golden Retriever, Alaskan Malamute, Labrador …

  • 3 LAYER SYSTEM: Top — Artificial grass

  • 2 ARITIFICIAL GRASS PADS: It is convenient for you to wash one while the other is available for use.

  • TRAINING PADS: 2 training pad included ,35.4×23.6 inches, very absorbent
  • EXTRA LARGE TRAY HOLDER: 45×35 inches,dried in the shade

The toilet is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. All canines can use it because of the genuine grass and lightweight construction. The fantastic potty will constantly safeguard your flooring by having soft grass and a drawer mechanism, making cleaning simpler.
This extra-large puppy pads grass, suitable for larger breeds, is 45 x 35 inches. The three-layer system consists of a pee pad in the middle, a collection tray at the bottom, and fake grass on top. The two tops included in this option allow you to wash one while using the other easily. Liquids move swiftly through the small holes in the grass section.
This grass has a pile height of 1.25 inches, giving it a natural appearance. The solid synthetic material that was used in its development makes it durable. Its toughness is also greatly influenced by polypropylene.


  • Item Size: 18 x 14 x 2 inches
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Item Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Tray: Yes


  • Simple to install
  • Simple to clean
  • Supple grass


  • Quite heavy
SSRIVER Artificial Grass for Dogs Pee Tray Fake Grass Mat for Professional Puppy Potty Trainer Replacement
  • Wide use – This artificial turf is very suitable for training and use of pet dogs, and can also be used for indoor and outdoor decoration

  • Real appearance – The grass mat is made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials. 

  • Easy to clean – There is a drain at the bottom of the artificial turf, which helps to remove water and pet urine. 

  • Material safety – Made of the highest quality polyethylene and polypropylene yarns, this material is safe and will not be dangerous to your pets, and can be used with confidence.

Any dog, even those of medium size or those of bigger size, like a golden retriever, will fit perfectly on this grass pad. Anywhere inside or outside, including your balcony or porch, is possible.
Dog fake grass is composed of premium, environmentally friendly PE material. The grass yarn is uniform, cozy, soft, strong, and difficult to shed because it is made by repeatedly stretching and weaving on a fully automatic machine. On the grass mat, pets are free to play or sleep.
Additionally, this pet grass patch has certain distinctive qualities, such as how you install it, like conventional flooring. Because synthetic grass is incredibly absorbent and available in various sizes, it will be much simpler to clean up your dog’s poop.


  • Color: Green
  • Tray: Yes
  • Material: PE + PVC
  • Product Dimensions: 28 x 24 x 7 cm; 510 Grams
  • Product Size:38 x 50 cm


  • High quality
  • Easy to maintain
  • Large area


  • Odor on unpacking

Who Should Spend Money on a Dog Poo Artificial Grass?

A more significant percentage of dogs will benefit from having synthetic grass grass puppy pads installed in your home, balcony, or backyard, even though not all dogs will be free to relieve themselves there.

  • When training your puppy to go outside,
  • If you are in an apartment building with constrained yard access
  • Infections of the urinary tract in dogs (UTI)
  • When your dog is elderly, ill, or incapacitated
  • Whenever your dog is healing from a wound
  • If your dog avoids going outside
  • If you put in a lot of overtime


Each dog is unique, and some are very picky. This suggests that you might need to try a few possibilities before settling on the best one for him. Your dog will ultimately determine which dog patch grass is the ideal one.
But the effort is worthwhile.
This tutorial has shown how pee pad grass significantly benefits both people and animals. The items listed here were picked because they received the most positive feedback from customers. We hope our professional guide will assist you in choosing the best grass for dogs to potty for your dog. Please choose from one of the top artificial grass for dog potties on our list, and take charge of your pup’s potty training!

Dog Grass Pee Pad

People have three emergencies(shitting, pissing, and farting), and so do pets. Are you still struggling with your dog pooping anywhere? Are you still struggling with toilet training?

We know that scent is one of the most important mediums for dogs and cats to transmit and receive information. In nature, they will circle their territory by their excrement and also avoid danger by sniffing other animals’ excrement, which is their evolved survival instinct.

But when they enter human life from the wild, this instinct causes us a lot of trouble, especially for families with young pets or new pets, which need to clean up the “traces” of these little ones almost every day before they are taught to defecate.

If you are also in this frustrating situation, then a dog pee patch will be a good choice for you.

Dog Grass Pee Pad

What are pet pee pads?

Just like diapers for human babies, pee patches are hygienic items designed specifically for pet dogs or cats. Generally speaking pads for dogs to poop is super absorbent and the specially designed surface material is sure to keep them dry for a long time. Pet pee pads can greatly help you to keep your home hygienic and clean, and also help your dog to form good habits of scheduled defecation.

Are pee pads a good idea? Yes, pet patches are easy to use, they can be placed and put away anywhere, either as an outdoor pee pad or indoor potty training for dogs. It can improve our quality of life and save us a lot of valuable time in dealing with pet poop every day. It is an essential “necessity” for almost every pet owner.

How should we choose pet pee pads?

  • The primary choice of pet pee pads is to choose different sizes according to the size of the dogs. The size of the dogsis generally divided into small dogs, small and medium dogs, large dogs.
  • Absorbency: good absorbency of the pee padso that the puppy’s paws leave the padwhen not kicked urine.
  • water locking ability: good water locking ability of the pee padcan make the dog step on also not wet dog paws, dog paws are not wet, the floor from then on there will no longer be plum prints.
  • Antibacterial ability: good antibacterial ability can eliminate odor, inhibit the growth of bacteria, maintain good family odor, and protect the health of family members.

When we type in a search for “pet pee pads”, how do we choose dog pee and poop pads for our dogs? We are often faced with many choices of artificial turf pee pads. The pee pads on the market are broadly divided into two parts: disposable pee pads and reusable pads like grass pee pads. We can compare disposable pee pads and puppy grass pee pads and choose according to our needs.

Dog Grass Pee Pad
Dog Grass Pee Pad

Disposable pee pads VS Dog grass pee pad

Disposable pee pads

Dog grass pee pad

Disposable pee pads are more focused on these situations: young dogs that may not yet be able to control their bowel movements; older dogs that don’t have the strength to run out to pee; and physiological bitches that are always sorry to dirty the floor of the house. But for the daily use of our healthy dogs, disposable consumables are not necessary to buy.

l Poor durability, disposable pee pads are disposable consumables that need to be purchased monthly, which costs a lot of money and is not environmentally friendly.

l Not strong water absorption. It is easy to leak, then soak easily to have a smell, and easy to breed bacteria. The owner needs to change it every day from time to time.

l It is easy to be torn by the dog, get everywhere with crumbs.

l Many dogs are not interested in paper pee pads.

Fake dog grass patches are more suitable for most dogs than paper disposable pee pads. Half a month of disposable pee pads can be replaced by artificial grass that dogs can pee on that can be used for many years.

l Its material is stronger and can be used for many years.

l In line with the habits that dog like to defecate on the lawn, it makes dogs are more interested and easy to develop habits of peeing on the fake grass pee pad.

l Long-lasting antibacterial, easy to clean, and more environmentally friendly.

l Strong water permeability. Separation of Urine and feces will not get the dog’s feet wet, which stains your floor and sofa.

After the above comparison, we know the respective advantages and disadvantages of grass pee pads and disposable pee pads. I opted for the more convenient former. Although disposable pee pads don’t require you to make any effort to clean them, you need to change them at any time, and sometimes you will miss wetting the bottom newspaper and pee pads. Besides, dogs, also prefer and agree more with grass pee pads. Don’t ask why, the way they behave when you take them for a walk on the lawn, you’ll understand how much they love the grass. If you want to change the pee pad you are using to a grass pee pad. I’m afraid that the dog will not accept it suddenly, then look down and some advice will be given.

From Disposable Pee Pads to fake grass pet potty outdoor

Many dogs may be used to urinating and defecating on Disposable pee pads in the house from a young age, and as dogs get older and larger, owners want to train their dogs to go outside and pee on the fake grass pee pad for dogs to maintain the hygiene and air of the house. But many owners find that training their dogs becomes a big challenge.

First of all, since the dogs have developed a habit, they are not advisable to say that the pee pads in the house are directly replaced with grass pad in an attempt to quickly get them to accept the grass pads. The result of this is that they suddenly can’t find the pee pad that has been with them for years and they will pee on the floor and on your couch, which I think is the situation you don’t want to see. In addition, this will increase the dogs’ resistance to artificial grass dog pee pads.

So, if we want our dogs to accept the change from pee pads to pee-pee grass pads for dogs better, we must not rush. We can start by putting the pee pad on the grass pee pad. When we find that the dogs have formed the habit and accepted the grass pee pad and consider it to be their toilet, we can proceed to the next step – remove the pee pad and leave only the grass pee pad. At This time, you put the grass pee pad outside the house or anywhere, the dogs will find their toilet when they need to pee.

If you are not sure whether your dogs can accept a grass artificial mat, or maybe you find a grass pee pad a bit expensive, you can also make one yourself. Then the question arises: How to make a homemade grass dog pee pad? You can try to do it by following the steps below.

Dog Grass Pee Pad

DIY (Do It yourself) pee pads for dogs

  • Purchase a pack of inexpensive pee pads (such as children’s pee pads) and prepare a waterproof tray. They can be purchased at your local supermarket, pet store, or Amazon. The tray is about the same size as the pee pad, so you can choose the right size pee pad and tray for your dog’s size.
  • Purchase some fake grass or fake turf. Cut it with scissors to the size of the tray area
  • Get some newspaper and put it in the tray, then put the fake grass on top of the newspaper and press the whole thing tightly.

