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Dog Wheelchair Disabled Walking


Pet Wheelchair Disabled Dog Cat Walking Assisted Car Adjustable Lightweight:

1.Wheel height can be adjusted
2.This toy can be taken apart and put together with ease
3.Wheelchair is light and easy to be pull for pets
4.Help pet dog cat stand up and walk again
5.Portable to carry and storage
6.Both male and female dogs can still go to the bathroom comfortably in this rear harness.
You can choice the right pet wheelchair for your pet by measuring it’s weight and the Height,Width measurements according to the following pictures.If you don’t sure the size you will need please ask us before
purchase.(Must accord with all the data)

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NOTE : You can get the right size by measuring the weight and Height,Width data of your pet ,As we know, every dog is different. If you don’t sure the size you will need please ask us before purchase.*****We strongly suggest go to our website for the illustrative photos on size selection before buying. Do not just go by the weight!*****
2 Wheels wheelchair can help the Handicapped pet walk ,but not for the pet waist injury.Please manual your pets and check the size details to chose the wheelchair suit to your pets.If you don’t sure the size you will need please ask us before purchase.

1. 100% Brand New And High Quality(If your pets returnning to normal,you can sale the wheelchair to others that needs it)
2. Material: Aluminum&Stainless steel
3. Color: As picture

Wheelchair Width Range: (17-20cm / 6.7-7.9inch)
Wheelchair Height Range(18.5-25cm/ 7.30-9.84Inch)
Wheelchair Lenghth Range(35-38/13.8-15.0inch)

Wheelchair Width Range: (20-23cm / 7.9-9.1inch)
Wheelchair Height Range(32-41.5cm/ 12.60-16.34nch)
Wheelchair Lenghth Range(46-49/18.1-19.3inch)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Works great for my 13 year old Corgi

The cart arrived needing only minor adjustments. It is sturdy and well designed. It took a couple of days for my Corgi to get comfortable in it. Now we can take walks with my two other dogs and she can keep up. I am completely satisfied with this purchase.

Best Purchase Ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!

We have purchased thousands of items on Amazon and never leave reviews. This item, however, deserves one. We purchased a diff brand about 8 months ago…the top selling…came in about a zillion pieces and the wheels were dollar store quality. Didn’t work for our dog so we returned it.
I have been researching, found this brand, top quality wheels, great reviews. Purchased it yesterday and it arrived today!
Arrived in just about 3 pieces I believe and so easy to put together and adjust. My husband thanks you and so do my mom and I!
Husband put it together, we put Mags in the wheelchair and hubby adjusted…then Maggie was off! It’s top quality, so light, easy to adjust, and the wheels are made to work in the grass, sand, etc.
Thank you so so much. If you are looking to buy a wheelchair for your dog, stop looking and buy this one. You will be 100 percent more than satisfied!

Anna Hills
Mostly amazing.

Quality design and construction. Lightweight considering. Only have two complaints. 1. The metal push pins that hold the assemblys in place push in too far if u use the right amount of force, which forces u to have to take the part off, fish out the pin, and redo it. 2. The rear leg stirrups arent very strong, so if your dog has some strength left in the hind legs they will pull right out of them. Because of this my dog drags her legs where i would rather have hung them. Although she drags her legs the cart still works well because she is strong otherwise. We just have to find ways to protect her feet.

Wish i had purchased sooner. It has greatly improved my digs quality of life and made getting her out less difficult physically. That said... it does take a little time getting my 90 lb pooch setup in the cart. But practice helps.

Rachel Rath
Extended our old boys quality of life

So very thankful for This wheelchair as it extended the quality of life for our 14 yo boxer. He was able to come on walks with us and get fresh air without being confined to one place. Unfortunately months later he took a quick decline and passed just a few weeks ago. Not only did we enjoy the product and it’s benefits, but the company was also very cooperative with us and allowed us to return it outside our window. We are So thankful for the company and hope the wheelchair goes to another pup in need!

Katherine Cummings
Well built wheelchair, worth the money.

My disabled dog adjusted to this great chair immediately. She is about 85 pounds. It has changed her life so much, she doesn't seem to mind being in it at all. The wheelchair is built extremely well. Well worth the money. Arrived promptly.