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Dog Harness Assists Straps

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Why choose this for your Dogs

Breathable and Soft: It is comfortable;

Washable: Easy to clean, please wash by hand with cold water and dry naturally;

Reliability: Go up and down stairs will not fall down. ;

Multi-Usage: ROZKITCH specially designed different support belts for the front and back legs, just to make your dog more comfortable.

Easy to Use: You can easily put it on your dog.

Pet Dog Lifting Support Harness Plaid Lift Vest Soft Handle Ajustable Assists Straps
Pet Dog Lifting Support Harness Plaid Lift Vest Soft Handle Ajustable Assists Straps

The benefits of this sling

Can be adjustable

Can be rolled up for storage

Can be cleaned

Can be disassembled

Suitable for all grid harness

Why do dogs need lift harnesses

Help your dogs go outside to walk or pee-Every dogs have to go outside to sniff or pee around relieve themselves , but if your dog have severe limitations they’ll obviously need help some help.In this case, you can use the lift harness to help the dog return to normal life.
Help your dogs hop into the car-It allows our pets to get in normally the car like other healthy dogs,also is convenient for us. Also note that this shoulder strap is separate,the picture with shoulder strap is only for the reference.
Help your dogs negotiate stairs-When we take the dog out for a walk and encounter to go up the stairs, but we can’t easily carry it, then we need to use tools to help us. A rehabilitation harness is undoubtedly a good choice.

Pet Dog Lifting Support Harness Plaid Lift Vest Soft Handle Ajustable Assists Straps

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We did for a while at first but noticed it would chafe in a few places. We resolved it by taking it off several times per day
It looks like you can but we sent it back or a dog hated it
Yes,this grid dog harness is designed for dog male and female.
The size measurements are correct for the size medium lift harness and both chest and belly straps are adjustable so you will be fine if they are not exactly right. It’s the only one I found that gives full body support without metal support. I highly recommend it!
If you have a male dog, is there enough clearance on the vests hat he won’t pee on it. I have a 90lb golden retriever about to have shoulder surgery.
The way you would like on a backpack. We have this for our beagle and it is terrific. Well made and long enough so he is picked up evenly. Comfortable for him. Really pleased with this product.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Give your dog time to get used to it

My dog has the beginning stages of degenerative myelopathy, and is losing the use of her back legs, but she is happy as can be (Golden Retriever), and still loves to go outside.
She HATED this at first. It was a fight to put it on, and to let me pick up her hindquarters. After about two weeks, she now gets that it helps her, and she lifts up her belly when I bring it out to take her outside.
Like all movement aids, give your dog some time to get used to it, and let them adjust their balance. also, shorten the straps to make it easier.

Carlos Gonzalez
Good product

It was a bit big for my dog. but it is a good product.

Wild Horse Kate
Perfect for assisting senior dogs

Awesome product for assisting my 15 year old senior dog. She has balance issues and needs help getting up. Very sturdy and easy to adjust. It has enough surface area and large leg openings to prevent chaffing.

hollie AlDazdar
Worked out great post surgery

My golden retriever had surgery and post surgery was unable to lift his back legs. During his rehab the harness enabled us to lift him to Move down the stairs and out to the yard. There are sturdy handles and a Velcro clasp so one handed operation can be used. My dog was 75 lbs and it was sturdy enough for us to lift him. There is a notch for the private area and no issues with the rear either for doing his business easily. It provided great assistance for the time we used and was stylish orange plaid. My golden passed away but knowing I could give him the dignity of enjoying his yard with assistance will always stay with me. Love the product !

Diane Bailey
Nice help getting my dog around

My dog has a broken elbow in hid front leg. It was almost impossible to maneuver him until I received this lift. And the colors were good for Christmas