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Dog Knee Brace Injuries Leg Wrap


Dog Knee Brace Injuries Leg Brace Surgical Wrap Dog Wounds Heals Canine Front Leg

1. The fabric is comfortable, firm and biting resistant;
2. Symmetrically designed, both legs can be worn;
3. Large area adhesive design on the back, easy to wear and easy to adjust;
4. The legs of the trousers are designed with thread, which has good elasticity and can be rolled up for use;
5. The whole leg protection and anti-licking design can make the legs recover quickly after operation;

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Pattern: solid color
Material: pure cotton
Season: Any season
Material: Cotton + Spandex
XXS bust 27-33cm leg length 10cm
XS chest circumference 30-43cm leg length 12cm
S Bust 40-52cm leg length 17cm
M Bust 45-61cm Leg length 23cm
L Bust 54-68cm Leg length 35cm
XL Bust 64-84cm Leg length 35cm
XXL bust 80-104cm leg length 41cm

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XXS, XS, S, M, L

Customer Reviews

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Linda Ryno
Great for hotspots

My great dane had a hotspot on her from arm. I had purchased another brand of sleeve but that was just like tshirt material so the material just soaked her hot spot when she licked her arm. This sleeve is more like wetsuit material so it was great at keep ling everything dry. It was pretty tight and the sleeve was a little short on my big dog but definitely did its job! Definitely recommend!

sandra k mcclanahan
It’s a process!

This sleeve has been a life saver. I have been working on Marley’s hot spot for over a year nothing worked and it was a bloody mess. This sleeve is soft and comfortable. It is not overnight but it’s been a joy watching the results. Thank you so much

Tina-Marie Gage
Amazing Sleeve

We tried two diffent sleeves and this one by far was the BEST. He acts like it's not on and moves with ease.

Life saver

Wish the sleeve wouldn't been a better material but it's one more paw blocker for my pup to try and get through. Bought these because the cone didn't work out. Would recommend.