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Smart Pet Feeder Timed Rechargeable


4L Automatic Feeder Smart Pet Feeder Rechargeable Electric Dry Food Container Timed, this automatic feeder is a timed dog cat food dispenser, the best smart pet feeder for your lovely dogs and cats.

Optional Color: Black, White
Main Material: ABS + PP
Capacity: 4L
Battery: 3 * D Batteries (not included)
Size: 32*28*24cm
Weight: 1850g

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【Flexible Timed Pet Feeder】No more pre-dawn wake-up calls, or worry when you are overtime at night! Easy to program this automatic feeder to dispense food at the right time, 1-6 meals per day and up to 15 portions per meal customized healthy diet for your cat and dog.
【Suitable Capacity Dry Food Container】This 4L automatic pet food dispenser consistently provides food for your cat and dog smoothly for a couple of days, assuring you that it will stay full and happy when you’re out for a short vacation or work long hours.
【Fully Automatic Timing and Quantification】You only need to be set once, the whole point feeding time can be set arbitrarily.
【Healthy and Environmental】The feeder is mainly made of ABS and PP materials, green and environmental without pollution.
【Easy to Use & Maintain】Cat food dispenser built-in LCD screen allows for quick setup; food tank and tray are removable for cleaning.

Package Information:

Package Size: 34*29*25cm
Package Weight: 2080g

Customer Reviews

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Eddu Villa Espi
Muy útil

Imagina que eres foráneo y tienes que salir de viaje, puede ser un dolor de cabeza encargar la alimentación de tus mascotas o bien simplemente eres una persona que le gusta ahorrar tiempo y preocuparte por lo que realmente es importante.
Ambos son mi caso, en vez de gastar tiempo en este tipo de cosas o romperme la cabeza pensando quién le dará de comer a mis mascotas en mi ausencia prefiero automatizar todo.
Respecto al precio lo considero muy barato ya que he visto estos productos en tiendas de mascotas con precio exorbitantes respecto al material lo considero aceptable, en dado caso que me de fallas añadiré comentario, hasta el momento funciona como debe y me parece una buena compra.

Love this feeder!

I have had this product for 4.5 years and just purchased a larger hopper attachment for it so I thought it was time for a review! I read so many bad reviews for feeders and knew almost immediately I didn't want something that was battery operated, but there were so few electrical options when I was first searching. I debated heavy about the cost as I was a brand new home owner and a brand new cat owner. But it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made.

At the time, I only had 1 cat. I am an early riser during the week, but hate the thought of a 5am wake up call on a Saturday morning. I am almost never home at 8am no matter what day of the week, so this to me was a perfect time to set a breakfast timer for. It worked! She has never woken me up at crazy hours on the weekends and stays in bed when I get up at crazy hours during the week, because she knows there is nothing in it for her.

SL - Avon Lake
Love this feeder, now going on 7 years old. New TP Link Timer makes it better!

We have had this feeder since 2012. Never ever had a problem with it. Setup up was not hard, nor super easy the first time, I would say 5 out of 10 with 1 being easy. It has never failed us, I think though the timer has finally gone bad, looking to replace that, again feeder still going strong! Update: I have hooked the feeder up to a TP Link plug that works with Alexa and set timers for feeding, also can run on demand. Working great!

Great Feeder! However its not a super simple feeder, you have to use your brain a little.

Ive had 2 of these feeders for 8 years. I did have to buy a replacement part here and there (ie. the clear cube part cause my cats love to tear stuff up) but they are still working great. Its a mechanical feeder that you can connect to a timer so you dont have to worry about an interface failing on these new "smartish" interfaces.

- The timer is basic... you can get better timer .. and you should.
- The food adjusting screw is very sensitive, you will have to play with it a little to get the exact amount you want.
- Yes the wheel gets grimme after a few years... but hey... its been great for years.... get off you lazy butt and clean it with a toothbrush.
- My cats are very smart ( like raccoons) and shake the device for more food and almost broke the hopper off. I had to build cases for them so they would stop messing with them. I would skip the hopper. I just bought extra clear plastic cubes and stack them.. and it lasts well over a week.
- works best with cuboidal shaped food.

Great product and customer service

I bought this so I could sleep in on weekends. I have it set to feed my cat every Saturday and Sunday morning, and it does that week after week, which is wonderful. It takes a little while to set up, but this is because it is so customizable. You adjust the chute to the size of the food, and adjust the amount of time the chute stays open to control portion size. Likewise, the timer is complicated, but this is because it offers so many options and is so customizable.

Besides the general usefulness of the product, what motivated me to write this review is the amazing customer service. The product has begun malfunctioning, after over 5 years of success, and the man who designed it has been on the phone with me troubleshooting and having me test out different things. He offered that I could mail it back to him for repair, for just the cost of parts + shipping, or I could buy a new motor. He even went to the post office on a Saturday to mail it to me, in hopes of it arriving before my upcoming trip. I was already very happy with the product, but now I am a devotee.