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LOOBANI Dog Sling for Back Legs


LOOBANI Dog Sling for Back Legs:

SUPPORT HIP SLING- Loobani mobility aids is a simple and effective solution especially for elderly dogs, weak hind legs, orthopedic injuries, hip dysplasia, Arthritis pain, IVDD / TPLO / ACL / CCL surgery or other debilitating ailments

MAKE MOBILITY EASILY- Excellent to help your doggy stand up, up and down stairs, get in and out of vehicles, onto furniture, outside for a bathroom break, or to provide some assistance when taking a walk.

COMFORT & NO PAIN- Providing ultimate care to weak and senior dog through thickening design and soft lining with sheepskin-like covering. Moreover,the handle equipped with removable padding is perfect for protecting your hand for easy comfortable carry;

HEAVY DUTY STRAP- A reflective nylon band runs through the whole sturdy sling to hold the weight of any breed. Adjustable straps were long enough to fit a range of breeds. Even if your pooches are short or you’re tall, this carrier work well for you;

EASY TO USE & CARRY- This lift sling does not get in the way when she needs to “go” and can be moved out of the way easily if needed. After using, just fold and put it into the portable gift bag. Machine washable.

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Deborah B.
Back saver

This is the single most useful purchase I have made for my dog. Mickey is a twelve year old eighty pound mixed breed dog. His back end has gradually become weaker and weaker over the past year and a half. I am so glad I bought this then when I hardly needed it, because now I use it several times a week. He gets in a sitting position with his rear legs stuck out in front of him and is helpless to get up. I can just slip this under his belly and pull up on the handles, and that gives him enough of a boost to get up. It’s quick, easy, and protects my back from strain. I heartily recommend this sling to anyone who has an ailing dog and wants to have a fast way to help him/her up. It’s been a godsend to me. I have a full front and back harness ready for when I need it, but in the meantime, this sling is perfect.

I it the last week and was del to fast to my country. Now my GS is using and it fits well.

I've bought it the last week and it was delivered so fast to my country. It fits so well to my GS.

Michele Olson
Easy to use

Works great for my older corgi to get up the steps.

Heather Smith
Works like a charm

My vet was using one like this, so I decided to buy one to help my dog while he heals. I had been using a beach towel. It’s much easier to maneuver because of the handles and it is just the right length (adjustable).

Egw Wg
A great sling for my dog's rehabilitation

I ordered this sling to use with my dog after surgery for a cruciate ligament. It worked extremely well. My pup does not like things put over her head and this sling was easy to maneuver under her torso. It helped immensely at keeping weight off her hind leg. When picking her up after the surgery, our vet was impressed with the extra padding. This definitely was a great find!