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Rubber Chew Toy for Dogs

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  • Fun Puppy Chew Toy-Our dog rope toys with handle loops are designed for you to play interactively with your dog for in/outdoor activities, such as tug of war,shaking, toss and fetch interaction games. When you’re busy, your dog can play with these colorful rope toys by themselves and won’t be alone.
  • The Perfect Dog Toy-Rubber Chew Toy for Dogs, Give your pup some love! Dog toys are great for birthdays, Christmas, any holiday gift set.

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Outdoor Solo Play and Hands-Free

The dog bungee tug toy is perfect for making your dog play and exercise in backyards, open spaces, and outdoors. The dog can tug, pull, and swing from the toy for hours, spending lots of energy. This Tug of War Dog Toy is perfect for relieving boredom in pets like the flirt pole. You won’t need to tear your arms up to relieve your aggressive dog anymore. Endless tugging on your arm and shoulder is so tiring, so get the Tether Tug Toy to take your place!

Loobani Bungee Tug Toy
Interactive Tether Tug Toy for Small to Large Dogs

Easy to Hang and Height Adjustable

This interactive tug toy for dogs is easy to hang and height adjustable, so it’s perfect for pets of all sizes. Just loop the strap through the ball rope toy and toss the bungee cord over a strong tree limb to hang it. You can also loop it around a tree trunk or wrap it around a wood beam under your deck. The total length is up to 19.7 feet, so you can adjust the height of the bite toy by using the buckle.

Durable Bungee Cord For Longer Use

Are you looking for a challenging and durable bungee cord for your dog? This tugging dog toy is made with an inner cord that is protected from breakage so that it can take some severe tugging. The outer covering limits the maximum stretch, so your dog can get a good workout. This toy is perfect for German Shepherds, Dobermans, or any other breed that loves to tug.

Product Specification

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9.13 x 5.91 x 1.93 inches; 1.2 Pounds


1*Durable Chew Rope Toy

1*Adjustable Bungee Cord(16-19.7ft)

1*Packaging Box(Instruction are printed on it)


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Pulling a tug toy from side to side, growling, and tugging can give your dog a sense of catching and fighting with a prey animal, which can better develop your pet’s agility, drive, and coordination and provide more mental stimulation to stave off boredom.
Some extra-large dogs (roughly 150 lbs) play with our toy without problems. While we can’t guarantee this doggie toy can withstand every dog’s play, we do stand by our product. If you buy the tug toy from our website and it breaks quickly, we’ll replace it or process the refund.
Many dogs naturally fall in love with some new toys added to their outdoor play space and will quickly comprehend how to play! But if your puppies are unsure at the beginning and might be hesitant to play. You can simply interact with the Loobani Tug Toy first and show them how it can move around if they are unsure how to begin the fun. Once they get a hold of the tug toy, let go and let the Loobani Pull Toy take over so they can know that the toy will tug back. So you need to begin the tug time for a while just to signal your dog that it’s no problem to play!
Regarding how long the games of tug-or-war should last, that’s totally up to your puppy. As long as your dogs have fun and it’s not much for them, you can make the game last as long as they like.
We always recommend dog plays with the tug toy under the supervision of pet owners. Loobani tugging dog toys are designed for very playful pulling, tugging, and spinning. Tuy toys are not just the chew toys your dog should be able to sit down and chew on until it’s destroyed. If your dog bites or grabs the pull toy but at the attached rope ball, immediately redirect your pup back to the toy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gean J
Great fun. Great value for $

Dog loves this; easy to put up, keeps pup occupied and was reasonable price. Additionally, just to say, it had nice packaging! I will get another so he has more than one to play with (keep him busy :)

Lyndsey Martin
Quality Dog Toy

Myself and my dog both loved this dog toy set!!! It is well-made and provides lot of fun for the backyard…highly recommend!

Excited to use this!

I’m so excited to use this dog toy. My two puppies have so much energy and are wrestling all the time and love being outside. They already are so excited about these tug toys and started playing with them. I took the long tether out of the box and it’s really quality and sturdy. The instructions are on the side of the box. And I like the fact that I can interchange the two rope toys that it comes with with any other toy I want also. Once I get it all hooked up I will update this review and take a video of my puppies playing with it! I already know I have a great tree branch to dangle this tether from…

Jeremy Klinebriel
Great material and functionality

I love This toy, my dog is happy with it, usually Nothing lasts for him but This is very Durable.
Its perfect cause he has a lot of energy when he plays!

Quality Spring Rope Toy - great for Tug of War Doggies

This Kelbuna Spring Rope Toy is definitely very well made. The Stainless Steel Spring, Rope, Clips, and Rope Bones are all high quality and durable. I have one dog who is a Tug of War maniac - this is the perfect toy / entertainment for him, he loves it!