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LOOBANI New Dogs Puzzle Feeder Toys

74 Reviews


  • Develop Intelligence
  • Manage Fast Eating
  • Keep Dog Engaged
  • Avoide Destructive Behavior

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Nonslip Base & Adjustable Heigh

The heavy base of this intelligent toy is designed as H shape so this interactive feeder will not be knocked over. The educational dog toy has 3 height to adjust to fit both small and large breeds. And the canister is large enough for your dog whose day eating. The dog activity toys can be played indoor or take it to play outside when go on a trip, camping…

LOOBANI New Dogs Puzzle Feeder Toys 02
LOOBANI New Dogs Puzzle Feeder Toys 03

Slow Feeder

The  anti-gulp and dog slower feeder toy is a great way to manage fast eating, ensure your pet takes time to digest their food and doesn’t suffer stomach pains of discomfort after eating. Spinning tubes to control the dog’s eating speed get kibble from the leakage holes. The treat dispensing toy for dogs can force her to slow down, which may also help prophylaxis your dog from suffering from GDV/Bloat.

Dog Puzzle Feeder Toy Conditions

  • Keep the doy busy while you are work;
  • IQ training to reduce senior dog risk of metal decline;
  • Slow feeder to reduce the risk of bloat , avoids vomiting;


Dimensions (approximate) : 13.8″x11.8″x15.7″

Adjustable: 3 different high for adjusting

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This entertaining dog toy interactive puzzle offers a solid brain game for pets. It is no wonder that a challenging game for furry babies can make them healthy and active. Your dog will get engaged by rolling this toy until it gets its reward. This product encourages and trains your pet to seek food by sliding the roller and enables them to learn sequential steps and have more fun.
When teaching a new food puzzle toy for the first time, don’t forget to make it very easy for your dog. When your dog is new to this food toy, you can help them to speed up the food dispenser to let them get the hang of playing with it, which will help them become accustomed to it faster. In addition, apply some tasty treats to help the new toy attract your dog’s attention and reward your furry kid well for the first few times they play with it.
You can adjust the complexity setting by putting the cover parts in the bottle to slow the dispenser speed. It takes longer for your dog to get all the food out of bottles. If needed, you can get compatible with Loobani Snuffle Mat to make eating more challenging and provide more mental stimulation.
Though every dog has different needs for mental stimulation, Loobani recommends that your puppy play at least 15-30 minutes a day with puzzle toys.
Because dogs generally play with toys by mouth, regularly cleaning and disinfecting them is essential. The plastic tumbler is durable, easy to maintain, and clean. Each part can be quickly taken apart and cleaned. Firstly, simply remove all treats and hand wash the toys in a sink or tub with warm water and antibacterial dish soap. Don’t forget to rinse with clean water at last entirely. Remember to dry them before re-install the toys.
The dog feeder toy has three height levels to adjust. The height-adjustable setting can fit dogs of any size, whether puppies, small dogs, or large dogs. It provides your dog with a comfortable experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
P Labby
Must have for a Lab!

Terrific products!! My pup 🐶 loves them and it helps to slow her down at food time. After a few sniffs, she was two paw chopping for some treats! Thank you!!

Dog loves it, but chewed caps

My dog is obsessed with this toy. We usually fill it with cheerios and they come out pretty easily.
The down side is that the tubes can’t come off to clean, and my dog has chewed the caps and finally got them off which is a choking hazard.

AnnJanel Allen
Great feeder keeps my dog busy and entertained.

This is a great product.

on to 2022
Very entertaining for humans too!

The first day one of my 64# mutts couldn't get it. He kept coming to me to spin the bottles for the treats. I moved his paw to spin them several times in a few different sessions, but mostly frustrated me! The next morning, he got it! It was so funny to watch him spin those things! Everytime it comes back at him and bumps him in the head (gently) it is hysterical. He absolutely loves it! It will keep him busy for hours. I used Milk Bone Trail mix and it worked really well. He works so hard for the treats, he is huffing like he went on a walk. The other mutt is a little shy, and hasn't tried it yet as it is being monopolized, but she is smarter and will enjoy it too! It will give the humans here hours of entertainment as well!

Michael Kralovic
This is a great puzzle for my border collie pup.

The puzzle is fantastic. I use it in conjunction with multiple puzzles at different feeding times. The adjustable bar makes it the perfect height for my 9w pup and it will move up as he grows into adulthood. It’s a little pricey compared to some other puzzles out there.