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Dog Snuffle Mat Food Feeding Mat


Dog Snuffle Mat Pet Food Feeding Mat with 8 Carrots Plush Treat Puzzle Toys:

Treats Lock in Place
Unlike the usual snuffle mat, your pupper cannot flip over our food mat and get all the treats right away. Our carrot squeaky toys functions as stoppers to prevent the spillover.


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5X Longer Sniffing Time
Your pet needs to unlock 8 separate carrots stoppers one by one, which takes 5X long time than normal mat. It can be used as a slow feeder mat as well!

8 Carrot Squeaky Toys
Hide treats in these 8 small carrot squeaky toys to extend longer play time. Excellent gift for a family with new born puppers.

A Puzzle Toy for Smart Dog
Stimulate your pet’s brain with our interactive puzzle toy. Test to see how long they would take to finish all the treats.

Bring More Fun To Your Puppy

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for a curious puppy that needs a job

Got this to welcome home our new puppy, and this toy kept her busy for a good while figuring out where all the treats were hiding.


My rescue grand dog played with a toy for the very first time!

Better for smallish dogs

We have a 44lbs Jack Russell mix that loves snuffle mats and searching for her treats... that said, the tubes that hold the carrots on this mat are a bit too small for her to get her nose down in. Wife and I think this makes a better snuffle mat toy for smaller dogs vs medium/large dogs. We do love this mat and the carrots are adorable so no negatives there... just size restricted to smaller breeds.

Jeff & Wendy S
Cute but not for chewers

In total honesty this is NOT for chewers. If you dog is like mine and loves her stuffed and squeaky toys and loves thinking games this is for your dog, but if s/he destroys their toys then pass this one by. My dog loves puzzles and "searching" games. She figured out right away how to play this "game" and enjoys having her kibble served this way. She loves to carry the little carrots around the house and to her bed. If the (many) toys in her bins this is not as high a quality as the others which are made of fabric/fur. This is made of thick, stiffened felt (the white part) and the carrots are made of a thin polar fleece. Not thick fleece but thinner like thick felt. I suspect this will not hold up to wear nearly as well as her other toys, some of which she has had for 6, 8 and 10 years. It is cute but I can only give it 3 stars. (My dog needs a bath, but it didn't stop her from enjoying the toy!)


She loves this toy! Such a great one!