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Interactive Tug of War Dog Toy

74 Reviews


  • The stress-free way for your dog’s outdoor exercise
  • Bungee rope for solo pulling fun. Free up your hands
  • Easy to hang and adjust the height for different dogs
  • Indestructible bungee cord for aggressive dogs
  • Benefits to develop your pet’s agility, drive, coordination
  • No metal spring pole, keep your dog’s teeth safe
  • Sewn reflective tape for morning or night play

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Outdoor Solo Play and Hands-Free

The dog bungee tug toy is perfect for making your dog play and exercise in backyards, open spaces, and outdoors. The dog can tug, pull, and swing from the toy for hours, spending lots of energy. This Tug of War Dog Toy is perfect for relieving boredom in pets like the flirt pole. You won’t need to tear your arms up to relieve your aggressive dog anymore. Endless tugging on your arm and shoulder is so tiring, so get the Tether Tug Toy to take your place!

LOOBANI Dog Outdoor Bungee Hanging Toy 01
LOOBANI Dog Outdoor Bungee Hanging Toy 04

Easy to Hang and Height Adjustable

This interactive tug toy for dogs is easy to hang and height adjustable, so it’s perfect for pets of all sizes. Just loop the strap through the ball rope toy and toss the bungee cord over a strong tree limb to hang it. You can also loop it around a tree trunk or wrap it around a wood beam under your deck. The total length is up to 19.7 feet, so you can adjust the height of the bite toy by using the buckle.


1.Outdoor Exercise

2.Solo Play

3.Easy to Hang & Height Adjustable

4.Durable Bungee Cord

5.Security Guarantee

Easy to Install

1. Loop the strap through the ball rope toy.

2. Then you simply toss the bungee cord over the strong tree limb, loop it and pull it snug.

You can hang it from a tree branch or wrap it around a tree trunk, a second story deck beam.

The length of the bungee dog toy can be adjusted.

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Pulling a tug toy from side to side, growling, and tugging can give your dog a sense of catching and fighting with a prey animal, which can better develop your pet’s agility, drive, and coordination and provide more mental stimulation to stave off boredom. 
Some extra-large dogs (roughly 150 lbs) play with our toy without problems. While we can’t guarantee this doggie toy can withstand every dog’s play, we do stand by our product. If you buy the tug toy from our website and it breaks quickly, we’ll replace it or process the refund.
Many dogs naturally fall in love with some new toys added to their outdoor play space and will quickly comprehend how to play! But if your puppies are unsure at the beginning and might be hesitant to play. You can simply interact with the Loobani Tug Toy first and show them how it can move around if they are unsure how to begin the fun. Once they get a hold of the tug toy, let go and let the Loobani Pull Toy take over so they can know that the toy will tug back. So you need to begin the tug time for a while just to signal your dog that it’s no problem to play!
Regarding how long the games of tug-or-war should last, that’s totally up to your puppy. As long as your dogs have fun and it’s not much for them, you can make the game last as long as they like.
We always recommend dog plays with the tug toy under the supervision of pet owners. Loobani tugging dog toys are designed for very playful pulling, tugging, and spinning. Tuy toys are not just the chew toys your dog should be able to sit down and chew on until it’s destroyed. If your dog bites or grabs the pull toy but at the attached rope ball, immediately redirect your pup back to the toy.
The strap to attach the toy is a loop, not metal (like a Spring Pole), to keep your dog’s teeth safe. We all love pets. So please pay attention: 1. Be careful what tree you put it in to ensure its branch can handle your doggies pulling on it.  2. The dog tug toy is NOT a chew toy and should be used with supervision

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Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Asia Roe

Great for large dogs. I’ve had this for 6 months and it’s holding up to my dogs that are aggressive chewers. Surprised with how durable it is. 1st toy my dogs haven’t destroyed within a few hours. They love it too!

Great item. Horrible directions.

Great item for lonely dog. Seems Very well designed & sturdy. However instructions are vague & not intuitive. When it says "just loop..." it means "attach toy by threading handle of bungee strap through loop on toy & thread entire strap through the handle to secure; wrap around tree; thread toy through handle at opposite end of strap & pull tight." It makes you wonder why such a nice toy can't be bothered to hire a professional packaging company to provide directions. It's like telling someone whose never heard of a stove to "just cook".

Rino Sanu
Money well spent

Have a 1 1/2 year old pitbull plays with it daily. Hang it so they have to jump to get it otherwise they will chew it up!

Astria Contee
High Quality

Easy to put up and great quality, but I can't say if it holds up; my dog never uses it. He used with me a few times and that was it. So, now it hangs in my tree unused. I am sure it depends on your dog.

Liz Sierk
Dogs love it

We have a boxer and bullboxer, both are very acid tug of war players and play rough and chew rougher. This is a great product, and it has withstood a lot of wear and tear. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that the install is tough. Once it is installed though it's totally worth it.