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Interactive Dog Bone Toys


Interactive Dog Bone Toys Automatic Moving Toy for Dogs Boredom:

The moving dog bone toy is made of durable TPU/PC (ASTM, CE and RoHS) which is safe for humans and pets.

All materials meet or exceed all applicable safety standards!

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Automatic Movements
The dog interactive toys for boredom bult-in programmed moving patterns creating different routes and unexpected movements.

Easy to Use & Energy Efficiency
The interactive dog entertainment bone goes into standby mode which helps save energy. A new pat of your pets will activate it right away.

Easy to Clean
Easy to remove, replace and clean the rubber covers of the smart dog bone toy. Use soft foamy water to wash every part of the dog self entertainment toy.

Bring More Fun To Your Puppy

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Hunter loooves it

Hunter wants to thank you for the toy. He never play with any other toy beside the hamster that move around. It is favorite. I just wish the toys keeps moving.

megan durkin

She loves it! I wish the wheels would stay on better cuz she just goes crazy and chews them off but she could play for hours with this toy


This was new 5 minutes ago. Holds up great to the yard AND the dogs! They can't "hold" it long before it starts spinning and the chase is back on...

Phoebe A
Good toy, not for teething puppy

Our puppy is teething and likes chewing on everything a lot. He only plays with this toy when its actually on for a few mins so that’s a plus. He tends to pick it up the center green piece and sometimes the wheel. This pic was taken 4 days after we gave it to him. I don’t know if it’s worth buying the spare parts to replace the area he chews on the most yet. I’ll see how it looks by next week.

Shelly C.
GREAT TOY! Pup Loves it and drives him nuts!

I love this toy since its not only a tough toy that my puppy can't rip apart, but it also is interactive so keeps him on his toes. He loves it. My only thing I wish they would change is where the usb is charged. It can be difficult taking on and off to get to it to recharge the toy. There is a cutout there but is not actually cut to get to it. Other than that, any fur baby would love this toy!