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Dog Chew Suction Cup Tug of War Toy


Dog Chew Suction Cup Tug of War Toy Multifunction Interactive Pet Aggressive Chewers Rope:

The ideal design not only controls the dog’s food intake, but also improves the dog’s intelligence. Our chew toy can rub off the tartar and make your dog’s teeth healthier.

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Power-Grip suction cup is specially designed for medium and large dogs, and can withstand up to 100 lbs or even more pulling force. When you install the suction cup on a smooth surface, please completely squeeze the air out of the suction cup.

Military quality braided rope, dogs can not easily bite off the rope, so sturdy rope can satisfy the dog’s long tug-of-war game, strong rope makes strong dog’s teeth.

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Courtney Monnin
Nice toy. Great concept if your dog uses it correctly, unlike mine.

This is a super cute toy with a great concept. I'm not sure how long it will last. My 11 month Bernadoodle is a power chewers and destroys most toys. My dog loves balls and tug but I don't always want to play with him so I thought this was perfect. He hasn't really pulled on it yet so I can't really attest to the suction strength. Right now he's just trying to get the treats out. I like that the treats don't come out easily so he has to spend more time working. I don't love the bell. It's kind of annoying lol. I also wish the rope was longer. The suction cups didn't stick to my flooring so I had to use the included stickers. It worked so far but my dog isn't actually tugging. The one downside of the stickers is that I put them on my kitchen floor right by the threshold into the living room so my dog could stand in the carpet for traction and they seem kinda permanent. If I wanted to move them I'm not sure I could reuse the sticker pads again and I'm not sure I want the sticker pads always on my floor right there in the walkway 🤔 I should have thought more before slapping them down. Overall I think it's a good concept and I can see it being great for smaller dogs but the rope needs to be longer for larger dogs and the pads need to be reusable and able to move around. My dog is also just chewing on the rope to get the ball off and chewing on the suction cup. So maybe some training is needed to play with it properly?

WAH and your puppy doesn’t understand? This helps!

Really great toy for my puppy who loves to tug on belts, phone chargers, really anything hanging. The toy is easy to clean so sometimes I can add on some peanut butter on the outside or stick a treat within the openings. The openings are pretty sturdy so she really has to work to get them out which keeps her well entertained or I can throw in a bone and she has to fight to get it out. I would recommend for puppies who want to play during the day (especially now that I’m working from home).
Doesnt stick well to my wall as it is texture but it works well for an older dresser we have that can be seen within the pictures and I haven’t had to stick it back on since. Definitely recommended

Anna K. MacInnes
Works great if you follow the included directions

I researched multiple styles of this toy and decided to go with the double suction cup for our 5 month old American Staffordshire. We chose a permanent place to attach the two plastic pieces that you stick on a clean surface prior to placing the suction cups. I cleaned and dried the wood floor, then stuck the plastic down, which you can barely see in the pictures. I then cleaned the suction cups, but left some moisture to aid in the suction. Once attached, I stepped on each one for about 20 seconds. Voila!

The only thing I had a small issue with was the length of the cord. I wish it was longer.

Good toy for the pullers

Got this to help wear out our dog who has a lot of energy. So far so good. Overall construction is really good. Both the suction cups and the ball are a durable rubber that shows no sign of wear, even after some heavy chewing.

As long as your doggo doesn't chew on the bungies this toy will last. Our dog started to chew on the bungies but then we added some treats which focused him back on the ball and pulling on that. Without the treats in though he goes striaght to the suction cups and pulls them off by the tab. He sees this as his big accomplishment because he comes to show us afterward. Thus why we started putting it on the wall. Making the suction cups out of easy reach.

On tile floors it has really good suction though at times it comes off easy for him. They do include some stickers to help the cups stick to uneven surfaces but so far we haven't had to use them. Overall we like the toy. Our dog loves it.

LOVE, Love, love this toy!

This is the best toy I’ve gotten for my dog. At first he was nervous of it but as soon as he got used to it he couldn’t stop playing with it.

The suction cup is super strong and stays attached through all his tugging antics. And it’s easy to attack by pressing in it with your foot and easy to remove with the little tabs. I was shocked that it stuck to my stone floors because they’re not a shiny smooth surface.

I also like that the toy is multi functional. Once he’s played with it and gotten all the treats out I can unstick it and use it to throw for a game of fetch.

This is my dog’s new happy ball. If he’s not playing with it attached to the floor to get treats he’s carrying it around to chew on or asking for it to be thrown. Definitely the new