If you can complete the production successfully, then congratulations to the dog for having a unique changing pad from the owner, and at the same time saving money. If you can’t do this whatever you do, then forget it, open Amazon, and search some words like artificial grass turf for dogs or dog grass pad training. then many kinds of pee pads will come. If you don’t know how to choose, I hope my advice can help you. After researching how to pick the best pet-friendly artificial turf, I found products that I felt very satisfied with. As a personal suggestion, I hope it can serve as your reference—loobani dog grass pee pad.  It offers two sizes of pee pads according to the size of the dog, so we don’t have to struggle with what size to buy for our dogs. A small patch (14×18 inches) is like minded with 16×20 inches doggy Potty trainer tray. The pet potty large size is 35 inches X 23 inch makes it ideal for medium or large dogs. Besides, it’s very thoughtful that we can get 2 packs a set. Conveniently, you can use the other one while you clean one. It can be placed outdoors or when you don’t have time to take your dog out for a walk to defecate, then it is a good tool.

Besides, when you search on Amazon, you can find that the grass pee pad is very popular. Except for the reason why people like it is that it is more natural and more acceptable for dogs, the fake grass pee pad has many powerful advantages that other pee pads do not have.

Dog Grass Pee Pad

Advantages of artificial grass turf for dogs

  • The fabric is proof against breakage and deformation.
  • Generally made of professional antibacterial grass yarn.
  • Grass pee pads can generally be fixed to prevent the dog from carrying them elsewhere.
  • Environmental protection without odor, no secondary recycling materials.
  • Take full waterproof design, easier to clean.
  • Dogs are interested in training dogs to defecate more easily.

Finally, what I want to say is that training dogs to pee at regular intervals may be a headache for every owner. Because the dogs pee in a variety of strange and varied ways, they want to put up signs at home: no urinating or defecating anywhere. However, no matter how skillful they are in peeing they all have one common feature “Don’t try to make me pee on the pee pad.” How in the world can you expect them to pee and poo at regular intervals and don’t want to spend time teaching them? But now that you understand your dog’s psychology, you’re going to get some practical tips.

How to get a dog to pee on a grass pad?

When you plan to let your dog go around your house to pee and poo on a dog’s synthetic grass pee pads, the first problem comes – it doesn’t go on top of the pad, so how do we solve this problem and guide them?

Dogs usually have a habit of smelling and circling when they defecate, but they don’t do it to like the smell of urine, they do it to leave their scent. If trained with newspaper or throwaway pee pads, dogs will feel like they just left their scent, and then their owner will take it away, which in turn will make them not know where to pee. In addition to liking the smell, dogs also like the feeling of their paws touching the ground, so many dogs like to pee on top of the cloth.

Before training your dog to use a green grass dog pee pad, you should circle a training area and let it move around in that area first. Place bowls, toys, beds, etc. on one side of the training area and deodorized diapers on the other side to induce your dog to use the pee pads by taking advantage of the fact that they don’t defecate where they sleep. If the dog is young, you can first spread pee pads all over the isolation area and let it find the right place before gradually narrowing it down, and eventually remove the isolation area and leave only the patch of grass. It is also important to note that as the size of the dog increases, the choice of pee pads should also be changed. The size of the pee pads should also be increased as the dog grows, otherwise, it may not be able to pee well on the pads.

When the dog has peed in the right place, we can let it out and praise it, if it is wrong to restrict their range of motion at will. Training should be done with appropriate coaxing and encouragement to go to the fake grass patch. Praise them when they get to the pad, encourage them to defecate on the pad, praise them afterward, give them a treat as a reward, and let them out. After every time your dog voluntarily goes to the pee pad to defecate, then comes the task for you as the owner. After all, dogs can’t clean up their feces and clean their pee pads. So do you know how to go about cleaning the pee pad?

Dog Grass Pee Pad

How to clean dog grass pee pad?

Artificial grass dog pee pad is a great choice for homes with pets. Pet owners can rest assured that little extra maintenance is needed to keep the artificial turf looking good and that the material and feel of the artificial turf are friendly to small animals.
Most pets have their favorite spots, which makes it a good idea for small dogs and cats to pee or poop on their property to leave a scent. All you need to do is hose down your artificial turf to get rid of the smell and excrement and restore the beauty of your artificial turf.
Of course, it is also recommended that you use a “deodorizer” to prevent the spread of the odor and eliminate it.

What a novel creation. You can put the grass pee pad in the house, on the balcony, or in the yard. Dog grass pee pads are a savior when the dog can’t go out for a walk to defecate and is a good helper for the owner to train the dog to pee at a fixed place. One last thing, remember to clean it regularly.

How To Get Puppy To Pee On Grass Pads

Yes, we love our fluffy companions, and life with them is a pure blessing. However, if there’s one thing that might create drama in the house, it’s where and how they take care of their private business. Lucky for you, many tools can help with your dog’s house training, and the grass pad is gaining great popularity these years. If you want any assist schooling your pup for its lavatory manners with grass pads, maintain reading!

First, we need to know everything about potty training.

How To Get Puppy To Pee On Grass Pads

Why Potty Training

Unlike cats, who have an instinct to bury and cover their waste in sand or soil, dogs tend to showcase their presence by leaving their private business out to send a message to other dogs in the neighborhood. This explains their “bad toilet habits”.

However, as a puppy owner, there’s nothing more off-putting than waking up to their yucky poo-poo in the middle of the room. Also if we bring our fluffy buddy to someone’s house as a guest, we don’t want to be the awkward and unlucky owner whose pooch has just caused made a stinky mess in front of everyone we know. Besides, an unsanitary environment is horrible for the fitness of each you and your four-legged buddy.

When Should I Start

It is common to start potty train a puppy when it is 8 weeks old. When you have a pup around that age, start right away! The earlier they get proper training, the quicker they can form good habits that can help you get along with each other.

How Long Does It Take

The exact duration varies from puppy to puppy depending on how old they are, what the environment is like and how well the trainer understands the techniques and the trainee pup. Generally, it takes some weeks up to months, or even longer. But hey! Be patient and get yourself educated. Your dog will adjust quickly if you perform your duty well as a coach and friend to your fluffy buddy.

How To Get Puppy To Pee On Grass Pads

Where Do I Potty Train My Dog

When it comes to potty training, there are two types of strategies – Indoors and outdoors. How to choose? Well, it depends on the age of your puppy and where you live.

If you live in an apartment, and your puppy is still young, you might want to use pet pee pads to stat house training. And then, your little fluff will learn to take care of its own private business in the same designated area inside the apartment. When you are potty training your dog indoors, learn to understand the signals it gives for toilet breaks and carry it to the pads right away. Use a leash to keep it within your sight and take it away to its crate when you cannot watch it.

However, if the puppy is old enough and if you live with a yard and can provide a large open area, you can start the outdoor program right away. Take your dog out for the potty break and let it relieve itself in a natural environment.

Of course, these two methods can complement each other. If you combine the two, you may have the option to have your dog urinate inside when you’re not at home and outside when you are.

What Do I Need for Indoor Potty Training

  • Dog Crate

A dog crate fitting for your pup is your best friend when you are house training your pup. It can keep your dog safe when you are busy. Remember it does not necessarily have to be a luxurious mansion, but it does need to be spacious for your pup to stand, turn and sleep. At the same time, build it into your puppy’s dreamland with all its favorite toys and munchies.

  • Indoor Dog Pee Pad

Dog pee pads are indoor pads for dogs to pee on. They are usually made from absorbent fabric. The dog pad can bring a lot of conveniences especially for training young puppies who have to go frequently. When you find a messy used pad, just simply roll it up, toss it away and place a new one. If you are a dog parent with a demanding full-time job, potty pads for dogs are perfect for you. These pads are not just for potty training young dogs. There are many uses for puppy pads. Owners with senior and sick puppies need them to take special care of their fluffs inside the house.

  • Dog Grass Pee Pad

Also known as “pet sod”, “puppy turf”, “potty grass”, etc., grass pads are small patches made of natural or synthetic grass. It may come with a tray under it to collect urine, but you can also buy sod trays for dogs separately. They are certainly an update from traditional pads. With more dog owners living in busy urban areas, clean grass space is more difficult to discover inside the neighborhood. Grass pads for apartment dogs can help make potty training possible for puppies living in a condo. They could pass have their potty time simply on the balcony. Now you don’t have to panic every time and rush taking your whining pooch downstairs to relieve itself. No more worrying about how it might go at it any second on the floor. There are all kinds of pee pads available and you can get the right one for your fluffy friends, such as small dog training pads, large dog grass pee pads, and pee pads for older dogs, or you can choose one that fits your indoor situation, like balcony grass for dogs. High-quality less expensive doggy grass pads including LOOBANI Dog Grass Pee Pads and LOOBANI Extra Large Grass Porch Potty Tray can make life higher for each you and your doggy.

  • Porch Potty

The porch potty is a litter box with grass on it. It usually features drainage that can help direct the waste to the rain gutter or the floor drain. It is a more complete system with less effort required t maintain. It is more costly than the previous installations but you will surely get your money’s worth!

*DIY Sod Dog Potty

If you are tight on the budget for a pet toilet, you can build your pet grass toilet from scratch!

  1. Take the measurements of your puppy and our indoor area.
  2. Plan and determine on the right size of your dog clutter field.
  3. Get a plastic or wooden box as the waste container.
  4. Get a piece of pet-friendly fake turfor clean fresh patch.
  5. Layer up your materials: pet-friendly deodorants at the bottom of the box, pet pads in the middle, and then the grass patch at the top.
  • Treats and Toys

What do dogs love the most? Treats and toys! They can be really helpful for you to reward your dogs and help them get used to the training process. For example, give your pup a biscuit after it finishes the job where it should. This type of incentive can help it pick up the habit quicker. Toys can hold your dog organisation in the crate or the indoor confinement area. They can stay engaged with your training program without getting distracted by something else.

  • Cleaning Products

Before the final goal is reached, there should be a few bumps alongside the manner. Accidents are inevitable, and it would be suggested for you to stock some nice efficient products to help clean the mess. You need some puppy-friendly cleansers to get rid of both the odor and the stain. Please check and make sure the smell is gone, or else your puppy might revisit the spot for its private business!


How to Potty Train Your Dogs with Grass Pads

Finally, we are ready to start our training! Get your notebook and let’s start!

