How to protect dogs’ paws at the beach

If you don’t go to the beach on summer days, you must be missing lots of fun that year. If you are a beach fancier like me, also keeping a puppy at the same time, then you must tell how joyful I am in summer. That would be so much fun if you spend tons of time with your beloved on the beaches to enjoy the summer vibes together. Can you imagine that? 

Well, the beach is a fun outing to spend time with your dog in summer. A lot of dogs enjoy playing in the water, running across the sand, and sometimes swimming for long hours. For you and your dog can both have a fun and safe time, beaches hours require planning because you want to be aware of the potential dangers associated so you and your dog can enjoy a fun trip to the beach. Here I want to share with you folks something that may be helpful for you to protect your lovely dog’s paws when you walking your dog on beaches or playing with your dog on beaches etc. If you are also wondering how to protect your dog’s paws at the beach, you are in the right place then. Let’s check this article out now! 

How to protect dogs’ paws at the beach

How to prepare for the beaches? 

1. You want to find a suitable beach for you and your dog, but also obey rules. You need to make sure the beach you choose allows dogs no matter you are on vacation or live close to a beach. Just respect that rule and find a different beach to go to if they do not allow dogs, then check the website of the town or county maybe you could find if the beach is designated as a dog-friendly area or not. And you can do check if the sands on that beach are cool for your dog’s paw to walk on or not, or you can do some paw protection on your dog’s paws before your departure.

2. You want to avoid some rough conditions, like bad weather something like that.You can check the local weather to see if there is rain or even storms expected in that area you are taking your dog to enjoy the beach. For example, some beaches may have strong currents or tides that can change dramatically while you are having fun with your beloved dog. Some waves, calmer water is safer for your dog’s paws to step in you know? And if your dog enjoys swimming or playing in the water at the beach that would be a risk of being hurt by rough waves sometimes. You should consider rescheduling your beach trip with your furry friend to another day if the weather or water conditions are poor.

How to protect dogs’ paws at the beach

3. You want to pack the essentials for you and your dog’s beach trip.There are lots of essentials that could make your trip smooth and enjoyable. These include some things below:

  • (1) Leash. You still need a leash Even if the beach allows dogs to be off-leash, to walk your dog safe from the parking lot or street to the beach. If the beach does require leashes, And you can consider bringing another extra-long leash beside one regular leash. So you could provide some independence for your dog.
  • (2)Disposable plastic bags. You always need to clean up after your dog and I think bringing along a few waste bags or disposable plastic bags should be a routine for you when you go out with your dog. Like some typical bags is fine.
  • (3)Treats. You can consider packing a handful of treats in a re-sealable bag to treat your dog during the trip if you want. We all know these treats can be useful to entice a wandering dog to come back to you, meanwhile can be used to reward your dog’s good behavior particularly. One more thing is to pick treats that don’t melt easily in heat or moisture conditions.
  • (4)Toys. Sometimes toys can be a great way to make the beach trip even more enjoyable with your dog. Don’t forget to pack some toys that can be used in water and can be cleaned easily. Just leave the plush toys at home since those may get sandy and wet quickly no matter how much your dog loves them.
How to protect dogs’ paws at the beach
  • (5)Dog paw covers. That would be brutal if your dog walking on the beaches without any protection. Like dog paw wax, dog paw protection cream or paw protection balm, dog paw protection spray ..those can be protective for your dog’s paws. 
  1. You want to checkyour dog’s identification if still there or before you leave home. Your dog should always be wearing a collar with identification tags regardless the beach requires the dogs those enter should be on leashes or not. You know it is illegal for dogs to be without identification in many areas. And identification is absolutely necessary when your dog is playing off the leash. 

How to protect your dog’s paws at the beach?

1. You want to provide sun protection for your dog’s paws.Like us human beings, lots of dogs may get sunburns easily. If your dog has light-colored coats, was shaved, or his or her skin is at a greater risk of becoming sunburns. You can apply some dog sunscreen to those areas not protected by fur, like the nose, bellies, tips of ears, especially the hairless bald dog paws.

Besides, dogs’ sunscreens are designed for dogs with sensitive skin, usually fine to use as long as your dog does not contain zinc oxide that could be toxic to your dog. And you can reapply your dog’s sunscreen every hour to make sure that they stay protected on your dog’s skin throughout the day.

2. You want to protect your dog’s paws technically.In summer, the sand can get hot very quickly and your dog’s paw pads are sensitive to these extreme temperatures somehow you know? I suggest testing the sand for yourself, if it is too hot to walk on your own barefoot then it would be too hot for your dog’s paw pads to walk through. 

Sometimes dog heat booties can add a layer between the hot sand below and your dog’s paw pads. But we also clear that not all dogs are used to wear puppy booties for heat, so you can find some pieces of stuff else, such as dog paw gloves, pet paw socks or dog paw pad covers whatever your dog is comfortable with. For my furry baby, he prefers loobani dog paw pad protection a lot. Because they are so thick and soft when attaching on my dog’s paw pads and he looks terrific with those dog paw protection pads on.

Also, applying a dog wax product on your dog’s paw pads can protect them from hot surfaces. You can find paw protection wax at pet stores and online through different websites, or you can do some dog paw protection wax DIY by yourself if you want.

3. You want to keep your dog in your sight during the whole process.You know that your dog may get overwhelmed by the sight, sounds, and smell of the beach. You need to make sure they stay in an area where your day can still hear you when you call for him or her if you intend to keep your dog off-leash there. You have to keep in mind that the beach could be a dangerous place and your dog needs your careful supervision.

At the same time, just avoid areas that may have potential dangers, such as some fishing docks that may have hooks were buried in the sand, outcropping rocks, or even broken glass down there. You’d better also be in the water or at least at the water’s edge so that you are close enough to intervene if your dog is to struggle to swim while you and your dog are swimming.

How to protect dogs’ paws at the beach

All in all, there are just several things I mentioned above for protecting your dog at the beach, a few tips for you to avoid something bad that would happen to your cute dog’s paws while you take him or her to a beach. I hope those make sense. Hopefully, my experiences could helpful for protecting your dog’s paws at the beach. I guess everyone can find the best dog paw protection for heat at the beach for your own beloved dog, right?

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