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Dog Toothbrush Toy

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  • Durable toothbrush for your dog to clean their teeth by themselves without you
  • Adorable chewing toy for your dog when they feel boring
  • Distract attention of your dog when you working at home
  • Remove dental calculus, keep dog’s oral health
  • Training dog’s IQ

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Full of fun and practicality

  • Nontoxic material : This dog ball toy made from natural durable rubber material, which is nontoxic, soft, resilient and bite resistant for your dogs grinding and cleaning their teeth.
  • For Amusement: A good toy ball can accompany dogs, diverts them from lonely when they are home alone.
  • Strengthen the link between you and your sweet dog: Your sweet dog will no longer feels lonely and the relationship between you and your pets will be closer with this interesting chew toy balls.
  • Benifit for tooth: Soft and unique surface relief, can effectively help clean their teeth and keep their gums healthy.
  • Improve Intelligence: the IQ of your dogs can be trained and improved while they bite this toy bowl.
Dog Toothbrush Chew Toys Dog Teeth Cleaning Stick
Dog Toothbrush Chew Toys Dog Teeth Cleaning Stick

How great this chew toy

  • The top of molar stick and the edge of suction cup is designed to clean the front teeth of the dog teeth,during the pet dog using this toy, pet dogs will use incisors to bite this section area.
  • Original design of molar teeth.There are 2 sizes,arranged in horizontal and vertical columns.According to the chewing habits of pet dogs,pet dogs will chew this product with molars.
  • The newly designed pet dog fangs [tooth molar aisle] has fully surpassed similar products.When pets bite the product, the sharp teeth will enter the [curved cleaning tank] in the molar channel,and the [sharp molars] arranged in parallel in the cleaning tank will clean the canine of the dog from top to bottom.

Dog Toothbrush Toy Benefits Pets With The Following Conditions:

  • TPR is safe and non-toxic, feel rest assured to let your pet play with this toy. The newly designed dog toothbrush can fully clean the pet dog’s oral dirt,deeply clean the pet dog’s teeth,and protect the pet dog’s oral health every day.
  • Pet dogs often use this toy,which can alleviate their worries at home,improve IQ,and will not damage the family’s home and clothes.

Product Specification

  • Size of product : 3.6*3.6*5 Inch
  • Color: Green
  • What you will get: A Toothbrush Chew Toy with Package

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No, But the dog toothbrush stick only fit for 20-50 lbs small and medium dogs, not for aggressive chewer. Please make the dog chew the dog toy no more than five minutes each time under your supervision.
That is recommend ,Use pet toothpaste with the dog toothbrush together can enhance teeth cleaning effective.
It is recommended to use it for 5-10 minutes after dog a meal every day. Please know about the dog chew toy made of natural rubber,so it will not as hard as the bone. Please make the dog under your supervision to chew it.
It should be suitable,The shape of this squeaky dog toy is like a rocket, the front end is thinner for the puppy to chew, and the middle and tail are suitable for the meddle dog . It is recommended that each use time should not more than 5 minutes,this dog toothbrush toy mainly for dog to keep dental cleaning.
That’s for sure, you can use it to train your dog outdoors as well as indoors, and it’s suitable for most nibbling training.
If your dog isn’t a aggressive chewer, you can also use this size dog toothbrush toy for your dog’s teeth cleaning.

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Customer Reviews

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denise reese
Puppy Love

My puppet loves this chewy. It’s one of the first these she get from her toy box.

mrs claire scott
Favourite toy

My golden retriever loves this toy

My friend‘s dog like it

This is a gift for my friend. My friend's dog like this toy a lot. It can keep his teeth clean. She put some toothpaste and dog food on it, and the dog play with it frequently and don't allow her to touch it. The material seemed very durable. So far so good.

My dog votes 5 stars

When I first got this I was not a fan because I could not get the suction to work great. My dog, however, loves it! I smeared a little peanut butter on it to get him interested a few days ago and he chews on it daily without any incentive now. Great toy for the price and it would be good for dogs of most sizes.

My dogs loved this!

I was amazed at how much my dogs love this. I bought 3 so they each have their own size and color. I spread a little dog toothpaste on them after brushing their teeth and give them as a reward. They can’t wait and line up to get their reward, then spend about an hour chewing and playing with them each night.