  • Make A Schedule
  1. Morning Time

When your alarm goes off, get up and get dressed, and then take your puppy to the dog potty mat to relieve itself. Please move quickly because the poor little fluff has been holding it for the whole night. Make it your first item on the agenda before checking any work stuff, making coffee, or even brushing your teeth, especially when you hear your puppy whining for help.

If your dog is too young to have full control of its bladder, you can pick it up and take it there so it won’t suddenly go at it on the floor. You are also suggested to keep it on a leash so that you can take control of the situation and calm it down if any accidents would happen.

How To Get Puppy To Pee On Grass Pads
  1. Food Time

It can be wise for you to create a healthy regular potty schedule according to your puppy’s mealtime. Give your puppy 10 to 20 minutes before taking it to the potty spot. If your dog is older, it can take a longer break between food and toilet time. That is because as dogs grow older, they can get better control with their bladders and can hold longer before their pee-pee time. Please be attentive to your puppy during its meal time and offer help whenever it wants.

  1. Leisure Time

Naps and playtime are the extra cues for potty training of a young pup. It may need to empty its bladder after some time of sleep, so remember to take your pooch to pee as soon as it wakes up.

What about playtime? Well, a dog’s colons can be stimulated by activities like playing and walking. So any physical exercise can get things going again. When you see your pup starting to sniff the floor or getting super excited, they might need to go ASAP!

  1. Alone Time

Of course, it’s almost impossible to stay home 24/7 and there are times you have to go out and leave your puppy home alone. Don’t worry! When you have to go for several hours, just remember to prepare ahead by taking it out one last time just to be sure. However, if you have a full-time job and cannot stay with your dog throughout the day, you can calculate its “hold time” before making potty training arrangements. Usually, the number of your dog’s age by month is approximately how many hours it can hold before the next potty break. For example, a 3-month-old pup’s “hold time” is 3 hours. Use pee patch or grass tray and combine crate training to help with your dog’s potty training when you are away for work.

How To Get Puppy To Pee On Grass Pads
  1. Bed Time

Fortunately, since dogs can hold their bladders better without being active, they don’t need to pee that frequently during the night. This means you don’t have to wake up every hour for their potty time. But still, remember to plan for their one last potty break before the day ends. Calm your puppy down and wait for it to get ready for sleep. And after a while before your bedtime, gently wake up your baby fluff and take it straight to the pad. Give it some time to relieve itself and then take it back to its warm comfy bed.

  • Set A Spot

Setting a designated spot is one of the key rules for a dog’s potty training. You wouldn’t want your dog to simply pass at it anywhere it needs to your cautiously-maintained garden or newly-waxed dwelling room ground. So for the health of your family and your fluffy friend, it would be better for you to teach your pup to go to one spot for its private business.

The first step is to choose a spot. You can choose somewhere this is easier to smooth, like your lavatory or laundry room. Naturally, you want somewhere quiet with no distractions so that your pup feels safe and focuses on eliminating there. Our smart friend may select the spot to its liking by sniffing and observing. Once you or your pup set the spot, place your pad there. You can hold your pup there or use a leash to guide it there. You can use a leash to confine it to the designated spot. Walk it a few times on the grass pad and when it’s finally used to the toilet area, unleash it.

Remember to preserve the grass pad nice and easy. Don’t let it get piled up with the waste, otherwise, your dog may protest by going somewhere else.

  • Design A Diet

A diet can make a big difference in your dog’s potty training. Strictly following a regular meal schedule facilitates to maintain a ordinary potty time table. Feeding your puppy on time and following the meals with potty breaks can make the training much more effective.

At the same time, what you feed your pup is also crucial. The food quality directly affects your dog’s bowel movement, the amount of waste it produces, and the frequency of potty breaks. Dog food with higher nutrition can be smoothly digested and mostly absorbed. This means less poop and less frequent visits to the toilet. So make sure you choose the best food plan for your dog and stick with it!

  • Rewards & Commands

After you set up the system of potty training, it’s time to carry it out with some useful techniques. As we say “carrots and sticks”, we can combine rewards and commands when it comes to helping your puppy to keep good habits.

Positive reinforcement would never go wrong if you execute it well. First, pay attention to the timing of your rewards. Remember to immediately praise or reward your dog after it does the right thing. For example, as soon as your puppy finishes its private business, say “good boy or good girl!” with a large smile and give it some thing yummy and healthy. Also, a good rub on the head or the belly can make your fluff feel appreciated and satisfied. Such gestures of love also are a large part of rewards.

Commands are integral to your dog’s potty training. When it’s time for your pup’s potty break, give instructions by saying “go pee-pee/poo-poo” or “go to your pad”. Soon your dog will understand what it should do and have potty breaks on command.

But remember to be patient. If it does not go do its business, take it back and try again after a few minutes. DO NOT punish your pup! Harsh punishment like yelling or hitting can hurt your bond with the dog. It may take longer for your dog to trust you again. Furthermore, your loud voice and physical punishment can trigger it in a very bad way.

If accidents do happen, just make a noise like “no” or “uh-oh”. Make your pup focus on its action and let it understand that you are not happy with it. Normally, your pup will stop if it is caught right away. And then, take the poop or cover the pee with a towel and put it where the designated spot is. Again, NO PUNISHMENT! Your puppy is trying its best and you should respect the learning curve by standing by with patience and encouragement.

How To Get Puppy To Pee On Grass Pads
  • Keepa Journal

Keeping a record of your training session can help you keep on track with the progress your puppy has made. It could also assist you understand your canine’s behavior and might offer treasured facts in case you need to consult an expert if you and your domestic dog are doing it right.

A potty journal usually includes several items:

  1. Time(e.g. 6:15am)
  2. Location(e.g. Balcony)
  3. Execution(Yes/No)
  4. Accident(e.g. Found pee on the bedroom floor)
  5. Stool Situation(e.g. Normal/Watery/Too soft)

What happens if dogs pee on artificial grass

We may know that one of the biggest concerns with a dog owner about the fake grass pee pad for his dog should be if a dog’s urine may damage the artificial grass dog pee pad being used. At the same time, there’s still a little difference between the artificial dog bathroom grass pad and the real grass patch, that is the artificial dog bathroom grass pad will not die while a dog does the bathroom breaks on it. Also, the urine from a dog would just drain away like the rain, so that you do not have to end up staring out at a smelly yellow sea up to some points you know?

Would dogs like the artificial grass?

Normally a dog could get used to the dog toilet training grass in a short term because a dog loves comfort just as much as we human beings. Mostly the materials of artificial green grass dog pee pad could feel so similar to the real grass pee pads for dogs and looks nearly identical, which would not be made muddy or being dug up with acceptance about the artificial dog pee mat grass. You can found out that artificial grass does works as long as you are not keeping a tricky dog by your side.

Would dogs chew the artificial grass?

I bet most of you may know that it is true, Naturally, a dog loves to chew and dig it whenever he or she likes. So, when your dog was using the dog synthetic grass pee pads, this may happen up to some points. But you can do the prevention at the very first point, like choosing the artificial dog potty grass with the high quality, especially 

Without organic smells, which may be tempted your dog to chew and dig. And you need to tell your dog not to chew or dig anymore the first time he or she does that to make things right.

What happens if dogs pee on artificial grass

Can dogs destroy artificial grass?

Well, that’s a good question. What you need to do is to make sure that the edges of the artificial dog grass pad can not be easily pulled out of the whole piece of grass pee pad, in that case, your dog may not be able to destroy it as he or she wishes. Furthermore, you should do the choosing job pretty well, make sure that the dog potty grass you chose for your dog should be hard-wearing and pet-friendly in total. Usually, due to the synthetic materials, a dog would not that love to dig it up so much.

Would dogs eat the artificial grass?

An artificial grass potty pad for a dog should be ideal because a dog may do everything he or she normally does with no damage to the lawns in your garden. You can tell if, with natural real grass, a dog would love to dig in the dirt to create some bare spots which must need to be reseeded constantly, and rolling and playing may cause different types of lawn debris or some grass clippings may stick to a dog’s body, which may leading a bad guide to him or her to eat the grass. Likewise, with the artificial grass up to some points, you know?

Is the artificial grass pet-friendly?

As we all know that, regardless of what artificial dog grass pee pad you can get on the market, they all should be pet-friendly because all kinds of stuff used on dogs should be healthy and safe. Sometimes the artificial dog grass pee pad could be messy, but you do not have to worry about if your dog wears or tear, even being staining or smelly if your choice is LOOBANI artificial fake grass pee pad for dogs. The LOOBANI dog potty grass pee pad usually is permeable so the urine may drain through the surface and also could be removed easily, regardless you go with potty tray one or not, which goes with the pet-friendly materials.

What happens if dogs pee on artificial grass

Would dogs ruin the artificial grass?

Would your dog ruin the artificial indoor dog grass pee pad or his or her waste may ruin the artificial grass? You know that the artificial grass like pee pads for dogs will not die or wither if a dog does take a leak on unlike the natural real grass, which needs you to hose down the area with mild water and also some specific cleaner regularly to keep some lingering odor away. You can follow the leads on that product’s instructions, which showing you very clear what to do steps by step.

Is the artificial grass toxic with pets? 

It is normally non-toxic, but there are always some exceptions you may need to avoid. Sometimes, some cats or dogs just can not resist the urge of chewing or licking the surface of the artificial grass simply, especially one you just newly installed. So purchasing good quality artificial grass would be safer and lead-free for any pets also us humans, like the LOOBANI grass pads for dogs to pee on.


May dogs be allergic to artificial grass?

If your a pet regardless of a dog or a cat already got allergies, then installing the best dog pee grass pad you chose for him or her outside to enclosure helping eliminate the exposure to allergens up to a point. If you do suffering something like that, worth a try. It is different from the natural real grass, the indoor grass pee pad for dogs provides a suitable area for lots of pets, which including cats and dogs. So you can inspect allergic with a veterinarian before getting a piece of artificial grass for your beloved pet to make sure everything is fine.

What happens if dogs pee on artificial grass

What is the best artificial grass for dogs?

