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6L Pet Feeder Food Dispenser


Automatic Pet Feeder 6L Dry Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs:

Instead of preparing your pet’s food several times a day, you can do it just once a day, program the meals, and let this automatic feeding machine take care of the rest. The result: more time to bond with your pets! This feeder even has built-in infrared detection that ensures that food won’t ever be stuck in the compartment.

Material: Plastic
Capacity: 6L
Tray: Removable, Washable Food Tray
Food tray dimensions: 7 x 6.2 x 1.5 inches
Dual Power: Power Adaptor & Battery
Feeding Type: Manual & Automatic

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Don’t ya see? Almost Empty. Fix Dis! Our compact and durable automatic pet feeder comes with a large food compartment that can store up to 6L of dry food. Built with a big, transparent viewing window that instantly shows fur parents like you the amount of food remaining, so you’ll always know when it’s time to replenish!

Me Like When It Turns. Perfectly portioned meals for your pets every time! The feeding carousel on this smart pet feeder turns and dispenses the right portions for your fur babies every meal time. It’s the key to well-fed pets.

’m Unique, And So Iz My Snack Size. Our hassle-free dog and cat feeder can be programmed to serve up to 4 evenly portioned meals a day, and you can choose between 1 – 39 portions of 10 grams each. Being able to customize meal times and sizes allows you to feed your furry friends according to requirements such as their weight and age, day in and day out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Kathy B.
Nice helps regulate picky eater

Batteries r a must because if you move or lose power your settings r lost. V nice to have though. We may get for the dogs.

Sara Villalobos
Charlie and I love this!

I usually don’t write reviews, but I had to this time! Due to my crazy schedule it was hard to set a feeding schedule for my fluffy baby. This has been a game changer! He gets food at the times needed and I have my mind in peace no matter where I am!!

Pavel Vorobiev
Funcional y bonito

La construcción es simple, minimalista y funcional. Funciona por gravedad, todo embona bien, el plástico es delgado, pero se siente resistente y se ve muy limpio y de calidad.

Best Automatic Feeder!

This automatic feeder is very easy to program and set up. I love that it plugs in so you don't have to use batteries unless you're going to be away for a long period of time. You can program up to 4 meals per day. I give my cat five meals per day (one wet meal + 4 dry meals). I give him the smallest amount of food per meal (1), so he gets smaller meals spread out more throughout the day. He really enjoys that. The on/off feature for each meal makes it easy to turn off a meal at a specific time. My cat tends to throw up once a week. When he does, I can easily go in and turn the next meal off and give him a manual meal when he's feeling better to make up for it. I also love the voice recording feature. The downside is that it repeats it twice. I originally recorded the full 10 seconds and it got too annoying hearing it 4x a day. I re-recorded it in 3 seconds and it's perfect now. It repeats it 3x but it's better than 20 seconds.

Douglas Clark
The best pet feeder yet.

I have purchased several different auto feeders for my cat in the past. The last 2 ended up at the thrift store. One was too flimsy and hard to program. The other was not flimsy but the food dish was way too close to the bowl so the cat had to paw the food to get it in front of her face.
This one is very sturdy, easy to program and bowl has a good clearance from the feeder so cat has room to feed. So far it is working as programed.
I also like that if I want, I can just save the batteries and plug it in via provided USB charger and cable. Or guess I could put in rechargeable batteries and charge them