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Slow Feeder Pet Bowl

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  • Dog Puzzle Toys 
  • Adjustable Dimension

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IQ Treat Boredom Interactive Slow Feeder

High-quality food-grade plastic material, BPA-free, safe, healthy and environmental protection, perfect care of your loved pet, Safe assured.

The Great Slow Feeding Solution for The Kids

Slow Feeder Pet Bowl (3)
Slow Feeder Pet Bowl (5)

This puzzle feeder is very simple to assemble and use.

Fill in some cups of your pet’s favorite food or snacks to the wheel, adjust the height to fit your pet’s size and then, free to play

You can either just watch them learn to turn the wheel by paw or nose to solve the “Quiz” or turn the wheel for them a few times to let them know how it works. All up to you.

The Interactive Food Puzzle feeder limit the amount of food your pet can get with every bite, which will help modify the eating behavior of your pets which can have big effect to their healthy.

Pets' Slow Feeder Concept is Advocated by Experts and Veterinarians.

The dog has to work it a little bit with his snout which will cause the toy to spin.
You should turn the wheel for them a few times to let them know how it works at the begining.

Product Specification

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.8 x 9 x 13 inches; 2.36 Pounds

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We have a 30 lb dog that is food addicted. Her food is small and have never had the problem you seem concerned about. We usually fill thru the holes because it is very inconvenient to remove cylinder, fill and put back on.
This product fully complies with EN71 standard, BPA content is less than 0.04mg / L, I’m sure it is safe for pets. other toys intended to be placed in mouth is applicable to be this tested Please be assured purchase.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to put plastic products at high temp for long time. Maybe below 140F is safe, but why not just clean it by cold water?
Mine have big paws too, but mine never figured out how to use it. Only a couple treats fell out at a time when I tried to show them.
No, it is an electronic device.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Good quality and design.

Good quality, my dogs love to play in order to get the treats.

An advanced slow eating bowl

My dog likes it a lot, everytime the treat comes through she turns excited. The packaging was perfect, the accessories came with 3 units while it only took two to assemble, the rest works as a very good backup.

Catherine Bogues
Keeps my intelligent cat interested

This treat toy is really sturdy and put together easily. My cat is too smart for his own good and this keeps him interested until all the treats are out. I showed him twice how to get the treats out and he was playing with it immediately. He really spins the canister and I love how the treat falls into the tracks at the bottom and he then has to move them to the outside to get the treat. Great product.

My dog loves it

My little Dachshund can’t reach it with his feet so he turns it with his nose. I can put his normal dog bowl right beside it with same food in it and he will empty this thing. He just loves it, I just wish he could reach it better but it is what it is.

vicky lewis
A must-have for food driven smart cats

My too smart calico cat loves this thing. Once I showed her how to turn the wheel to get the snacks out she was able to easily spin the wheel. After the snack falls she works it out of the maze below and eats it. It keeps her busy for a while, at least until all the snacks are gone. I would recommend this for any smart cat that can't always wants more food.