You know that the answers can be diverse because that is totally up to your situation. In my opinion, you can consult the veterinarian about your dog’s status if he or she is suitable for the artificial grass or not. On the other side, you can take a try with the artificial grass you can reach on the market, to see if your dog is comfortable with it or not. The best for your dog is the best. And you can take a look at the LOOBANI artificial grass pee pads, which is considered the best dog pee pads grass to so many dogs according to the reviews and customer feedback.

Final word

What would happens if dogs pee on artificial grass? If you are already read this article here, then I supposed you may get some clues or you just felt familiar with those situations above. Honestly, those are just several related questions to our theme today. I am sure that there are still plenty of different related questions out there that may come to our minds, but we surely can make everything right since we love our pets so much. Anyway, hopefully, what I wrote in this article does make sense and can be helpful for you, inspire you with something useful at the same time. Good luck to you all.

Large dog grass pee pad

You know that the artificial grass pad for dogs to pee is very common, but you may not know that there are so many different sizes with the dog bathroom grass pad you can reach on the market nowadays. Not only got the size small, medium, and also large or even extra-large to suit the multiple breeds of dog you may keep. And in this article, I am going to share with you some things about the large dog grass pee pad you may want to know about.

Large dog grass pee pad

What’s the large dog grass pee pad?

The dog grass pee pad is also called fake grass potty pad or indoor dog training grass etc.. which you can find at the store online or offline easily. The grass potty pad for dogs normally was considered a miracle by the pet owners, especially the dog owners. Because those fake grass pee pads for dogs can solve lots of dog owners’ problems when it comes to dogs’ potty trains.

Those days of the grass in your backyard may be getting ripped up or littered with your dog’s waste were gone, then you could say goodbye to those brown circles for good. And the large dog grass pee pad is a large size ideal indoor dog bathroom for your large size dog to do the bathroom breaks. At the same time, it is also a great choice for the natural grass in the backyard living space if it is needed someday.

A large artificial grass dog pee pad can utilize the benefits of synthetic grass to provide a reusable, easy to clean, and also portable tool for the dog owners who are keeping a large dog on so many occasions. If you are keeping an extra-large dog or you just want the extra-large indoor dog grass pads for your dog, then you can check the LOOBANI 35in x 23in Extra Large Grass Porch Potty Tray upon its website for more information if you want.

Large dog grass pee pad

You can see the LOOBANI Extra Large Grass Porch Tray page is telling us the urine and rinsing water may drain through to the collection potty tray which could be constantly drained away through some drainage holes on the grass pad. Which is a good choice for you to consider if you are doing the purchasing a large pet indoor grass patch for your lovely large dog.

What benefits with the large dog grass pee pad?

There are lots of benefits with using the large dog grass pee pad for your large size dog, and all these benefits not only apply to you at present because they may be considered to be something helpful for down the road as your beloved dog ages or some mobility issues happened to him or her accidentally. The following are a list of large dog synthetic grass pee pads benefits:

  1. Reusable and washable.That is true that the large grass pee pad for dogs should be washable you may count on after multiple using, which is great for your wallet and the environment as well. You can check these two benefits are not only come with the large grass pee pad but also come with the other artificial grass turf pee pads for dogs on the market nowadays you know?
  2. Easy to clean and easy to dry out. Usually, a quick rinse is should be enough to keep the large grass pee pads for large dogs clean and odors-free as you wish. And you can just use the mild water with a water pipe, some specific cleaner to do the cleaning job. Then hang it under the sunshine or just hang it in the cool places, while the grass pee pad would still keep it smelling fresh as if dry out, even in a short term. Normally this method is good for washing some other indoor dog grass pee pads you can purchase online or offline as well.
  3. Suitable for condos and apartment using. If you and your lovely large dog are living in a condo or an apartment, then I think you need the large dog pee pads that look like grass for helping you to enjoy the companionship of your large dog, his or her oftentimes bathroom breaks are a deal-breaker up to a point. If you have the dog potty grass pee pad for your dog, which means your dog may do what he or she needs to do without being outdoors. And everyone out there can tell how relieve is it if you do not have to walk your large dog out so frequently, right?
  4. Much more room for potty training. The large size of grass pee pads is not only the grass pads for dogs to pee but also the ideal tool for potty training a large dog. Because they have much more rooms for your dog to do they get familiar with the bathroom breaks indoor, which you can place in a convenient wide spot, or just in a hurry when the weather is extremely cold or heat outside. And I am pretty sure you have enough spaces to fit the large dog grass pee pad because you already got a large dog by your side for so long, right?
  5. More convenient for large dogs with mobility problems. A large portable green grass dog pee pad is good for large a dog with mobility problems whether he or she is aged or just an injury. You may want to pay more attention to your large furry friend since he or she got larger acreages than the smaller one. You can pick the large dog pee pad grass goes with the same dog pee pad grass replacement, so that you do not need to worry about there are any grass pee pads that can be used while the other one needs to be wash completely.
  6. Good for the sensitive large dog paws. Whether your dog is large or extra-large, when the extreme weather time comes or a dog grass allergy happened to your dog, the large grass pee pad could be an excellent way to give your dog’s paws a gentle, soft, and inviting areas to do the daily bathroom breaks at the moment your dog needed. This is very crucial if you keep a dog which his or her paws are sensitive you know? 
Large dog grass pee pad


There are so many diverse options out there regardless of the market online or offline. And when it comes to the large grass pee pad for large dogs and the technology just keeps things getting better year by year if you have noticed about. 

If you are looking for a better option with the large grass pee pad to train your large dog to do the business indoors or you want to give him or her an easier, more convenient place to enjoy the bathroom breaks moments, then I bet you are going to love the options available. The best large grass pee pad for large dog potty products-Extra Large Grass Porch Potty Tray with 2-Packs of Replacement was available in so many countries, like the US and Canada, etc… 

When you are choosing the suitable size large grass pee pad for your large dog, I think you can refer to the recommendations above the details pages, double-check if it can fit in the space you are going to use for, like the deck, patio, or any other outdoor areas. And do not forget to consult the customer services if you have any problems during the whole process, because I bet they will do the best to help you. Anyway, I hope I can inspire you with some things helpful if this article does make sense to you all. How do you think?


Best fake grass pee pad for dogs

We know that a fake dog grass patch usually is an indoor dog grass pee pad used for potty training with dogs, which comes with great drainage and some other good places we may looking for. But we are also very clear that there are so many different types of fake grass pee pads on the market nowadays, so that could be a little bit harsh to select the best fake grass pee pads for your dog.

Why do you need the best grass pee pad for your dog?

Observing your dog with some healthy changes in his or her senility should be quite natural, and you may know that your dog is not any exception. In case you are keeping an older dog or your dog is getting old, then you may have noticed about your dog does not have that kind of endurance when your dog was a little younger to exercise or to walk for a long time… Some dogs may even not find toys, games, or even food that could be much interesting in senior ages you know? Well, if you are familiar with the situations above, I guess you may need to get the  best dog pee pad grass for your beloved dog as soon as possible.

How to get the best dog grass pee pads for your dog?

The grass potty pad for dogs is alike to some highly absorbent diapers as we awarded. Normally the indoor dog grass pee pad would not leak due to the special designs like waterproof bottom if your dog does the business above. The artificial grass dog pee pad normally comes with a few layers available in diverse sizes. Down are a few things that may come in handy while you selecting the best dog pee turf for your lovely dog, particularly an older dog.

A few things to consider before purchasing the indoor dog grass pads for your dog

1.Good leaking functions. The bottom of the indoor dog grass pads should go with good leaking so that you can wash it very easily and use the brand new dog potty grass pee pad after it let dry. Or you can select one with the potty tray in case the urine may get through on the floors or carpets in your hose. It is quite essential of having a easy to clean&no odor green grass dog pee pad. Like the LOOBANI dog potty trainer grass pee pad, should be a good selection for you to consider about.

Best fake grass pee pad for dogs

2.Easy & quick-drying materials. That is a vital requirement of the best fake grass pee pad for dogs, which must dry out instantly after totally wash. If you are a pet owner who does not have enough time to do the cleaning job very often, then you can try with the dog pee pads fake grass with potty tray, which can hold the waste from your dog until you get to clean it. Like the LOOBANI extra-large grass porch potty tray, could be helpful for you. At the same time, I think you should know that the best fake grass pee pad should have the minimum time of getting dry completely. That is also a way to measure the quality of indoor grass pee pads for dogs, which is the person testing you can do it easily.

3.Realistic appearance

If your dog does not use the artificial grass turf pee pads for dogs you chose at the very first time, maybe just because what you got was not the best grass pad for dogs to pee. So you may realize what should the best for a dog to pee on regardless of inside or outside is what looks and feels exactly super alike to the real grass in our real life. Which may be greatly helpful if you are getting plans to transition your dog’s potty training to those real grass outdoors you know? With this feature, I would highly recommend you all the LOOBANI large grass pee pad for dogs.

4.Strong absorption: The best price dog grass pee pad for dogs maybe would be the best one for your dog, which should be okay with or with no potty tray while using depends on personal situations normally. This means making the high-quality materials, should come with some features like, absorbent bottoms that catch and also holds liquid waste at the same time. Or if you have a larger dog, then two or more units should allow you to connect to create a bigger area for you. Besides, if you are seeking the artificial dog grass pee pad that comes with the odor eliminator, then you ought to go with natural deodorizers to make sure your dog’s safe.

5.Potty training: This is crucial for you during the process you are choosing the best fake grass pee pads if you are a dog owner who is living in a condo or an apartment, can not take dog artificial grass pad is perfect for some senior or injured dogs since they may not ability walk too far when need to go or to climb too high under some situations. In my opinion, the best fake grass pee pad for your dog ought to be very durable, with a high quality of absorbent and perfect for potty training both indoors and outdoors as you wish.

Best fake grass pee pad for dogs

How long should the best fake grass pee pad be used?

The best fake grass pee pad for dogs ought to be used for no more than 4 to 6 months because that should be the sum of time needed to do the potty train on a puppy or a dog properly. But it depends on the personal situations, like different dogs, different dog owners may have different requirements right?

