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What can I give my dog for weak back legs?

Are you a dog owner?

If you are a dog owner, which your dog just suffering from some issues like weak back legs, then you are in the right place. We know that some sights could be very distressing for a dog owner at the moment you realized that your dog’s back legs can not work perfectly or even your dog can not stand, walk, and so on…

Have you ever think about if your beloved dog’s weak back legs start to wobble while he or she needs to make some moves, or is just too unstable to stand because of his or her congenital defects, some severe injuries, and aging health issues.. then your dog could be more vulnerable when happened to some accidents or some further injuries you know?

What can I give my dog for weak back legs?

Fortunately, there are so many ways you could choose to help your struggling friend overcome the limitations of the weak back legs up to a point.  Like the dog hind leg sling, which you can easily find on the market nowadays. And if you are interested in what you can give your dog for weak back legs, please keep reading, and let’s what may happen next. Okay?

Get some medical treatments to your older dog’ legs when giving out

In this part, we are going to talk about some medical conditions which can be treated if your dog’s legs were in the giving out the case with aged. If you already did the diagnosis with your dog’s legs in the pet hospital, then I assume that you could think about the treatment options and make your decision if everything is appropriate for your dog’s weak legs. Sometimes the arthritis pain is very common among senior dogs. And the treatment options we are talking about usually included physiotherapy, medication therapy, and some other laser therapy.

At the same time, hip dysplasia could affect a dog of all ages somehow. When a dog’s hip joint is losing, then the hip dysplasia may be coming soon, which may create lots of pains for your lovely dog you know? But you know the senior dogs may be more risks if he or she needs to be put under the anesthesia since there have so many surgical options available out there. You may want to think about weight management, some medication therapy, and so on, for your first treatment options if your cute dog is still very healthy.

Apart from that, there are several conditions with zero treatment options effective other than the supportive care you know? The typical example is the degenerative myelopathy that starts with the back legs weakness then losing coordination day by day. As days went by, the front legs may become weakened, the back legs may turn into paralyzed… In the end, the dog with the issues like above may suffer some other symptoms, such as bladder control losing or swallowing difficultly…

What can I give my dog for weak back legs?

Get some medications or supplements

If your veterinarian advises you to get some prescription medications or supplements for helping your senior dog with some issues like the weakening muscles, joints’ pains, and weakening back legs. I assumed that the veterinarian may suggest you get something like prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications to release some pains or decrease some inflammations which occur in your older dog’s back legs. However, the more medications like those you use on your dog, the more risk of damaging your senior dog’s kidneys and liver may happen, you know?

For your special furry, I think you should have a conversation with your veterinarian to measure the benefits of relieving the pains with the potential side effects that may occur on your older dog.

And if your veterinarian recommends you some supplements to protect the cartilage tissues, like the chondroitin or glucosamine, etc..which may be helpful for hip dysplasia, arthritis pain, and some other spinal disc injuries. So many dog owners did find out that they are useful even there’s not plenty of veterinary researches that can prove how effective the supplements can be.

Take a shot with some physical support options

Once you realized that your senior furry friend has some signs of back legs weakness, you may want to consider taking a shot with some physical support options for him or her. Just try to make things easier for your dog when he or she needs to get around. Such as a soft mat on the hard grounds for laying down, a ramp, or a dog leg sling for helping your dog to get in and out of the vehicles with no jumping.

Besides, the other physical support options are getting new soft bedding which can take the pressure off your dog’s weak legs parts when he or she was taking a rest, so he or she doesn’t have to suffer any pain by turning around while sleeping.

What’s more, I think you could also consider getting a dog wheelchair to support your dog’s back legs if some serious weakness or paralysis does exist on your dog, but you also want to make sure your dog is comfortable with it, right? Or just purchase a dog leg harness with grips so that you could help to take parts of your dog’s weight while he walks. Like the loobani portable dog sling for back legs is a good recommendation that you can have a try. Which are multiple usages, easy to store, machine washable, and portable. You can get more details about the loobani dog sling from its website easily, which is also purchasing available on amazon you know?

Lose some weight or get more exercise 

Regardless your dog’s muscles were mass lost due to some kinds of medical conditions or age, you know that how important maintaining a suitable and healthy weight for your beloved dog is, which may improve the quality of his or her life up to some points you know? If you are comfortable, I would recommend you to have a conversation with the veterinarian about how to adjust your dog’s diet, which may help him or her to get the right amount of food daily. For example, you may try to limit the treats you used to give or just make a decrement of food on days you give him or her a lot of treats… How do you think about that?

At the same time, you know that exercise is also another important method to avoid additional muscle losing which could be a challenge for lots of dogs with mobility problems. You know that nowadays some physical support items like the dog lift and the dog support harness, which could give your dog a hand when getting out for a daily walk. And you can try the dog hip sling or the dog hind harness if your dog does need some help with his or her back legs. For instance, you can DIY a dog belly sling or a dog hind leg sling if you are interested in DIY. Or you can get easily buy one online, searching with“dog rear leg sling”, “dog back sling” or “senior dog sling”, “dog elbow sling” to see what would be suitable for your beloved dog.

Just make sure that you won’t push your dog to go any farther or faster than he or she was able, keep it slow but also steady is fine. And you could choose an easier route, which means you need to avoid some steep hills or uneven surfaces etc…

Besides, you can consider playing some games indoors, teach him or her some things new to keep the engagement high if the weather conditions were adversely out there. Sometimes swimming could be a very good choice to have if your dog is not that want to go for a walk someday. It is the truth that swimming could be a good exercise which could put much less pressure on a dog’s joints you know? But just ensure to choose a suitable pool or body of water which your dog could get out easily, they may not have a strong current, right?

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