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Dog Harness Walking Support Lift Belt


Pet Dog Harness Walking Support For Injury Dog Elderly Dog Disabled Dogs Lift Harness Large Dog Rehabilitation Auxiliary Belt

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S: Waist 54cm, handle length 35cm

M: Waist circumference 60cm, handle length 35cm

L: Waist circumference 70cm, handle length 35cm

XL: Waist circumference 80cm, handle length 35cm

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S, M, L, XL

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan M.
Great product to help a big dog with difficulty walking or end of life

Had to get this because my 15 year old Lab lost the ability to walk and his 75 lbs was difficult to handle by hand. It was the end of his life and killed me having to hold him up on all fours just so he could pee outside. This helped immensely in moving him around and keeping him comfortable until his final vet appointment where it helped get him in the car and to the vet for his last trip ever Highly recommend.

Great Tool for Surgery Recovery

I bought this harness to help me control my dog after hip replacement surgery. We were told the dog must be walked slowly 4 times a day for 10 minutes expanding to 20 minutes over 3 months. The dog is not allowed to run, jump, or spin for12 weeks. This harness helped me take my dog on controlled walks, yet it is very comfortable for her to wear. If she gets excited and wants to run, jump, or spin I can simply pick her up like a suitcase until she calms down. I don't' know how well this will work on a large heavy dog but it definitely works on a small or medium size dog under 30-35 pounds. I don't know how I would have been able to control her on these therapy type walks without this harness. It's a great recovery tool and I highly recommend it.

Very helpful

This was very helpful when our girl was having issues with her back legs. Easy to put on and take off.

As advertized

Made well but doesn’t work well for my fur buddy.