Apart from that, if using the best fake grass dog pee pad you chose for your dog, for less than 4 months or more than 6 months may cause ineffective potty training in result, which means that your beloved dog may not learn to relieve himself or herself only within the designated areas.

Therefore, that ought to be the best for using the fake grass dog pee pad for the 4 to 6 months if you do the potty training period on your dog, which for no longer or shorter in that duration should be great. How do you think? 

Will your dog pee on the fake grass pee pad you chose for him or her? 

That is a good question if you ever want to ask. And the answer is yes, regardless the pet you are keeping is a puppy or a dog, he or she should willing to pee on the beat fake grass pee pad you chose, as long as you follow the leads to guide him or her to it. Sometimes, your dog may be a little bit shy about it initially as the unclear materials might confuse him or her, but your dog would come to figure out the purpose of that fake grass pee pad and use it for the intended purposes over time you know?

This process may take you a bit of time with understanding what your dog needs to pee on the artificial grass pee pads, but it can be done provided that you teach your dog properly to associate the best fake grass pee pad with the daily bathroom activities. Thus, you need to be patient and pay more effort on the whole process, which including leading your dog to use the grass pee pads, helping your dog to get used to doing the bathroom breaks indoors if needed, and also picking up the best fake grass pee pad for your dog at the very first beginning. One more time, the LOOBANI artificial grass pee pad for potty training is a good choice for you to consider if you are looking for the best artificial grass pee pad for your lovely furry family member right this moment. 

All in all, I hope all these make sense and may inspire you up to some points. Good luck to you all.

Best fake grass pee pad for dogs

Best artificial grass pee pad for dogs

How do I get my dog to pee on the grass pad?

It is the truth that training a pet, especially a dog to get used to peeing on the indoor dog grass pee pad requires lots of patience. Maybe your beloved dog just may use it right off the bat. And for chasing the higher success rates, you may want to try the following:

  1. Get your dog to sniff around more. That is quite normal that the first thing you should do is to let your dog sniff or lick when you introducing any new items to him or her. By doing this, your dog may be getting familiar with those new situations in the household gradually. So you can give it a shot with the artificial grass dog pee pad, and maybe you will get the ways to make things get better.
  2. You can always try to do the potty training one more time. Can you still remember how you potty trained your beloved dog outsides last time? You can try to do the same thing on the indoor dog grass pads you know? When it is time for the bathroom breaks, then you can keep your dog is leashed and try to walk it towards the dog potty grass pee pad. And if your dog does eliminate on that grass pee pad, then you should reward your dog with some treats that he or she loves. Also, you can do this repeatedly so that your dog could use the dog grass toilet instinctively soon.
  3. You may want to put the artificial grass dog toilet away from beds. I think you must know that your dog may not soil the areas where your dog would sleep onto. So the chances of training your dog to get used to using the green grass dog pee pad may be a little low you know? So I think you may placing the dog potty tray grass in the bathroom as a good beginning. At the same time, you may also do the cleaning job like the spills or accidents very easily, right?
  4. One more thing does not try to clean the dog’s synthetic grass pee pads deeply. Every time your dog finished the business on the dog bathroom grass pad, you just rinse it with some mild water and a little amount of mild soap if you want. In this way, a mild scent would still be left to it so that your dog can trace for it easily next time you know?
Best Artificial Grass Pee Pad For Dogs

A few questions you may ask :

Q1: Is it okay for a dog to do the business on the fake grass pee pad?

A: Yes, it is surely safe and absolutely fine to do the training job on your dog with a fake grass pee pad for dogs, regardless of indoors or outdoors. Unlike some real grass pee pads for dogs, those artificial grass pee pads for dogs will not die forever, and the moisture can just go through them easily. And if there is also a potty tray below to catch all your dog’s urine, that could be better. Since the dog grass pee pad is artificial, so you could clean it manually in the ways you like. Also, you can choose the best dog pee pads grass for your dog online very easily nowadays, such as LOOBANI dog pee pad or LOOBANI extra large porch potty tray would be the choices for you.

Q2:Can a dog go to the bathroom inside the house?

A: Yes, you totally could train your beloved dog to use the bathroom to finish the daily bathroom breaks if you want. But you need to know that not all the dogs in this universe can get the tricks to sit on the toilet, then do the business with no messes making. So here is the reason why the best grass pee pads for dogs to pee on can be so important. Because that may provide the ultimate help for you and your dog if sometimes you were unable to go to any outside places or you and your beloved dog are living in the apartment etc…

Q3. Does the dog grass pee pad smell when a dog pee on it?

A: The dog grass pee pad may be smell after your dog peed on it if you do not clean it nicely. Just like some other surfaces you can imagine about, like the real grass pee pads, I bet you may want to do the cleaning job on that grass like pee pads for dogs regularly in case the smell buildup. If you are a dog owner who cares about sanitary a lot, I bet the artificial grass pad with potty trap should be the best artificial grass pee pad for you and your dog, and if you do not have enough time to do the cleaning job regularly.

Best artificial grass pee pad for dogs

Q4.Does a dog need the grass to do the bathroom breaks?

A: Normally a dog does not really need any grass to do the business. However, if you were training your dog with the insides potty tray, then the artificial grass turf pee pads for dogs may be very helpful for you up to some points. Because this could simulate the nature outside grass so that your dog could have an easier time when doing the bathroom breaks. Maybe you could just place the grass inside the bathroom so that you can keep the odor away, and make it much easier to keep the sanitary as you wish.

Q5.Will the bathing soda neutralize the urine from a dog on the grass?

A: Sometimes the baking soda we use in our daily life could be a very effective cleaning agent which may be helpful for neutralizing some organic odors, those included your beloved dog’s urine and poop, etc… But you could try to use the mixing baking soda with a little bit of white vinegar to wash the dog synthetic grass pee pads

Which you let your dog use, maybe some pet-friendly cleaner is fine, just do not use some chemical detergents on the kinds of stuff those your baby dogs would touch. Then you just need to ensure that you will rinse all those cleaners you put on, and let the dog synthetic grass pee pads dry out under the warm sunshine or cool wind totally. Afterward, you may use the best dog pee pad grass you chose for your beloved again.


Having the best fake grass pee pad for dogs is crucial for every responsible dog owner you know? And the best one for a dog normally depends on every different dog’s own situation, right? And I bet you already know that the artificial grass pads for your dog to potty on could let you manage your dog’s potty training much better p to some points you know?

By applying your best dog pee pads grass, you could take the time needed to tell your dog where should do the bathroom breaks directly much shorter somehow. Because that comes with the additional advantages of being more convenient and easier to make things work. How do you think?

And I would highly recommend you to take a look at the LOOBANI dog pee pad grass replacement and the rest products upon its catalog OF GRASS PEE PAD, also have extra large dog potty tray, porch potty which showing us more than three types of items. Just go ahead and pick the best artificial grass pee pad for your dog, I am sure you can get it and manage your cute dog’s potty training like a boss in a very short term with what you chose for your dog. 

Hopefully, this article makes sense and may inspire you with something useful, or may give you a head start on the quest with the best artificial grass pee pads for your furry family member. Good luck to you all!

Best dog grass pee pad

Will you consider the dog grass pee pad?

When the rainy and stormy days happened to you, I guess it is nearly impossible for your dog to walk your dog outside, and we know that some extremes like heat or snowstorms may show up on extreme weather days. You must know how harsh is it, unlike those cats which could not be litter-trained. Just in case, one of us does not own a backyard or a garden, either a place the dogs we are keeping could eliminate themselves if needed.

So now we need to think about the solution for that. And the first that came into my mind is the indoor dog grass pee pad, you also can go with the potty tray one if you want. Which was also known as the artificial grass dog pee pad or puppy potty grass pad… This product could let your dog do the bathroom breaks insides while still can enjoy about the nature vibe. Normally it is a layer of some artificial grass above and a potty tray underneath. If you are just seeking one piece of fake grass pad for dogs to pee on, you may want to check the benefits of it at the beginning.

What are the benefits of indoor grass for dogs?

  1. Those pet owners who always got busy schedules. We can understand that there always would be lots of people who have busy schedules, if you are one of them, then I bet you may benefit the most on the indoor grass for dogs. Because the indoor grass pee pad for dogs may help your dog become more independent to do his or her business, even sometimes were not being walked in the backyard or garden. Besides, this item may also avoid some accidents that may stall your perfect schedule up to some points.
  1. Those pet owners who got limited outdoor access. It is normal that maybe some pet owners may have limited access outdoors, in that case, I think the inside grass for dogs may serve your beloved dog pretty well you know? That could also avoid some kinds of the accident in your place if your dog has to go so bad sometimes, and you are not around to let him or her out at that moment.
  2. You may need it when happened to some bad weather.The pet potty grass may save you from the hassle of walking your dog out during those extreme weather. And for a few condo dwellers, the canine potty tray grass presents your canine with a area to take away as though it’s miles outsides. You can tell that is very a great way to potty train your dog with the artificial turf pee pad.
  3.  Those dogs who got some mobility issues.As we know that some senior dogs may have some limited mobility, which may use the artificial grass pee pads for dogs for help if your dog is comfortable with it. Since the dog potty grass pee pad could be placed close to your dog, it may reduce the poor dog some pain for walking too long if he or she can use the dog synthetic grass pee pads to do the bathroom breaks instead of going outsides. Apart from that, this also may work well for some kinds of sick dogs who do not have enough energy to get up or even get outsides. Then this benefit may be good for some dog owners if they have mobility issues you know?

Have you tried the LOOBANI dog grass pee pads?

I would like to recommend the best artificial grass pee pad for dogs, the LOOBANI green grass dog pee pad. It goes with LOW MAINTENANCE, you can just stop worrying about if you need to try any special treatments to make the lawns of your dog’s areas being viable all the time. You can just sit back or resting out there due to the grass pads for dogs to pee on allows you to take a break while your dog is doing the bathroom breaks. So this could be efficient, which may take the workload off your shoulders up to some points you know?

