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Small Pet Travel Bag

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Airline Approval
Comfortable Space Desgn
Rugged and Durable
Excellent Details
Quality After-Sales Service

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Dogs&Cats need to be secured in the car

Whether you opt to use a dog car crate, or some other kind of canine car restraint, it takes too much space of your car. The Seatbelt Loops allow you to buckle your cat and its carrier into the car seat, help ensure your cat’s safety while you transport it.

This carrier is designed to utilize your car’s existing seatbelt mechanism, with a heavy duty seatbelt latch to keep the carrier in position in the event of a crash. Made with ballistic nylon and industrial-grade stitching, it’s built to last and hold its structure to prevent collapse.

Small Pet Travel Bag
Small Pet Travel Bag

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Friendly Service-A hassle-free, friendly support experience with a team that’s available via email, phone or online chat. If you have any questions, please keep in touch with our Loobani Team and you will get the instant help.
Feedback Based Designed-We Loobani are always listening to customers’ suggestions to design our products and ensure our products are continually improved, for meeting you customers’ demands.
Loobani pet supplies team-Loobani pet supplies team consists of many pet lovers who aim to create a more beautiful and better life for pets. We strive to the best product quality, and to get your trust. Choosing us, you can get the more reliable pet supplies and the most sincere advice!!!

About product

1.Designed to keep your pet protected, secure and comfortable. We hope you would like it for car travel(with seatbelt loops), air travel(approved by most airlines), and daily use(with adjustable shoulder straps and padded handles).
2.Your pet would enjoy a wonderful time traveling with you. There is a small opening for you to comfort your fur friends who would be nervous to new environment. We also designed enough pockets to store their toys, treats, and other essentials.
3.You don’t need to worry about your little prisoners escaping from you as there are lockable zippers to keep them inside. We thoughtfully provide cute bone shaped name tag in case they get lost.
4.Before long journey, we suggest you to help acclimate your pet to the carrier. Leave the carrier out at all times so your pet can become familiar with it and associate it with positive experiences. The carrier may even become a favorite sleeping spot for your fur friend!

Small Pet Travel Bag

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We used it on west jet from Toronto to halifax for our puppy. No issues
Absolutely – caves in when its empty – I put a cutting board under the animal to ensure the bottom was firm.
Yes there is a zipper to remove the hard board
Seems pretty strong but if you leave pet unattended they will do damage

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Customer Reviews

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Katrina Bell
Missing parts not true to Description

This item does not match the description for the product. The product states that it has safety zippers that interlock, as you can see in the photos mine don’t lock it all together for safety. Furthermore mine did not come with a cushion at all inside like it said it was going to. Both these things were really upsetting to see as well as the hooks on mine or plastic not metal I will for sure be returning this product because it does not mean the description nor does it hold up to the standard of what I was hoping for very upset with this purchase.

Tristan Murphy
Good for short trips NOT airplanes.

For the price this is a good option for quick trips to the vet, etc. It looks nice and more importantly the cats are comfortable in it.
The design is meant to be breathable with good air flow and its relatively comfortable for the cat, perhaps even more so than a hard plastic or metal cage.
It bothers me that it says it's "airline-approved"; I personally would NEVER let my cat fly in the cargo area in something this flimsy and foldable. It won't even stand up if one end is open.
I bought two of these and it worked great to transport to and from vet. One got carsick in it and the fabric was NOT easy to clean.
Point is that it's great for a short trip - putting it in airplane cargo area???? 100% NO.
You want something that is incredibly solid in case another carrier bumps against it in-flight. The only way this would work is if you were holding the cat in container in your lap during flight (which isn't allowed) otherwise it wouldn't be safe at all.

You can attach a seatbelt to the front of it. The top zippered opening is small.

The zipper top opening is smaller than the top or bottom measurements. I keep it buckled in the seat belt in my car, so I can put my 5 lb puppy in through the top. At 3 lbs, she fit easily. At 5 lbs, she has to go in either feet first then I have to wait until she bends her neck sideways to get her head in, or she can go in head first, and I have to tuck her feet in. My Pekingese has a lot of hair, too. If you have a long-haired pet, it can get caught in the zipper.

The seatbelt takes up some room inside the bag because it squishes the bag in. I wish it had a better frame that was stiff. I wish it had a larger mesh breathing area on the seat belt buckle side. That is the smallest area of mesh which is about 3" x 5". My puppy gets very hot inside it.

Now, at 5.5 lbs and 4.5 months old, she has outgrown the zippered opening. I will buy a 100% mesh sided bag with a better frame when I replace it this week. I used this bag only 1.5months, but only for traveling to the vet, so I can't say how long it will last.

I honestly can't see getting an adult cat inside it that doesn't want to go inside it.

Eric & Hudson
Love this fashionable and functional bag!

I love this bag!! It has a lot of great features, like multiple openings (tip entry, side entry, petting/treat window), buckles so the zippers won’t unzip, small pockets, two handle types (short and shoulder strap), buckles to get strapped into car seatbelts.. And it’s super cute!! I got compliments on the few times I’ve used it. It’s also pretty spacious compared to a lot of ‘soft’ carriers, so I actually often bring both my kitties (6 lb) in the same bag instead of separately so they can comfort each other on vet visits and such.

My only real complaint is that it is more flexible/ less sturdy of a structure, especially for a heavier cat, but it’s not so bad that it can’t be used or anything. It’s just not quite as sturdy as the other bag I have (which is also a ‘soft’ carrier, but has a more sturdy frame).

Nevertheless, I love it :)

Emily G Klubeck
Best carrier I've had yet!

My cat took to this carrier right away! She is used to these kind of soft pet carriers and likes to sleep in them. I got this to replace her previous one before a week long trip.

Strong Seatbelt buckles!
I love how you can run a seat belt through it! Doesn't move once you do- especially if you run the strap around the neck of the seat your cat is on. Great piece of mind for sudden stops driving.