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What’s better than cute animal pictures to spark a smile or trigger a positive emotion on the Web? Nothing! That’s why our furry friends have long been the Internet’s favorite. 

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Feedback From Instagram


🚨an instant classic🚨 highly recommend this from @loobanipet. reese masters puzzle feeders pretty quickly and this one has kept her (and us) entertained for longer than any other! happy snow day from Denver! ❄️🧩

                                  “So very hungry 🐶

“Y’all. Once my dear went away I fell in love with this. I get to play and eat at the same time. 2 of my most favorite things to do.
Check out @loobanipet
I highly recommend this product!!!”

“Jackpot!!! 🎰
The @loobanipet food puzzle feeder toy makes eating even MORE fun! Now I get to play with my food, which stimulates my brain and slows down my chomping (for better digestion!) With a stable base made of adorable dog-bone shapes, and adjustable height, this toy is perfect for all breeds, and is an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home!”

“Afternoon stretch next to the new @loobanipet slow feeder “

                              “Christmas came early for me.”

                      “Finally figured out the treat dispenser 🦴”

                                    “Pet food puzzle”

“Part 2… get it boys! They LOVE this enrichment feeder!! 💯”