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Pet Feeder with Smart WiFi App Control


Automatic Pet Feeder 3.8L Feeder with Smart WiFi App Portion Control:

When you are traveling, busy with work, can’t get home, and have no time to take care of your pets, an automatic cat feeder can help you customize pet meals remotely. You can customize meals at regular intervals.

Android smartphone 5.0+ , iPhone with iOS 9.0+
Wi-Fi router 2.4 GHz ( 802.11b/g/n ) only
Feeder Capacity: 3.8L ( 24 cups )

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Single Handed Dietary Control
After connecting to the osaio App, you will control the feeding times and quantities of your pets meals, customizing their meal plan. The osiao app gives you real time confirmation of all feedings, allowing you to pay close attention to your pet’s dietary habits in real time so they can grow healthy and strong.

Precise +Scientific Feeding: Up 10 meals/day, 20 servings/meal, 0.4 ounces/serving. 3.8L capacity can meet the dietary needs of cats or small dogs for 20-30 days. Allows you to feed your pets outside of normal feeding times.

Low Food Alert
This automatic feeder will send push notifications through the osaio App when your food level drops below the infrared detection line, instantly reminding you to add to the feeder.

Clog-Free Design: Dispenses food at a 40° angle for smooth and clog-free feeding. The newly designed clog-free double-layer soft-silicon stirring tablets ensures a clog-free experience. (Kibble must be 2-20mm in diameter.)
Slow Feeding: Slow feed setting dispenses meals larger than 1/8 a cup in several small servings over 15 minutes. Help control body weight and establish good eating habits which will help them to live a long and healthy life with you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Izaura Garrison
Incredibly easy to setup, very clean and minimal.

First off, the box this thing comes in gets “repurposed” as a little cat house with a door and window (instructions included). Next, the assembly and setup (with app) only takes a couple of minutes, and I hit no snags on the way. Still trying to figure out what schedule I’ll have our cats on, since we normally just leave food out - but will just manually “feed” portions for now. I was really surprised and impressed by this feeder.

Really nice

Really nice feeder. Portion size is okay, I would say better for smaller or medium size dogs.

M. Joy Magnus
Easy to clean and DRY!

I was very worried about ordering this set because of other reviews BUT...Love this cat feeder and waterer. A little disheartened now because I see that they are 20% off. I didn't get that discount. Regardless, I do love the set and so do the cats. They were immediately drawn to them. The feeder I pictured (please excuse my ugly thumb) because I love that it is slanted toward the opening at the bottom. (and I love that the top has cat ear design) The cats were always asking us to shake down their food from the old feeder and we were hoping this one would be a better design and... IT IS. Streamlined style is pleasing. The waterer is easy to fill from the filtered fridge water! and has a floating ball design inside to hold the water inside even when upside down so you can fill it the jug without moving the whole dispenser to the countertop or sink without spilling. The base has a small dowel that the ball inside the jug rests on and pushes up the ball so the water is release only when the jug is seated properly on the base. So far I think both are very well designed and will serve our family well for a long time.

Changed My Life as a CatMom

This product is so awesome. First, my babies get fed on time every time with a schedule. I can now sleep in longer and do less work. Love it. Secondly, my babies love the recording of my voice at feeding time. Once they hear me calling them they somersault across the room to go get their food. They are very happy. Overall, everyone is happy.
As for the portion size: I had to play with it a little like some reviews mentioned but with all the benefits honestly, I don’t care. Haha. Also my lock feature doesn’t work. Again- don’t care because I’m so happy. Also, I tested the timer for the food and it has never failed to feed them, so I feel very confident they will always be fed.

Excellent Pet Feeder Should Have Got One Ages Ago!

After forgetting to top up my cats' dry food. I decided it was time for a little help. A little help as in a cat feeder, I looked at a few and chose the Kalado Automatic Cat Feeder Remotely Controlled 2.4G Wi-Fi. I like the fact it is remotely controlled, I can set times for the food to drop, so I will never forget to fill their bowl. I usually don't but it gets pretty low and the bowl I was using was rather deep, so they didn't like the whiskers being smushed lol. This looked like it would be perfect for both of them. And to be able to set up to 10 meals a day is fantastic, I can spread out the amount I would usually put, so I can control how much they eat and help them maintain their weight, although the girls can use a little weight loss, I hope this is going to help. And to boot, it also has an infrared low-food alert, wow!! I didn't know about that.

Assembly was easy, I had to sign up through the app, had that setup, and everything is working, tested it a few times, and works great. I thought I would try using batteries to see how well it runs, well I think my batteries although new, are not strong enough, I don't know. It kept losing connection to the Wi-Fi but I am blaming the batteries. So I needed to buy new batteries, the feeder runs with three D batteries, and I decided not to take a chance at the batteries draining and not realizing it. Testing with it plugged in works out great, the girls stared at the feeder wondering why it is making that noise. They will get used to it, as they did with their water fountain. I tested it for about a week, it was great, I had to adjust how much was being dropped, so it was easy to get a schedule going. I am curious where I could buy more of the gel packs that fit this feeder? I hope that doesn't become an issue.

After watching the feeder for about a week as mentioned. I noticed that when the bowl began to get a bit full, the food would pile up toward the top back and start to make a mess (see photo), so now I make sure it is not absolutely full to avoid the mess. The girls instantly accepted the feeder and they are no longer startled by the sound. This is indeed the best decision I made. I would recommend keeping an eye on the freshness of the food in the container and replacing the gel pack when necessary, hence why I am curious about where to find more of the gel packs that will fit this feeder. Overall, we all love it. The price for this at the time of this posting is $99.99. I hope this review has helped you, if it has let me know by selecting the Helpful button.