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Dog Snuffle Mat Food Feeding Mat

74 Reviews


  • 3-in-1 Dog Feeding Mat
  • Super Fun Design
  • Detachable Feature
  • For Long and Short Snout Pet
  • Fun or Refund Guarantee
  • Bonus Pup Toy 101 E-book is included


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Full of fun and practicality

  • Dog Snuffle Training–The bright carrot-shaped puppy snuffle training mat can attract the puppy to find the snacks or small toys. Doing 10 minutes of sniffing training for puppies a day is equivalent to running for an hour, which allows them to consume energy and release stress, good for the health of puppies.
  • Carrot Interactive Feed Game–Each carrot can be taken out separately to interact with the puppy, then you can enjoy the happy time with them. Carrots can hide food and make sounds, which are very suitable for puppies to grind their teeth and help them clean their teeth.
  • Soft Skin-Friendly Material–Made of soft and skin-friendly flannel materials, environmental friendly and durable, not only ensuring your dog’s health, but also can be use a long time. The pet snuffle mat toys are very light, suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • Foraging Bowls Design–Carrot pits can be used as a foraging bowl, which help prevent dogs from eating too much food too quickly and help them digest food better, develop good eating habits.
  • Easy to Clean–Our dog feeding snuffle mats are easy to clean, you can wash the toys by hand. The pet puppy puzzle toys are perfect for all dogs, any breed, any age, any size. They will like this toy!
Dog Snuffle Mat Pet Food Feeding Mat with 8 Carrots Plush Treat Puzzle Toys
Dog Snuffle Mat Pet Food Feeding Mat with 8 Carrots Plush Treat Puzzle Toys

Why choose this Snuffle Mat for your pet?

  • Treats Lock in Place. Unlike the usual snuffle mat, your pupper cannot flip over our food mat and get all the treats right away. Our carrot squeaky toys functions as stoppers to prevent the spillover.
  • 5X Longer Sniffing Time. Your pet needs to unlock 8 separate carrots stoppers one by one, which takes 5X long time than normal mat. It can be used as a slow feeder mat as well!
  • 8 Carrot Squeaky Toys. Hide treats in these 8 small carrot squeaky toys to extend longer play time. Excellent gift for a family with new born puppers.
  • A Puzzle Toy for Smart Dog. Stimulate your pet’s brain with our interactive puzzle toy. Test to see how long they would take to finish all the treats.

How to use this Snuffle Mat

  • Step 1: Hide food in carrot pockets.
  •  Step 2: Put the carrots in the carrot pit.
  •  Step 3: Guide the puppy to find food on the snuff mat.

Product Specification

  • Material: Polar fleece & Felt cloth
  •  Weight: 0.65 lb
  • Color: Yellow & orange combined
  • Size: 11 x 8 x 5 in
  • Packing List: 1 x Snuffle Mat

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Flat faced dogs can play with it but not recommend.
It is machine washable. Feel free to try it out! It would be a lot of fun to play with your pup!
Both size dogs are ok.
It’s for both. Get a size small if you have a puppy or a small dog under 30lbs otherwise you may get
Basically, this toy is only brought out when a play session is initiated by you. You decide what game to play and when; Your puppy shouldn’t have free access to the interactive toy otherwise Letting your dog chew this toy will destroy it in no time. :)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Pamela Khazen
Held up to mouthy lab puppy!

Package is reusable. No instructions. It takes a while to fill each carrot’s little slots with kibble, takes patience.

I have three dogs, two adult, and one nine week old puppy. All three thoroughly enjoyed this teaser kibble toy. It took them about 20 minutes to go through and find all the kibble. Over time I just fill the bottoms of the cups that hold the carrots. And my puppy has just as much fun pulling out the carrots and getting the big treat at the bottom of the cup. I was originally worried that my adult husky and lab would tear apart the toy, however it has lasted for three weeks now. Overall I am pleasantly surprised!

Fosters positive curiosity for pups

We have had so much interactive fun with this mat. From hiding treats under the carrots to playing fetch with them. The boys are enjoying the nose work of treat discovery with this mat. The felt could be a bit thicker, and stitching a little stronger and straighter allowing it to be more durable and withstand teeth and tugging between my two boys.

Best Gift Ever!

If your little pet is curious, loves fun toys, this is for you! A little treat under the removable carrots and let the fun begin!

Great toy!

Our new puppy loves this toy. He had been digging and sniffing in the yard and this is replacing that. Really keeping him engaged!

Cute but tricky

I got this for a 5 month old golden. It looked a bit stressful watching her struggle with this so maybe not as fun as intended. We skipped treats in the actual carrots and just put them in the holes so she at least had to pull the carrots out. She also loves just chewing on the carrots and is the cutest thing just walking around the house with carrots in her mouth. It didn’t serve the full snuffle purpose but you can still get decent use out of it. Best for smaller dogs with smaller noses.