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LOOBANI New Dogs Puzzle Feeder Toys


LOOBANI New Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys For Puppy:

Dishwasher Safe, Easy To Clean, Plastic tumbler is rugged, durable and it is very easy to maintain and clean. just rinse with warm water and soap the tumber;

3 Height Options, The base is adjustable in height.making it fit for small to large breed dogs;

Heavy-Duty Wood Base, The tumber connected to a heavy-duty base that won’t tip over as your dog tries to access the treats;

New Dogs Puzzle Feeder Toys;

A New Upgrade- More Complicated And Fun, Make The Challenge More Engrossing And Exciting !!! Why we design loobani puzzle feeder toy? when you trace the ancestors of dogs, you will find that they spend most of their time on predation. Now, you llike all kinds of busy arrangements every day, envious of your dog sleeping all day.

The Dog Puzzle Games And Toys Are Designed To Fulfill Those Needs: Keep The Dog Busy While You Are At Work, IQ Training To Reduce Senior Dog’s Risk Of Mental Decline, Provide Fun, Challenge And Intellectual Development, Slow Feeder To Reduce The Risk Of Bloat, Avoids Vomiting;

1.align the whole of the two wooden board, and then fix them with screws. After installing the base, put the non-slip stickers on the four corners of the base

2.tighten the two screws on the side first, then tighten the screws on the bottom.

3.screw on the two covers of the plastic roller. the roller can also be used alone as a slow feeder.

4.pass the wooden tube through the plastic roller, use the tube to align the hole position, and the tighten with black screws.

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Customer Reviews

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Gabe Bages
Good concept

great puzzle toy

Does not stand up to the test of a beagle!

This is a great concept! It worked great for a few weeks until one unfortunate afternoon when my dog sitter didn't keep the best eye on my beagle butt. She decided to eat one of the containers. Chewed beyond repair and no way to buy individual pieces to replace what was destroyed. If your dog isn't a chewer, then this will be perfect for them!

The best dog puzzle ever!

This is the best puzzle my puppy has ever had! It took her half an hour to figure it out the first time. The video is the fourth time she’s used it. It keeps her attention for a long time. Great for her after quarantine anxiety! It’s very sturdy and I’m sure will hold up a long time. My only problem was that when she was trying to figure it out she chewed on the lids for the bottles. I wish I could buy replacement lids.

Anne Campbell
Entertainment and teamwork!

We bought this to help our 2 keeshonds slow down their eating. It works, but not quite how originally intended. 1 boy does all the work getting the kibble out while the other boy hovers around to eat up the kinble as it comes out. Easy to assemble, easy to clean, fairly sturdy, but my boys arent big chewers anymore. Would not withstand heavy chewing. Very pleased with speed of delivery to very rural Maine.

Tiffany Bertoni
Helps my fast eater not gag

My dog is a very fast eater, so I'm always looking for puzzles to slow her down at meals. This and the kibble nibble are my two favorites. I did have to work with her for the first few feedings to teach her how. I tried letting her figure it out on her own, but she just chewed and popped one of the lids off. I had to start telling her no when she put her mouth on the lids and actually picked her paw up to show her what do do. After the first couple of times she got the hang of it and does it all on her own now and it probably takes her about 10-15 minutes to eat a full meal.

I do wish the rod holding the containers was made to be easily detached so I could take them out to clean them every once in a while, but so far it hasn't gotten too dirty for that to be much of an issue. I also wish the bottom could be sectioned to a hard floor, as my girl moves hers around a bit in excitement to get the food. But overall I still love this and would recommend it as a puzzle/slow feeder.