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Pet Food Feeder Water Feeder Set


In order to keep your pet healthy, it is recommended that you wash the dishes frequently, change food/water, and feed the dog on a regular basis.

Detachable design, easy to clean.
Small size optimization structure, save space.
Environment-friendly PP resin material is safe and odorless.
Scope of application: cats, kittens, puppies, medium-sized dogs.
Food is fresher, pets are healthier, short trips, outings, business trips are more assured.

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Automatic feeder color: White

Material: environmental PP resin

Capacity: 1 gallon capacity

Scope of application: cats, kittens, puppies, medium-sized dogs, small animals;

Dog water dispenser:
Fully detachable design, easy to clean. Detachable storage barrel, internal structure can be removed, one by one cleaning. The top cover of the feeder is safe for the health of pets, and the supply is convenient — environment-friendly PP resin material is safe and odorless;

Opt design:
Keep dry pet food out of the light and out of direct sunlight. Food is fresher, pets are healthier, food channels are not blocked, delicious food is not late, short trips, outings, business trips are more assured

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Customer Reviews

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Maria Porter
Perfect size and good quality product

Easy to clean and set up. Perfect size for two adult cats. Looks great, except my cat is an as@$&$. As soon as I put the water out, he started playing with it. Definitely recommend it.

Easy to clean and DRY!

I was very worried about ordering this set because of other reviews BUT...Love this cat feeder and waterer. A little disheartened now because I see that they are 20% off. I didn't get that discount. Regardless, I do love the set and so do the cats. They were immediately drawn to them. The feeder I pictured (please excuse my ugly thumb) because I love that it is slanted toward the opening at the bottom. (and I love that the top has cat ear design) The cats were always asking us to shake down their food from the old feeder and we were hoping this one would be a better design and... IT IS. Streamlined style is pleasing. The waterer is easy to fill from the filtered fridge water! and has a floating ball design inside to hold the water inside even when upside down so you can fill it the jug without moving the whole dispenser to the countertop or sink without spilling. The base has a small dowel that the ball inside the jug rests on and pushes up the ball so the water is release only when the jug is seated properly on the base. So far I think both are very well designed and will serve our family well for a long time.

Skip the cheaper version, get the more expensive ones

Initially, I got the cheaper waterer & feeder from this company & hugely dissapointed about the made & quality. Look nothing as pretty & high quality as picture. Plastic is not clean. Not sturdy. Logo is taped in and 1 in reversed. Overall bad production.

So I returned it. And the company reached out to me and offer me to try their updated design. And I am telling you, they are worth every penny. The build is a huge step up, plastic is sturdy, high quality & the design is super cute. Perfect for my cats.

I appreciate a follow up from customer service team.

So the expensive version 5 stars, the cheaper one 1 star. Get the more expensive one instead

Pavel Vorobiev
Funcional y bonito

La construcción es simple, minimalista y funcional. Funciona por gravedad, todo embona bien, el plástico es delgado, pero se siente resistente y se ve muy limpio y de calidad.

Top Ben
very easy to clean

I like it 👌