Best dog grass pee pad

The second feature about the LOOBANI green grass dog pee pad is EASY TO CLEAN also NO ODOR, which means no assembly because the settings could be really quick, and simple, but also reusable at the same time. About its easy to clean, which means you just need to wash with some mild water and soap for about 10 minutes, then you could let it dry out individually and naturally. The grass mat goes with the unique agents built into the bottoms and yarns. Thus, those designs may help minimize the smell and also keep sanitary on for a longer time.

Feature number 3 about the LOOBANI green grass dog pee pad is PERFECT FOR BOTH INDOOR AND OUTDOOR, which means you not only can use indoor at the house, like patios, porches, pet carriage, etc but also can use outdoor, like gardens, backyards or any grounds outside your house due to its portable. In addition, it is also weatherproof, which may make the experience of both you and your dog more comfortable you know?

How to choose the best dog grass pee pad for your dog?

You know that it is important to choose the best dog grass pee pad for your beloved dog, which make take you a while and some effort. There are several things you should consider in general, the first thing, you should consider about the materials, the second should be the features upon it and the most important thing you should consider about is if it suits your dog well or not. The rest you may discern out by way of your self definitely as it relies upon for your scenario up to some extent.

Moreover, if it is free of any odor at the same time if it is easy to apply as a tool for training could be a very vital factor for some dog owners sometimes. If it can do well with controlling odor, which may help to keep the environment sanitary as the dog owners want. And you can check this feature out upon its product’s details page normally.

Overall, you may want to check if it is made of some durable materials, which may let your dog use for as long as it could be. You follow the instructions to avoid placing the dog grass pee pad under sunlight directly, so that can avoid warping of the trays or even the let dog grass pee pad fading off. Nonetheless, the best dog grass pee pad should remain easy to clean by water rinsing with the regular pet-friendly soap.

Final word

As the responsible pet owner who is keeping a dog, we ought to select the best dog grass pee pad for your dog. Make a research on your dog’s situation because you are the person who knows your dog the best besides your dog himself or herself, right? 

Those artificial grass pee pads for dogs should be used under your monitor in case of any kinds of accidents all over the house. Therefore, you may need to train your dog at the very first time your dog uses the artificial grass dog pee pad, which could make sure your dog uses it properly and safely. Apart from that, you just need to get the right size which designs suits your beloved dog pretty well. Anyway, regardless of what breeds of dog you are keeping, I believe that you can do your job to get the best dog grass pee pad for your lovely dog. Hopefully, this article makes sense and inspires you with something useful. How do you like it?

Dog grass pee pad with tray

Do you know anything about a dog grass pee pad with a tray?

Nowadays, the dog grass pee pad and the indoor dog potty tray have been becoming increasingly popular among lots of pet owners, especially dog owners. This is quite normal because more and more many dog owners live in the apartments in the cities, which means that will not have spacious gardens, backyards, or lawns anymore. In another case, if you got a new puppy or dog home, or just moved into a brand new apartment with your lovely dog, then finding the best dog grass pee pads or the exceptional dog grass pee pad with a tray to your dog will be essential.

Whereas, if you just do a search with “artificial grass turf pee pads for dogs” or “pet potty tray” on Google, I bet you may be spoilt for a different choice. Must i have a Korean producer or a eu one? Would the density and the pile peak have an effect on the arrival or experience of the grass potty pad for puppies? What kind of material should I choose for the artificial grass dog pee pad or artificial grass dog pee pad with a potty tray? 

Those were just part of the questions that might be racing around your mind if you start to look for the best dog pee grass pad or the best dog pee grass pad tray for your beloved dog. But you still may find a wide series of choices upon different online stores, as well as different offline retailers you know? On the other hand, you also need to consider diverse elements, such as the safety and the warranty of the products before you make up your final selection. In case you do search for a product like a canine grass pee pad with a tray, i hope this text might be helpful for you, which may additionally inspire you, which may inspire you with something useful.

Why should use the dog grass pee pad with a tray for your dog?

You know that the artificial grass pads may allow you to turn any sections into your dog’s play area in your place, regardless you choose the dog grass pee pad with a tray or not. For example, if your place goes with the cemented surfaces all over the grounds, and the balconies can not provide the ideal conditions for any natural grass to grow, then you may need to figure out something else to solve your dog’s daily bathroom breaks indoors. 

With the dog grass pee pad with tray, you may change these inhospitable sections into comfortable areas for your beloved dog anytime you know? Also, the potty tray that goes with the dog bathroom grass pad can eliminate the risk of urine from your beloved dog you know?

Particularly the dog potty patch grass comes in handy whenever you are potty training a new furry family member in your house, like the LOOBANI grass pad for dogs to pee, especially with the potty tray one, which deserves you to have a try. At the same time, if you could have a cool item such as dog toilet training grass with a potty tray on your balcony, that means you just need to open the door then allow your canine out, then you may realise on foot a dog with out being taking walks out of doors, isn’t it cool? In that way, your dog may pee or poop comfortably also with no soiling the house.

What good of the dog grass pee pad with a tray? 

We can see that most of the dog grass pee pads with trays all got similar features, such as the competent drainage mechanism for soaking, and eliminating the urine to the tray which saving you lots of energy. That dog potty grass pee pad could dry up real quick, which could keep the mud, dirt, and foul odors, away from your sanitary place. Besides the toilet training, the artificial green grass dog pee pad with potty tray may even be used at the entrance of your house, which may avoiding your beloved from stepping around those muddy feet after a walk in the park or some other outside places. Right?

Nowadays, the dog synthetic grass pee pads and those with potty trays are quite easy to do the installation, as well as the maintenance. In contrast to a few real grass pee pads for dogs, irrespective of potty tray or no longer, you just no longer want to do any spray jobs with any insecticides or fertilizers on those pads. What’s more, the artificial dog grass pee pads are not prone to any weeds, pests, and insects. That would be the fine part for some canine proprietors who care about the sanitary a lot due to the fact they can lessen the chance of a canine can also get inflamed by means of ticks, fleas, or any other harmful micro organism which might also reason plenty of ache on the dog you understand?

If now that you realized the amazing benefits of making use of the fake dog grass pee pad with potty tray, you may be ready for getting one for your beloved dog companion. But I think you may first have a very clear idea of the elements you have to think about while looking for the artificial dog grass pee pad with a tray. 

Dog grass pee pad with tray

How to pick out the exceptional canine pee grass pad with a potty tray in your dog?

There’s a various assortment of indoor dog grass pee pads with potty trays available available on the market can be overwhelming, in particular in case you have become the primary one. It is kind of important to assess different available choices and choose the dogs’ grass pee pad with a potty tray that could suit your requirements. For more particularly, you may want to think about the following elements:




4.Pile length

5.Pile density     

Normally, the artificial dog grass pee pad with the potty tray was made with plastic, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, or some other raw materials. And the nylon dog grass pee pads can be sturdier, and more durable than the other plastic dog grass pee pads. So some retailers may recommend you to look for a nylon one which has a pile height of at least 22 mm, maybe could up to 35 mm somehow.

You also want to make sure the artificial dog grass pee pad has in-built drainage holes to let the liquids such as urine seep into the potty tray below easily. Another important parameter you may want to keep in mind should be the safety of the product. You may check with the manufacturer to figure out if the item has been tested with some toxic chemicals, such as lead, and the fire safety as well. Last but not least, you may need to consult the manufacturer about if they could provide the warranty and installation support to you.

And you can take a look at the LOOBANI GRASS POTTY TRAY that I have ever try for my beloved dog, due to its ideal for those owners with busy schedules all day, those owners who have some difficulty getting outside sometimes, those dog owners who live in the high-rise&apartment dwelling their dogs, owners who want to house training puppies r senior dogs and those people who live with the arthritic or incontinent dogs, etc… The most impressing factor that I chose LOOBANI GRASS POTTY TRAY should be I can travel with my dog, like the boats, airplanes, hotels and RV’s whenever I want to and I no longer need to worry about some extreme weather conditions such as heat, blizzards, hurricanes rain, and snow whatever you can think about you know?

So, just make your move if you are already finished reading this article if you are looking for an artificial dog grass pee pad with a potty tray for your beloved dog. Good luck with that.  

Will grass pads encourage a dog to pee inside?

How do you let your dog pee inside?

As we all know, the newspapers on the ground may not be that obvious for a dog to pee on if you need to let your dog pee inside sometimes. So the question is why is it okay to let your dog pee inside? Why does your dog need to pee on the newspapers instead of some kind of stuff else?

And I recently did try some fake grass pee pads to train my dog how to do the inside bathroom brakes properly when I do not have enough time to let him out for a walk. And it turns out that the fake grass pee pad for dogs works pretty well. You can tell those dog synthetic grass pee pads have their uses if you ever have a try on them. I mean you can be saving your time by accessing a available yard where you could take your dog does his or her business every day if you live in an apartment with your lovely dog, at the same time, then the grass for pets inside using may be necessary you know?

Here’s the question, will grass pads for dogs to pee on encouraging my dog to pee inside? I bet that could be one of the most common questions if you are keeping reading this article until here, right? In my opinion, the indoor dog grass pads could make a suitable match with the potty trays if you prefer to use those grass pads on them. Besides, those artificial grass pee pads for dogs also can be used solely if you want. And you can try to mix multiple ways to let your dog fall into the artificial grass pee pads for dogs you chose for him or her at the very first time, like take the artificial grass turf pee pads for dogs to a park which is full of real grasses then let your dog try to pee on, then next time you can let him or her try inside your place, etc…

If you recently found yourself trapped in some situations like your beloved dog needs to get used to using indoor dog grass pads, indoor puppy grass, or indoor dog potty tray, then I have a guide that may be helpful below.

Will grass pads encourage a dog to pee inside?

Why the artificial grass dog toilet will encourage your dog to pee on?

A lot of people would think the artificial grass bathroom mat for dogs can be some kind of miracle so they all want to try one with their lovely friend nowadays. The ways to use maybe also as simple as you wish, as you can start with placing a piece of dog potty grass pee pad in your designated area, then let your dog find and use it. Are you one of them?

