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How to protect dogs’ paws when running

Have you ever raise a dog before? If your answer is yes, you must very clear that how much fun but also but much pain in the head…It’s no doubt that we can have a lot of fun together when our little puppy is around, we can hang out tougher, travel together and go swim together, etc…Likewise, there are so many issues that are waiting for us to fix when there is another species of the creature comes around. So we need to consider what our beloved dogs want to do, how they feel at some points, or what is the best for them…

Well, I can tell a lot about that especially when my dog got hurt and when I feel he is going to get hurt if I do not do something for him. For example, I always worried about the dog paws that lead my dog to anywhere he wants to go and I would do all methods I can reach to protect them especially when he is running, like some dog feet protectors or dog heat booties but dog pad wax and dog paw pad covers work perfectly on my dog’s paw pads. What would you do for protecting your dog’s paws when he or she is running?

How to protect dogs’ paws when running

Why should protect dogs’ paws when running?

You know that lots of dogs are such good runners in daily life, no matter at home or being outside. You may notice that your dog would not let any chances go if he or she can chase anything or just run for some fun. Your dog’s paws are just like your feet, how important are your feet to you same as how important are your dog’s paws to your furry friend, right?

Usually, a dog’s paw health would be neglected by his or her owner, but don’t you think things shouldn’t be like that? You know exactly that your dog’s paw pads can always provide some protection against rough terrain, some insulation in extreme weather among other things, and also providing cushion to reduce stress regardless inside or outside on his or her joint and bones. However, your dog’s paws are not immune to some health problems and other injuries. That’s the main reason you need to do some dog paw pad protection for your dog’s paws, especially when your dog is running. So let’s take a look at some of the most helpful tips about how you can do protect your dog’s paws when running.

How to protect dogs’ paws when running

How to protect dogs’ paws when running?

1. You want to start with your dog’s diet, increase zinc and fat in his or her daily diet. It’s common that a little body fat on a dog is not only being a reserve of energy for your dog but also acting as useful insulation from extreme weather and conditions. Meanwhile,that also provides your dog the extra cushioning or padding when he or she is running. That being said, it doesn’t mean that you need to increase the amount of food to your dog of a sudden and you still want your dog to stay healthy and trim as always, right? On the other side, dietary zinc improves your dog’s coat health and helps him or her to strengthen nails and paws. Usually, zinc can be found in meat such as lamb, tuna and turkey, and so on. If your dog prefers vegetables and fruits you can choose some raw carrots, apples, and sweet potatoes, they also can give your dog some dietary zinc. You may consider feeding your dog more of the listed foods we just talked about, so that could strengthen your dog’s paws before going running.

2. You want to condition your dog’s paws by walking for a long time before running. Don’t you think going on varied but long walks to toughen your dog’s paws up must be the cheapest and easiest way to protect your dog’s paws when running? Mostly proper training is required before you plan to set out on a run for your dog. Besides, you may consider treating your dog to an athlete without a difference. Because these long-period walks do not need to be anything challenging. It’s very important to let your dog goes with no weighted backpacks or running. To make your dog’s feet become conditioned to handle them well gradually, you may want your route to include a variety of surfaces. For example, you could go on walks on rocky terrain, pavement, grass, sand, or snow.

How to protect dogs’ paws when running

3.You want to avoid your dog running on extremely hot or cold pavement. You should avoid going out on super hot days or super chill days where the pavement was scorching or freezing because that should be the best way to ensure that your dog’s paws were being protected when running. You need to know that your dog was not wearing protective dog shoes like you while running, just like the equivalent of human bare feet if you can imagine. If you can not be able handling the heat or chill barefoot, so does your beloved dog you know? You can touch the pavement with the back of your bare hand before your dog is going to run on. It’s a good test that I’ve ever tried. In case that you couldn’t hold your hand on the pavement your dog is about to run on for at least 5 seconds, then you may need to think about if the surface is too hot or too cold for your dog’s paws at that moment.

4. You want to put some external equipment on your dog’s paw pads. So many dog paw products you can choose for your dog, like paw socks, dog sneakers, and dog paw protection pads, etc.. are not suitable for all breeds of dog but these are good for your dog’s paws when running if your dog would love to try them on. Some products like dog boots could add a thick layer of sturdy materials like rubber or plastic between the ground and your dog’s paws. Those are one of the best paw protection for dogs that I have ever put on my dog’s paws when he wants to go out. Also if your not dog has some paw injuries such as cuts, splits, and cracks those dog paw protection could perfectly help your dog walking normally outside. On the other hand, dog paw pad protection is also a great option for you to protect your dog from some harsh conditions, such as burning pavement as well as snow. And this is a picture of high-quality dog paw grips, called loobani dog paw pad protection which my dog loves the most…

How to protect dogs’ paws when running

5. You want to use a dog paw protection wax recipe.You can try the dog paw protection wax if your dog is comfortable with something sticky on his or her paw pads. The best paw protection wax for dogs usually is the most common one you can see in our daily life. Why said so? Once upon a time, dog paw protection DIY is very popular among us dog-lover & dog-owner. Because using paw wax is a super-easy way to protect your dog’s paw while running as well. It is quite easy to apply on your dog’s paws, which also can create a barrier between your dog’s feet. Especially when the pavement your dog is about to run on was full of some elements like ice, salt, dirt, and rough surfaces, etc. The most important part is those dog paw protectants can also protect your dog’s paw pads when running somehow you know? 

In summary, Our dogs always have strong paw pads naturally built to keep them safe when they walk or even run barefoot. Remember to make sure your dog’s paws were his or her nails trimmed and well-groomed to prevent any kinds of dog paw problems that may happen to your dog. If your dog is a running fanatic, then you may need to pay more effort with how to protect your dog’s paws when running. Good luck!

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