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6L Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Pet Feeder


6L Automatic Cat Feeder Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Pet Feeder

  • Capacity: 6L
  • Food size:within 5-15mm
  • Auto feeder meals:15 meals
  • Material: ABS
  • Feeding Type: Manual & Automatic
  • Voice message limit:10s
  • Food type:Dry food only
  • Product Dimension: 7.6 x 14 x 14.2 inches
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SMARTPHONE PROGRAMMING: Control your pet’s meal time from anywhere using your smartphone; Program up to 15 meals to feed on your pet’s schedule; 1-50 portions per meals, about 5g per portions,the Feed Now option allows you to feed your cat or dog outside of normal feeding times,Help control body weight and establish good eating habits which will allow them to live a long and healthy life with you.

RECORD A CUSTOM MESSAGE FOR YOUR PET: Keep your pet excited about meal times! Press and hold the record button to begin recording a voice message to be played as each feeding dispenses. Otherwise,everytime you’re away from home while you want to comfort your pet and let him know you’re with him,you can set a timing feeding closest the present time and when food dipensed,he can hear your voice recording and dosen’t feel lonely.(e.g. Here, Fido! Come and eat, boy! Good doggy.)

LOW FOOD SENSOR: The feeder automatically notifies you when food levels are low; you’ll also receive an alert if the hopper becomes empty;BATTERY BACKUP:The pet feeder is wall powered and/or battery powered. In case of a power outage, the feeder will continue to function on 3 D-size batteries to assure your pet gets fed (batteries not included).

OPERATING TIPS – Suitable for dry food only, with the food pellet size within 5-15mm, up to 15 meals a day. Download the Pet Zero iOS/Android app for free. Compatible with iOS 9.0 or or later or a compatible Android smartphone 4.4 or later. IMPORTANT – Your home WiFi network needs to be a 2.4GHz frequency in order for the pet feeder to work. The main food storage compartment can hold up to 6L of dry food and is removable for easy cleaning and refilling.

Customizable Feeder Great for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals of Various Sizes.Several users can use with the same account of the pet feeder, you can sharing your favorite moment with your family and friends. pet feeder meet all you want. Personalised feeding plan for your pets, totally be controlled by your smart phone which made you can feed your pets anytime. Provide a interesting living for your pet with our pet feeder!

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Customer Reviews

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Started great, ended faulty (not recommended)

I got this in 2020 and all seemed great. However, it continuously started to over feed - not a little. It would dispense almost the entire bucket leading to my cats overeating and ultimately getting sick. Wouldn’t recommend :(

Paul dalton
Great value for the price.

This has been pretty great. Make sure you have 5 GHZ WiFi available for it though. We live with poor WiFi connectivity and I was concerned about that being an issue. After the initial set up though it still keeps track of your feeding schedule. I highly recommend getting this to control your cats feeding schedule and if you need to leave for the weekend or something!

Sandra Szalkiewicz
Great product but not so much on Amazon's part.

I love the feeder. Easy set-up. Amazon however, sent me a used one that was not even in a box, food still in it, and missing parts. I ended up returning it and ordering a new one. Don't understand how they could send this to someone.

Top Ben

Absolutely changed our lives!!

Our little cat is an absolutely wonderful snuggly amazing companion — until 2am, when he wants breakfast.

We have battled with the cat for the last TWO YEARS trying all the training methods in the book to convince the cat that 2am is not an appropriate time for breakfast. He is absolutely relentless, with extremely loud purring, licking our faces, YANKING on hair… When we tried just shutting him out of our room, he started pushing dishes off of our open kitchen shelving (we lost a stack of 4 bowls all at once, plus some glasses over time). When we tried shutting him in a crate until a normal breakfast time, he broke out of the plastic crate, ripped the zipper off of the soft-sided crate, and figured out how to un-latch the metal dog cage with his paws. When we tried free-feeding him, he gained almost 3 pounds in just a few months.

After two years of this I was absolutely desperate to get to actually sleep through the night, and spent HOURS researching the best cat feeder that could thwart a food-motivated beast.

It is true, if they jiggle the container a few kibbles might fall out, but only the few closest to the opening, and after a few fall out that’s it.

We ended up just putting a heavy barstool with low horizontal bars over the feeder so the cat can’t move the feeder more than a few inches in any direction.

Last night we used this feeder for the first time, and WOW. Completely amazing to not be woken up by the cat at 2am. If the cat is that desperate for breakfast at 2am, FINE. He can have breakfast at 2am, but we don’t have to wake up to give it to him.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?


Great Upgrade From Older Model!

This is a great upgrade from Wopet! I have two of the older models (not WiFi enabled) that have been awesome for my adult cats, so when we got a new kitten, I did not hesitate to pick up this newer model.

It is a lot easier configuring the feeding times with the app rather than using the buttons on the old model. It took a few tries to get the app to pair with the device (had to use their alternate method), but it eventually was able to sync. I love how small you can make the portions as well, because I like to recreate the feeling of free eating for my cats by setting up 5-6 very small meals per day. The portions aren’t the exact same each time, but they are close enough.

My only feedback for Wopet: give the bottom of these more grip! Or include attachable suction cups. My cat with the biggest appetite has learned to drag the feeder until the cord gets taut & it falls over, spilling kibble. Probably wouldn’t be a problem for everyone but would’ve helped us!