Well, sometimes the artificial grass bathroom mat for dogs maybe not be as a miracle as they wish for, even it is magical helpful for both you and your dog up to some points you know? Under many situations, the artificial grass dog pee pad should be used with your guides and supervision even though it could catch your dog’s eyes by the natural green appearance. How do you think? 

Apart from that, you can tell how real the artificial grass-like pee pads for dogs are, just like the LOOBANI artificial grass mat, which you may search online easily whenever you want. That is also one of the reasons why the artificial grass dog toilet will encourage your dog to pee on, as long as your dog also loves nature as some other dogs.  

What you can do as for help?

You need to make or your dog believes that doing the bathroom brakes on the dog bathroom grass pad could work as well as doing outsides. For instance, if your puppy is used to going outside for 30 minutes in the early and the late-night, you can start doing this inside slightly, just keep one part of bathroom breaks outsides as usual. And make the whole daily process inside your place as long as your dog got the tricks later.

You should know that it is your job to keep your dog does not just wander off and throughout the apartment or house and pee to any spots which he or she wants. You need to nurture your dog with some good habits, like doing the business within the indoor dog potty area every single time, which may take time and patience. Then you can let him or her pee on the indoor dog grass pee pad you got for him or her.

What’s more, it should be your job to catch your dog in the act to avoid any accidents regardless your dog was using the artificial green grass dog pee pad or not. Because some artificial grass turf pee pads for dogs may lose their original functions as days went by, like the grass may fall out naturally, or due to the biting of your dog…

So it is important that to lead your dog to that spot you place the dog grass pad on, so that your dog could be conditioned to go there where he can relieve himself or herself when needed. Like many types of research show, over 90% of dogs would have accidents in the apartments or houses, even they act calmly when the dog owners’ eyes are on them. Therefore, we as the owners, and also the partners to catch and teach our pets where should go kindly without any rubbing of noses or beating, right?

You know that wasn’t easy up to a point. We all know that our dogs are not born with our social norms of public relations and rules, they ain’t got any problems doing the bathroom breaks in their areas, until they were taught or being gave the other options. So what you can do and what you do for helping your dog to pee on the grass pads inside is crucial you know?

Will grass pads encourage a dog to pee inside?

How to train your dog to pee on the grass pads inside?

Like what I said above, training a dog to do the business grass pee pad for apartment dogs maybe would be a little difficult at the very first time, so you can try with some tools else to get things to get smoother. 

I guess there should be plenty of different choices to train your dog to pee in a specific area inside your apartment or house. After all, you need to know that to decide the best spot inside of your apartment or house is what you need to access first.

You can have a try with the following: 

The dog pee pad real grass may be helpful if your dog is very struggling with the nature vibes. Because the dog pee pad real grass is normally made of some real green grass from our real life, as long as you make it clear that what decide to purchase is the dog pee pad real grass you are looking for. Everything will be fine then. It is an excellent choice for you if you plan on graduating your lovely dog to outsides training, serving as a natural and relaxing stepping stone.

The dog litter boxes may be attracted to your dog somehow. If your dog used to do the business in the litter boxes, I would recommend you to try to put the grass pads inside, once your dog is familiar with peeing on the grass pads in the litter boxes, you no longer have to worried about if he or she will pee anywhere as he or she can reach outside the litter boxes. Once you make it works, you do not need to fill it with recycled paper pellets to absorb the messes created by your dog anymore. It is worth a shot, right?

The classic grass pads with potty trays may work better sometimes. You know that there are so many types of grass pads on the market nowadays. For instance, some are composed of real grasses layered traditionally, artificial grass that could absorb wetness, and also leak-proof. And some others may come with the potty trays, which is more specific for showing a dog where can do the business, and also avoid leaking perfectly you know? And the most important is some dogs may like the potty trays as well, just like the protection for him or her up to some points. You should have a try if you are keeping a dog that is short of security.

Dog grass pee pad

Are you keeping a dog? 

Well, if you are keeping a dog or more than one. You got to know whether you do the house training with your dog or just want to get away to make his or her bathroom breaks easier, I bet a piece of artificial grass dog pee pad could be a very great option. Those artificial grass dog pee pads only have better looking than some traditional dog pee pads, but also can save you lots of hassles which may need you to take your dog to go outside at some inconvenient times. At the same time, those artificial grass puppy pads but not only can be used for puppies but could also save you a of lot cost due to the washable and reusable features you know?

And if you can spend less time walking your canine out, you could get greater time for the higher brain games to your dog if you want. And all these, could be earned by a piece of dog potty grass pee pad.  

active pet toys

What is the artificial grass dog toilet for a dog?

A bit of the artificial grass dog rest room commonly is square-fashioned or square patches, which can be manufactured from a few synthetic materials. The grass potty pad allows your dog to do his or her bathroom breaks on a very soft surface where the urine waste could drain through very quickly, which you can place inside a tray, then could make the collection below. In this example, you can prevent your floors or any surfaces from being broken. Can you imagine that?

Why a piece of dog grass pad could be that helpful?

These days, you can see that increasingly more dog owners are becoming the faux grass pee pad for puppies like the LOOBANI pet potty training grass their puppies for doing the bathroom breaks easier if they do not have enough time to walk the dogs out. Have you wonder if the dog bathroom grass pad for your dog got these specific advantages like the following:

  1. Eco-friendly materials.The dog synthetic grass pee pads you choose should make of eco-friendly materials, thus they could be composted easily and will not put any strain that we do not want on the surrounding environments right?
  1. Odor-free features.If you have ever pay attention to that, the real grass usually combats some smelly urine odors that we can not stand. And one of the best things you use artificial grass like pee pads for dogs should be you do not need to worry about the stinks too much due to the washable and easy to dry out features. Like the LOOBANI green grass dog pee pad, you can check up on amazon and its website.
  1. Suitable for any breed of dogs.Sometimes a dog can be very particular about the spots where they relieve themselves, if the dogs do not want to go for that indoor dog grass pee pad, maybe you can try different brands of grass pad for dogs to pee. Once in a while, you could recall one with a potty tray. Supply a couple of times shot and i’m certain you can find the first-rate answer for it.
  1. Easy to maintain sanitarily.You know the best fake grass pee pad for dogs like the LOOBANIartificial grass dog pee pad should be a great option for many owners since that can be rinsed after use simply. So you need to pay attention to the materials before you make your decision on buying the dog synthetic grass pee pads. You could check the details on those product pages or just consult their customer services directly.
  1. With multiple using ranges for any other pets.The dogs’ grass pee pad should not only be used with dogs but also can be used with cats and even rabbits up to some points you know? As we know that, there are lots of pets that need to do their bathroom breaks on the green grasses, which were very natural. So, that could be great to have super real grass pee pads for dogs, cats, and rabbits, if you keeping such more pets around you, right? 

Which canine grass pee pad will be the satisfactory in your hairy friend? 

As we all know, the best dog grass pee pads for your dog usually depend on your situation out there, for example, maybe the best price dog grass pee pad could be your choice if you are a pet owner who was cares about the price…Moreover, different people have different personal preferences and tastes, and you are the one who knows your pets the most, right?

When it comes to doing the purchasing with the artificial dog grass pad for your lovely dog or even more pets, you may want to focus on your pets’ size largely. Just double-check the sizes of your pets according to the recommended charts. If your pets need a larger area sniffing around, as what they would do outside as usual. So many manmade grass pee pads could be positioned facet via aspect so you could make a bigger pad in case you want in some way. Besides, you need to test if it fits the potty tray you already were given or no longer so that you can store plenty of effort with coping with the trouble like returning or converting varieties of stuff after your shopping, right?

And you need to take a look at your situation. You may go together with the lighter and transportable portions in case you need to take your furry pal out with the grass pee pads very frequently, like a -day ride every weekend, etc…You can also go with the heavier pieces because normally the better quality comes with the heavier weight sometimes. And you would better get check the reviews up there before you do the purchasing. 

Apart from that, you may want to double-check the materials on that artificial grass dog pee pad your eyes are on because you do not want anything bad to happen to your beloved dog after using the artificial grass dog pee pad. So the environment friendly, safe and non-toxic should be very necessary. How do you think?

Last but not least, the qualified artificial grass dog pee pads should allow being used both indoors and outdoors. Such as the bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, and pet carriage, etc… Also, let you place at any places outdoors which you can imagine about. Like the LOOBANI artificial grass dog pee pad, you can use when comes in handy easily. At the same time, the waterproof feature could play a very important part when comes to the artificial grass dog pee pad, which means you can save more time to do anything else you want to perform but do not have enough time before. Right?


Normally the artificial dog grass pads are not only practical but also hygienic for dogs to use daily. And it can be a very useful feature in the household if it could be fitted appropriately. If you were in some situations like those but not so far ago, and the grass pad must be a lifesaver for you then. Moreover, in case you are preserving a canine who does now not need to do his or her commercial enterprise on a few newspapers or anywhere else however the inexperienced grasses. As if there’s a time while your canine would not go out for a stroll, then I assume you could want to parent out something to at ease your Loved canine a safe and comfy location wherein she or he may also additionally finish the toilet breaks.

So why don’t you pick up something which may provide that service right in the comfort of your own comfortable house? And you really should try the LOOBANI artificial grass dog pee pad if you are interested in what we are talking about in this article you know?

Loobani dog grass pee pads

Did you ever try the loobani dog grass pee pads?

If you are living with your dog in a condo complex or an apartment, then I think the loobani dog grass pee pads would be very useful for you to have. But you know a good potty solution for an apartment normally is to use a piece of dog grass pee pad while your dog needs to do his or her bathroom breaks indoors. The loobani dog grass pee pads are known as pee pads or potty pads which you can view very clear on its website.

Loobani dog grass pee pads

Just in case when you and your lovely dog live in a condo complex and an apartment, you know that it is always the best if you can to take your dog out for the bathroom breaks, which may help him or her to get more exercise and also stay stimulating the mental. 

The loobani artificial grass dog pee pad is made of high-quality synthetic grass, which could be placed at any places you want inside your apartment or even outside of your places you know? And those dog pee pads can be found in various sizes to fit the needs and the sizes of individual dogs.

