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LOOBANI Dog Paw Protector

74 Reviews


  • Only 0.04 inches thickness
  • Easy to use, peel off and stick
  • Breathable high-quality fabric
  • 6 sizes available for different dogs
  • Provide traction for dogs to prevent
  • Add 55% more rubber area than other brands

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Our Paw Pad Protector Could Benefit Your Pets A Lot

– Non-slip on the slippery floor
– Enhance traction and grip
– Keep warm in winter
– No burns on hot pavement
– Protection from injuries

LOOBANI Dog Paw Protector
LOOBANI Dog Paw Protector 01

Safe and Breathable

The dog paw grips use a unique hypoallergenic certified adhesive made of safe and environmentally friendly glue. The soft and breathable high-quality fabric will not clog pores, even if the dog wears it for a long time. It will not affect perspiration.


  • SGS Certified Safety & Breathable


Review Report on LOOBANI Dog Paw Protector

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Self-Adhesive paw grips are stickers on the bottom of your dog’s feet. Dog paw traction could benefit your pup a lot. It can brace for weak paws so your puppy doesn’t slip on the slick floor. With the disposable paw pads, your dog doesn’t burn on hot pavement. It’s also the protection against injuries.
It uses a unique hypoallergenic certified adhesive certified by the SGS International Inspection Agency, a soft & breathable texture with rubber grips. Even if your doggie wears it all day, it will not affect the sweat of the paw pads.
1. Keep your dog lying down with relaxation and comfort. 2. Measure the length and width of the dog’s paw 3. Pick the size by referring to our size chart
There are six sizes of pad grips available, from 4lbs for Chihuahuas to Alaskan dogs over 80lbs. You can always find the right size for your dog. If the dog paw is between two sizes, please choose the large one. It’s better to go slightly larger than slightly too small with Loobani Paw Pads. If the selected size is too big, you can cut it to the size you want.
The dog anti-slip pads are disposable and self-adhesive. Trim your dog’s nails and hair on the paws before application; Keep the dog’s feet clean and dry; Remove the sticker and stick it on the paw.
It should not hurt your dog’s paws when removed. Remember to make sure the claws are clean and shaven before applying, then slowly peel from heel to toe gently to remove.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Thomas Downey
Amazing Customer Service!!!!

Fabulous!!! An incorrect item was sent to us and we quickly received a text on a weekend asking how they can remedy the situation!!! Wonderful company!!!!

Ronnie Cushman
Can’t use!

My dog will not walk with these pads on.

Lucy Nichols
For indoors only

They fell off as soon as my dog went outside. I thought the adhesive would be much stronger

The "Upgraded" version of the Dog Paw Pad is a disappointment

The upgraded version didn't stay on for a day. The previous version stayed on for three to five days. When they're on, they work, but they don't help at all if they don't stay on our dog's feet. On the new version, the material seems thinner, the adhesive isn't as tacky, and the raised anti-skidding areas are not as effective. We're going to buy some spirit gum that will allow us to use the remainder of the Dog Paw Pads in the package. We waited for ages for these to be delivered and are sorely disappointed.

Julie Montalbano
Very disappointed!

Don't waste your money. These didn't work for even 1 day.