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Dog Solid Knees Pads Support Brace

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  • Material made of high quality SBR easy to wear doesn’t hurt the skin and is easy to wash
  • Function support weakened joints and muscles with our front leg wraps Can better take care dog wound and relieve dog joint pain Also not affected your dog’s mobility In addition its warmth can prevent dog getting arthritis effectively
  • Strong and durable The three high quality attached magic tapes strips It is more secure and will not slide down or drop out
  • Waterproof make sure pets still playing water or touch water even wound never affect dogs’ Life
  • 100% satisfaction We offer you friendly customer service Any questions feel free to Contact us and we will find proper solution for you


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What's special about this

Selected diving material (SBR) diving material is a kind of synthetic rubber foam, with fine hand feeling, softness, elasticity, shockproof, heat preservation, elasticity, imperviousness, and airtightness. It is widely used in the manufacture of diving materials, so everyone gave it an easy-to-understand name: Neoprene (diving material).

Pet Dog Solid Knees Pads Support for Injury Legs Brace Safety Hock Joint Brace
Pet Dog Solid Knees Pads Support for Injury Legs Brace Safety Hock Joint Brace

More details of this

1: The leg brace can heal pain caused by injury or surgery.
2: Provide support and stability during the injury.
3: Assist them to relax inflammation.
4: Help treat loss of stability caused by arthritis.

How to use

1. Very suitable for wrapping legs to cover wounds and wounds. Just wrap around the wound and wrap it with our support frame dog leg protector to prevent the dog from licking and chewing.
2. Your dog may suffer a lot of injuries from knee injuries because it will jump all the way to the fence or garden and get injured. If the dog suffers these injuries, it needs
One of this dog leggings. .
3. Provide maximum support and stability. Helps: stable hocks after fatigue injury support any strain after surgery
4. Take care to remove the sheath 2-3 times a day, and let your legs breathe at night.

Pet Dog Solid Knees Pads Support for Injury Legs Brace Safety Hock Joint Brace

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It might be a little big. Its a little big on my Maltese mix. And yes they do come in a pair.
Yes, the bottom of the listing.
It helped give my dog some stability maybe confidence when she had a torn ligament…so it was definitely helpful.
I don’t anything about the breed to know….slender legs how big a dog etc.
You need to take measurements.

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Customer Reviews

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I got these braces for my 7 year old German Shepherd, he has been having difficulty walking as his right front joint has been causing him pain. At first he didn't like the brace but he has gotten use to it. We having been using the brace for about a week and he has been walking better. I would recommended this product. Note: if you have a larger breed dog get the XL.

Dog is happier

My little dog is very old and her front legs are weak. At first she used her teeth to open the velcro bands and remove it! So I turned it around so she couldn't reach the bands forcing her to keep them on. Once she realized that they actually help her jump up and down short distances she stopped trying to remove them. Now I truly think she looks forward to wearing them. They wash easily too, I just put them in the delicate mesh bag with my bras in the cold cycle and they come out just fine (although I haven't put them in the dryer for very long). Now my little sweetie runs with wild abandon in the morning because her legs are no longer so weak and trembling! Very, Very Pleased

Breezy Rae Haney
Worth trying

Wish they stayed on better they do help to keep my dogs legs supported though

Wilfred Connell
Did work for us.

Did work for us.

Top Ben
This product works

Worked well for our 5 year old border collie who pulled her back leg whilst running. Used the support for about 2 weeks and kept her on light walks and she is now back to full fitness.