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What are the best interactive dog toys?

If you want some interactive dog toys to keep your beloved dog entertained for hours and hours, then you must choose the best interactive durable dog toy for him or her, you know? That is very easy to do for every single dog owner who loves his dog, right? But not any dog toys that you get newly could keep your lovely dog entertained for so many hours. So you want to get the best dog toys to try to keep your dog interacting last for hours while your dog may not destroy your house to consume the energy instead up to some points.

Then I think you should start with choosing the best interactive toy for your dog, maybe just the interactive dog ball toy or some other self play dog toys you can reach on the market. And that is exactly what I am going to talk about in this article.

The best interactive dog toys purchasing guide

Maybe you would be looking at the elements such as the size of your dog, what material it is made out of, or among some other things you want to consider. Below are a few purchasing guides that may inspire you with some things which may help you to choose your best stimulating dog toys somehow.

You may want to consider the sizes first

What you need to be concerned with should be how your beloved dog will be interacting with the dog toy when it comes to sizes. For instance, would your dog like to bite the interactive pet toys with his or her teeth all the time, like to hold the dog toys in the jaws, or just like to play with paws and nose, etc…

Then I think you may need to worry about if the educational dog toys you chose could fit into your dog’s mouth or not if it is the former two. In case that the dog toy is way too big for your dog to play with maybe it is just a waste of cost in total. You know that if you get a toy for your dog which means to be chewed and bitten, likewise, you may not get any good from the dog toy if your dog’s mouth is way too small to do either of those, right?

On the other side, if you get a small dog toy but you have a large dog, then maybe your larger dog will not be going to play with that small toy very much either, even that is the best interactive dog toy in your eyes.

What are the best interactive dog toys?

You may want to consider the materials 

Then there are should be some basic materials that consist of the brain stimulating dog toys on the market nowadays. Which we all know that the material may determine the durability and also the cost up to a point.

 Plush: Lots of plush toys are available if you are considering getting the best chewy interactive dog toys for your beloved dog. It is the truth that the plush toys were not as common as many other materials listed out there, but you can still get the plush dog fun toys for your dog if he or she is into these types of toys. What your dog wants is the best interactive dog toy for your dog, right?

Rubber: At the same time, maybe the rubber materials are also not as common as plastic if we talk about some interactive dog toys. However, the toys that are made of rubber should be very easy to recognize when you see any one of them. If you prefer some types of fun interactive dog toys to let your dog entertain with, or just about your dog is obsessed with some soft interactive plush dog toys, the rubber options would be the best for both of you.

Plastic: This should be the most basic material we can reach on the market nowadays. Because these are the most common materials out there for making both outdoor and indoor interactive dog toys. Normally the material of plastic could be extremely durable, which means could last for a pretty long time, especially in the situation that your dog does not use so often. Maybe you can let your durable interactive dog toys last for many years.

And the LOOBANI Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys can be a great choice for you if you looking for some kinds of interactive dog toys with multiple functions which can not only entertain your dog but also is an interactive dog toy feeder to do the feeding job while you are not around.

What are the best interactive dog toys?

What features should the best interactive dog toys have?

Can be the ideal time passing helper: For most pets, especially dogs, these interactive dog toys for chewers could add up to a lot of loneliness if you have the kind of hectic schedule daily, in which you have no more time or energy to spend with your beloved dogs. Also if the best interactive treat dog toys also own the food dispensing function, which could give your dog hours of exercise, entertainment.. then may keep your dog busy when you are not around, and you do not need to worry about your house would become a total mess when you got home.

Can be the unique interactive dog toys with IQ Training: For example, if you ever check the LOOBANI interactive smart dog toy, you may see that the food puzzle toy was designed to give your dog some challenges to let him or her stay thinking. If your pet is a puppy, those slots on that interactive dog toy can be a very great intellectual development tool for helping puppies to develop their brains. At the same time, this mental stimulation dog feeder toy can help to keep your dog sharp through the years and even can reduce some mental decline risks for some older dogs up to a point you know?

Can be a slow feeder: If your best interactive dog toys have the feeding function, that could be perfect. Because your dog may be bored all day, and he or she could easily get excited when lunchtime and dinnertime come that he or she literally inhales but later then throws up all. If you also consider the best interactive dog toys should like LOOBANI dog self-interactive toys, which can get kibble from those leakage holes through spinning the tubes and be able to control the eating speed of your beloved dog. You can also check that treat-dispensing toys could force your dog to slow down when eating up to some points, which could prevent your dog from suffering from some issues like GDV or Bloat etc…

Should have a stable base. Sometimes, with the adjustable height on your best interactive dog toy would be great. Because you may be keeping more than one dog of different sizes or just a puppy who needs care from childhood till growing up. The LOOBANI dog feeder interactive toy has a heavy base which was designed as an H shape so that would not be knocked over. Very easy. That educational dog toy can adjust with 3 different heights to fit both small and large dogs you know? But the most amazing part is the canister is large enough for your beloved dog even he or she was all day eating. Besides, the best interactive dog toys should be allowed to be played insides and outsides like when you like to go on a trip or camping with your beloved dog, right?

Should be helpful with reliving the anxiety: If your dog would paces, whimpers or whines at those moments you leave, then the best interactive dog toys for your dog should have the function with redirecting your dog’s focus to getting the tasty treat out, so that can help to prevent some stress-related behaviors happen on your beloved dog you know? Helping him or her to relieve anxiety, or even some kind of boredom when staying indoors alone, distracts some unhealthy behavior, and also refocuses to something else positive and active is very essential up to a point.

What are the best interactive dog toys?

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