What are your concerns when you purchasing a piece of dog potty grass pee pad?

We all know that the dog grass pads on the market all have their advantages and also disadvantages. But obviously, the real grass is the best option for you if your priority is the quality or low maintenance on a piece of green grass dog pee pad. On the other side, if your priority is durability and price, then I bet the synthetic grass pads like is the artificial grass turf pee pads for dogs should work well for you.

One of the most highly recommended dog grass pee pads for condo complexes and apartments should be the high-quality loobani dog grass pee pads. But if you prefer to read more details before you get one for your beloved dog, the LOOBANI website page of its dog training grass mat deserves you to check it out because the loobani dog grass pee pads were offering a good price with high quality all the time.

Loobani dog grass pee pads

Loobani dog grass pee pads

The first feature on the loobani dog grass pee pads I need to mention is not only easy to clean but also with no smells. Goes with no assembly and the settings on those are instant. You will find out that the whole is very simple and quick, which means you can use the pads without reading any instructions at the very time you use them. At the same time, very easy to clean but also reusable, for example, you can just use the mild water and soap to wash, then it could dry out in a very short time as long as you place it under a very cool circumstance. The loobani dog toilet grass mat comes with very special agents built into the backing or even the yarn, which helps minimize some smells, also keeps clean all the time.

The second feature on the loobani dog grass pee pads I need to mention should be its low maintenance which can let you no longer be worried about if you need to use the special treatments for keeping your dog’s lawn viable. This artificial grass dog toilet from LOOBANI allows you to sit back and also take a relax without working on it very frequently you know? It is about efficiency because it could take the workload off your shoulders up to some points.

One more excellent feature I need to mention is what the best dog grass pee pads should have, should be available for indoor and outdoor use. This means you can use it in so many scenarios like balconies, porches, patios, backyard and pet carriage, etc… You also want that piece of pet potty training grass you choose for your dog should be weatherproof and portable, which can make the life of you and your lovely friend easier and more joyful.

Loobani dog grass pee pads

How do you keep the dog grass pee pads clean?

Sometimes, doing the cleaning job on the dog synthetic grass pee pads is extremely easy but could be painful. First of all, that depends on the product you chose you to know? But generally speaking, the basic kinds of stuff you need should be some warm water, or maybe a little bit of regular soap if you like.

For the grass potty patch from LOOBANI, I would say I do recommend you to use the natural soap which is free of chemicals at all. Like the regular bar of soap, you using every day should be fine if you do not want to try the natural soap. What you need to do should be removing the artificial grass mat from the potty tray if you place it onto a potty tray, then use a sprayer or hose to wash it under 10 minutes, make sure the extra urine has been flushed out, then hang it under the sun or just a cool place which could reach the wind to let it dry naturally and completely. A few more tips about it, you can choose to wash it daily or weekly, like 2-3times a day or a week because it depends on your situation you know?

Apart from that, the dog pee patch should be rinsed with mild water and pet-specific cleaner if you choose from LOOBNI. Although you also can follow its leads to do the washing job on the other dog potty tray grass you can get on the market somehow.

If you use the grass pad for dogs to pee with no tray, then you may just wash the grass with water and soap simply. Also, follow the rest steps to let it dry then you may place it back in its original spot. It is as easy as that, but you’d better make sure you read through all the instructions which come with that dog grass pee pads washable you chose.

Loobani dog grass pee pads

In conclusion

In my opinion, every single dog is different from another one, and sometimes you may reach one who is quite fussy. So the best fake grass pee pad for the dog should be depending on the dog’s situation, which may take a while to process. About this article, I just talk about some basic things surrounding the loobani artificial grass dog pee pad, which is the most common version of artificial grass dog pee pad on the market but also very useful in our daily life.

If you are still wondering if you should try several options before getting the best dog pee grass pad for your beloved dog, maybe you can try with loobani dog grass pee pad first you know? Because it is worth the effort anyway. Then you can see how the artificial grass dog pee pad is helpful while you live in a condo complex or an apartment with your cute dog. Up to some points, the best dog pee grass pad for your dog could be indispensable.

Just look back at those moments when it is so inconvenient to walk your dog outside to do his or her daily business, a piece of green grass dog pee pad can be very helpful because that allows you to provide him or her a comfortable and also safe alternative you know? In the end, I suggest that you need to keep in mind that using the grass pad for dogs to pee can not be an excuse for not walking your dog out to do the bathroom breaks when it is possible, which is something that needs to be remembered as a responsible dog-owner you know? 

If you do look for the excellent artificial grass turf pee pads for dogs, maybe you can take a look at the loobani artificial grass turf pee pads for dogs on its website tight this moment. Anyway, I hope this article does make sense and can inspire you with something practical to achieve a better life in the coming days with your lovely dog.

Indoor dog grass pee pad

Why do you need a piece of dog grass pee pad?

Do you have a dog that lives with you? And do you live in a condo, an apartment, or some places else which not that easy to take your dog for a daily walk, letting your dog do his or her bathroom break?

Or just in case you need to work for long hours then you may not able to get home in time to walk your dog out sometime or even more often. If that happened, I bet you may need a grass potty pad for your dog. The artificial grass dog pee pad is not only very helpful for training your dog to pee in the grass but also a magic tool to let you realize the dream of” walking your dog without going outside”, especially when you may not able to let your dog go outside regularly. 

Indoor dog grass pee pad

Do you know the differences between a real grass pee pad and an artificial one?

When we talk about artificial grass pee pads, the first that came to your mind maybe they are usually made of some unnatural materials. For instance, plastic is one of the most typical materials we can think about. And if you do not keep an eye on your dog constantly while your dog is using the artificial grass dog pee pad, then he or she may eat through that plastic. That could be a piece of bad news because plastic could be harmful to ingest you know?

Otherwise, if you are doing the purchasing with the best dog pee grass pad, it is quite necessary to check out the reviews on those products up to some points.

On the other hand, the real grass pads are made of natural grasses normally. Which type of grasses were used on the natural grass pads for dogs was up to the manufacturers. But the good news is that regardless of which kinds of real grass pads you get, you could bet that it features the real grasses at all.

Well, that should be the most obvious difference between the artificial grass pee pads and those real grass pee pads. However, not all artificial grass pee mats are indeed bad for our dogs, likewise not all real grass pee pads are perfect as we wish. Then I guess that is the reason why you should take your time to get through the reviews on the products before purchasing any indoor grass pee pad for dogs. Do you agree?

Indoor dog grass pee pad 2

Have you ever consider some reasons like the following?

I think there are a few reasons that you may need a dog grass pad for your beloved dog, then the first reason that came into my mind is your dog may need a indoor bathroom to pee on. At the same time, a dog bathroom grass pad for your dog to pee on which also means your dog would no longer wee all over the floors at your house. Such as the furniture or any other surfaces we do not want a dog to do the bathroom break in general. What I want is your dog would be more willing to pee on those artificial grass pee pads for dogs than on any other surfaces around, to keep the surfaces in your place as clean and with no odor as possible.

Next, other than dog diapers, the indoor dog grass pads could be one of the most practical items to train a dog to behave his or her bathroom breaks properly. By using those fake grass pee pads for dogs, I am pretty sure that your lovely dog could be potty trained in a very short term. Apart from that, A piece of dog potty grass for a dog is quite convenient and easy to use due to its lightweight, portable, and could be placed almost any place you can reach you know?

The reason number three that you may need a piece of dog grass pee pad is you can use that pet potty grass inside your house without worries. If you want to take care of your belongings while you were out and leave your beloved dog at home alone, the pet potty grass can give you a hand with providing a nature scene for your dog to spend time with you know? What’s more, I think you may not willing to leave your beloved furry friend in a cage when you are not at home, and not willing him or her to do the business everywhere… Then a piece of dog pee patch is exactly what I would strongly recommend you to have, which you can also place inside the cage for your beloved dog to use anytime you know?

In the end, I would like to suggest you get a piece of dog potty grass pee pad if you are suffering some issues like odor controlBecause we all know that the pee smells of a dog could be very bad somehow, also can be very difficult to get rid of up to a point. Do you know that a piece of good quality indoor pet turf should allow absorbing odor, with no foul smell lingering at the same time you know?

What should you consider when you looking for a piece of dog grass pee pad?

Honestly, there are several things that you need to think about when you are having a decision about which piece of green grass dog pee pad you should choose for your beloved dog. The first thing you may want to think about is the materials that were used to create that grass pad for dogs to pee on. It is quite important to choose one which was made of non-toxic materials. And if a product does not mention if it is non-toxic materials or not specifically, then I suggest you think twice about you perform the purchasing.

The second thing you need to consider should be durability. The synthetic grass which was built to last, because surely you do not want that artificial grass dog toilet you brought end up with holes real soon or just become worn out in a very short term if your dog just uses it for several times, right? That could be better for you if the dog synthetic grass pee pads are as durable as they could be. Because that also means you do not have to replace them constantly or even need to worry about if they may leak through to damage your places. Right?

But thirdly, the price is important as well, but for most of us, that would not be the most important part to think about somehow. Normally you could see the dog pee mat grass that was priced accordingly to its value. For instance, if you found out a piece of amazing dog pee mat grass that has rave reviews, then it is probably worth that price they were asking for.

At the same time, different pads may have different sorts of odor control sometimes. The best dog pee grass pad usually can do a very good job at absorbing odor if you very care about the odor absorbing. I bet the last thing you are looking for is not to make your home smelling like dog pee so that is important that if the dog grass pee pad you choose can do a good job at absorbing the uncomfortable smelling or not. How do you think?


Generally speaking, it would be fine for a dog to pee on the artificial grass dog pee pad mostly as long as you choose a quality one.

Because there are so many low-quality products which use those grasses made of some harmful materials, then you may need to steer clear of those all the time. You can take a look at the LOOBANI artificial grass mats, then maybe you will have no problems in finding the best artificial grass pee pads for your beloved dog to do his or her bathroom breaks.