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We focus on R&D and production of pet products to help those dogs who are in difficulty overcome difficulties, restore self-confidence, and live happily, so that they can become a member of the family and have a positive impact.

Continuously evolving initiatives
As our business grows, it will soon become clear how many different groups and organizations resonate with our core mission of spreading love.
To facilitate this change, every time we sell one product, we will donate $1 to ASPCA to help dogs in difficulty. Every month we will announce the amount of our donation on our official Instagram to expand the organizations that can benefit from Loobani donations, Communities and personal networks.
we also encourage everyone to help those animals in difficulties to make the world better.💙

Lasting impact
In order to establish lasting relationships with the communities and organizations we serve, we will contact and cooperate with organizations like ASPCA to develop pet assistance programs.
We have made many plans for pet help, and even shifted some of our team’s focus to this specific cause. Donate money, assist pets in rehabilitation, help owners and pets improve their relationship, and so on. Our goal is to find a practical way to support any organization dedicated to making the world a better place. Thank you for your support and participation.

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