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Dog Toothbrush Toy



1. Durable toothbrush for your dog to clean their teeth by themselves without you
2. Adorable chewing toy for your dog when they feel boring
3. Distract attention of your dog when you working at home
4. Remove dental calculus, keep dog’s oral health
5. Training dog’s IQ

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Applying toothpaste or attractant on the side of the newly designed tooth cleaning channel will have a better tooth cleaning effect. Dog snacks can be placed in the tooth cleaning aisle to attract dog to play.

Made of new and upgraded anti-bite material, it can resist the pet dog’s long time bite. However, for the health of pets, we recommend that you give your dog no more than 20-30 minutes a day.

The top of the molar column and the edge of the suction cup are designed to clean the front teeth of dog teeth, during the pet dog using this toy, pet dogs will use incisors to bite this section area. In this process, the dog’s incisors will be thoroughly cleaned. Daily protection of the dog’s incisors will make the dog’s incisors healthier.

Pet dogs often use this toy, which can alleviate their worries at home, improve IQ, and will not damaged the family’s home and clothes.

Customer Reviews

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My dog votes 5 stars

When I first got this I was not a fan because I could not get the suction to work great. My dog, however, loves it! I smeared a little peanut butter on it to get him interested a few days ago and he chews on it daily without any incentive now. Great toy for the price and it would be good for dogs of most sizes.

My dogs loved this!

I was amazed at how much my dogs love this. I bought 3 so they each have their own size and color. I spread a little dog toothpaste on them after brushing their teeth and give them as a reward. They can’t wait and line up to get their reward, then spend about an hour chewing and playing with them each night.

Dawn Snyder
Great for chewing puppies!

Does not suction to the floor but is used between the dogs paws. Great product! Quick shipping. Came as described.

New York made
Great dog fee that and toothbrush

This is a very durable sturdy dog teething toy. It actually brushes your animals teeth while they use it. You just insert the tooth past in the middle and they teeth on it and brush their teeth at the same time. Super convenient and easy to use. Great price and value. Very pleased and definately recommend

Kassidy G
My dog loves it!!

He figured out how to hold it and is now his favorite toy!