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Dog Wheelchair Legs Walking Assisted


Dog Wheelchair Lightweight Legs Rehabilitation Dog Walking Assisted Adjustable Wheelchair High Quality Material

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M: Suitable for body width 12-20cm/4.72-7.87inch (refer to bust 24cm-40cm/9.45-15.75inch). Length 25-40cm/9.84-15.75inch. Height 19-30cm/7.48-11.81inch, suitable for dogs under 16 kg
Material: aluminum + mesh

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Customer Reviews

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My dog loves it

It was actually really easy to assemble I looked at the picture instructions once and I was able to set it up. I remeasuredy dog so I can set it up exactly to his size. He's a medium sized dog weighs 19lbs and I got a small for him. At first he just stood there but when he realized he could move he took off. This really help him support his lower back he has DDD and this was a good form of therapy for him

Paula e.

This has changed my pugs life. Instead of heart breaking dragging and falling over, even is her pee, she is now running along (fast walking). I leave her legs down just enough to touch, because she tries to use them and it has strengthen then. Her walking in the house without it has improved tremendously. Her quality of life is on the rise. Thank you for being affordable, I didn't know how it would work and the other ones are too much, just to check out.

Robin V.
Very good product.

This product is made of very high quality material and is very sturdy. It is easy to assemble, but there are a lot of screws. They include extra screws in a handy little case. The size chart on the order page is different than the one in the instruction manual so I had to return the first one that I ordered. The exchange was very easy. I highly recommend this product. We are using it for rehabilitation for our little one.

Melodie Brown
This works well if you take time to adjust it for your pet.

This wheelchair was a life saver for my elderly dog who lost control of his rear legs and has balance issues due to hardwood floors. I followed the instructions to measure him and the first chair I ordered was far too large so if you have a smaller dog, think about sizing down. It took some trial and error adjustments and about a week for my pet to become accustomed to the chair but once he did he wagged when put into it. He can walk faster and I don't worry about him falling over and being unable to get up. Keep an eye on your pets pressure points where their legs are held because mine did get a sore initially so I wrapped the legs with felt and it worked great. Overall this product is helpful but it's up to you to invest the time into making sure your pet is comfortable and adjusting the framework as necessary.

Deborah C. Hayes
Neat little design for disabled pet

It would have worked great but the cat's neurological problems were too far gone for it to be much use to him.. There was no problem sending it back for refund. I think this would work great on a young cat or dog with a disability but lots of "get up and go".