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Dog Knee Brace Pet Recover Protector

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2Pcs Dog Knee Brace Pet Knee Pads Adjustable Hind Legs Wrap Injury Recover Protector:

【Material】: SBR Synthetic rubber foam
【Color】: black,red,blue
【Season】: all seasons
1: Leg brace sheath can heal pain caused by injury or surgery.
2: Provides support and stability during injury.
3: Help them relax inflammation.
4: Helps treat the loss of stability caused by arthritis.


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1. Very suitable for wrapping legs to cover wounds and wounds.
Simply wrap around the wound and wrap it with our dog leg protector with support frame to prevent the dog from licking and chewing.
2. Provide maximum support and stability.
Help: Stable hocks joint arthritis after fatigue injury withstands any strain after surgery
3. Take care to remove the sheath 2-3 times a day, and let the legs breathe at night.
4. Make sure the dog’s body balance and stability so the dog doesn’t get into more joint injuries.
5.This dog hock strap is used not only to stabilize the dog’s hind legs and Restore the injured area faster, but also to protect the pet from cold or injured legs reducing the bent knee.

Dog Braces for Back Legs Super Supportive


*Actual color may be slightly different from the picture due to different monitors and light effects
*Please allow deviation due to manual measurement

Pet Recover Protector Benefits Pets With The Following Conditions

  • Easy to Fit and Fasten with Simple Velcro Strips,Take care to remove the sheath 2-3 times a day and let the legs breathe at night.When You Wash the Stand, Wash It by Hand and Let It Dry Naturally.
  • The Dogs Leg Brace Can Heal Pain Caused by Injury, Provide Support and Stability During the Injury, Help Dogs Relax and Reduce Inflammation,and Help Treat Loss of Stability Caused by Arthritis.
  • Selected SBR (Neoprene) Material is a Kind of Synthetic Rubber Foam, Which Has the Characteristics of Delicate, Soft, Elastic, Shockproof, Thermal Insulation, Elasticity, Imperviousness, and Airtightness.
  • Provide maximum support and stability,Stable hocks joint arthritis after fatigue injury supports any strain after surgery.


The package include 2Pcs Dog Knee Brace Pet Knee Pads

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No, it’s two together. This product is a 2-pack product specification.
No, please choose the appropriate size according to the size chart in the detailed picture.
Yes, you can choose the size for your dog by the size chart.
If you get the right size they should

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Works great for senior pets

helped a lot for my senior pet to walk


I got these braces for my 7 year old German Shepherd, he has been having difficulty walking as his right front joint has been causing him pain. At first he didn't like the brace but he has gotten use to it. We having been using the brace for about a week and he has been walking better. I would recommended this product. Note: if you have a larger breed dog get the XL.

Dog is happier

My little dog is very old and her front legs are weak. At first she used her teeth to open the velcro bands and remove it! So I turned it around so she couldn't reach the bands forcing her to keep them on. Once she realized that they actually help her jump up and down short distances she stopped trying to remove them. Now I truly think she looks forward to wearing them. They wash easily too, I just put them in the delicate mesh bag with my bras in the cold cycle and they come out just fine (although I haven't put them in the dryer for very long). Now my little sweetie runs with wild abandon in the morning because her legs are no longer so weak and trembling! Very, Very Pleased

Breezy Rae Haney
Worth trying

Wish they stayed on better they do help to keep my dogs legs supported though

Just enough support!

My dog’s leg has been sore for awhile. I put this on and her leg feels so much better. No more limping. Provided just enough support to let her leg heal even though she is still using it. Great product!