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Expandable Pet Dog Cat Carrier

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  • 2 Sides Expandable Soft-side Carrier
  • Premium Material: 
  • Pet-Friendly Design
  • Easy to carry
  • Airplane Approved


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Defabee Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Large space-4 entrances of this pet carrier ensure your pets can enter at any time, with good ventilation and a large space to make your pets feel good.
Small storage space-The pet bag can be folded and save your storage space.
Airplane Approved-Dog/cat travel carrier compliance with airline standard size, fit under the front cabin seat of most airline carriers. But check your airline requirements before traveling.
Multiple options for carrying-Hand-carry/ Single shoulder/ Fix to the luggage/ car seat/ Fits under airline seat.

Expandable Pet Dog Cat Carrier
Expandable Pet Dog Cat Carrier

Note about this

Thick pads-Thick pads keep your pet warm and comfortable.
Material of the dog/cat backpack-The material of the dog/cat backpack is waterproof and can be carried out in the rain.
Safety buckle-The safety buckle is made of good material and anti-corrosion, which can effectively ensure that your pet will not be shaken violently during transportation and ensure the safety of your pet.
Side pockets-Side pockets can store your pet’s food or your essentials.

Product Specification


WIDTH: 10″


The max load of 15 lbs (6kg), Fits Pets up to 16″L x 9″H x 9″H.

The max load of 15 lbs (6kg), Fits Pets up to 16″L x 9″H x 9″H.

Expandable Pet Dog Cat Carrier

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Please look at the pictures.
Suitable for small pets weight up to 12lbs, the most suitable weight: 5-12 lbs, better for dogs with short legs.
No .only one dog will firmt
If you have a small dog, it would be fine for jogging. Mine is 15 pounds, so he sticks out the top too much, so it would make me nervous.
Yes its washable but not a good sling for the animal. My dog weighs 5.5 lbs and that weight seems to snug and she looks very uncomfortable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Maria N. Trujillo Llanten
I like it. It works as expected

I like it. It works as expected. But there are minor issue like some others have said:

- It has lots of zippers. And some of them might get stuck / broken if you're in a hurry and try to close it fast. So my advise: just take your time to properly close the zippers. the reason they might get stuck is because some of them, mostly the inner ones, have to open/close while in an awkward position in a the curves of the carrier.
- My cat tried to get out by pushing the mesh. It's a plastic mesh (what do you expect ?) so she will break it if she's insisting or if she uses her teeth. For me it's no big deal, i paid for a plastic mesh i'm not expecting magic / military proof stuff.
- It keeps the shape overall. yes it goes down a little bit but is enough for my cat to be happy moving around it.

I like it. Went under the chair in a plane twice and fully opened it in the airport lounge. Worked as expected ;)

Patty Cake
Perfect Solution For Roundtrip Puppy Pickup At Airport!

Flew roundtrip on JetBlue from NOLA to NE to pick up my puppy, brought him home in carrier slide under the seat in front of me. He weighed 11 lbs. and was a bit long, so just fit when curled up in sleeping position. While in terminal, I opened the sides and let him stretch all about. Perfect solution - that I researched heavily to make sure it would be accepted on plane. Also purchased 2 extra pee pads, not knowing if needed - they were not used and puppy never soiled carrier, thankfully as it made us both more comfy! I had not met my boy in person, only via pictures and description from Foster Mom and he turned out a bit longer than I expected. Thankfully he was small when curled in sleeping position - which he stayed in for entire flight. This was a blessing as we were really cutting it close. I put various pics in so you could see his size stretched out and curled up, as well as in the carrier.

Best carrier!!

Edit: the original review was for one we purchased in August 2019. We ordered a second one in July 2020 when we got a second cat. Definitely not as nice! The flaps for the side areas are different and are too big for the area. The scratchy part of the velcro actually rubs against the mesh now and is all bunched up. Also, it no longer has the clips on the zippers to make sure it doesn't open, which was a feature I really liked, and it was shown in the pictures. I emailed the company about this and they never got back to me. Returning the new one and am buying a different one.

Best carrier!! We used this for our 18 year old cat for her first flight. We were really worried about her not travelling well, but thanks to this carrier it went great! We used it on a frontier flight and it fit well under the seat with enough room to unzip the side so she could be extra comfy. The inside is super soft and it is very easy to zip and unzip. It also has little clips on the zippers to make sure it doesn't open. The top loading is really nice too. But when you unzip the sides there is so much room for them to lounge! She loved just hanging out in it in the airport watching all the people walk buy. It also holds it's shape well and is very sturdy. Already recommended it to a friend for the same purpose and she loved it as well. Definitely a great purchase!

Mutant Marine
Bag is great and durable and works with Allegiant!

Bag did exactly what I needed. I had questions before I bought it and none of them were answered to my needs. So I thought well, I'll just try it out and hopefully help someone else in my same predicament.

The other day I flew with Allegiant Air. Their pet bag requirements say the bag needed to be 9" in height. This bag is 11". I was worried it wasn't gonna fit under the seat, Allegiant wasn't gonna let me use the bag for my flight, it's not bendable enough to fit in a 9" area if I absolutely needed it to, etc. Well, after being set up and ready to transport, the bag isn't really bendable. From a durability standpoint that's good. But what I needed, not so much. Again, the bag is 11" and I needed it to be 9". The description lists Allegiant Air as one of the compatible airlines that this bag works with despite it being too tall in height, which was one of the deciding factors I ended up buying this bag.

Anyway, I get to the airport, they don't check the bag's dimensions. I get on the plane, and slide the bag under the seat. There's still about an inch of space in excess above the bag. I'm definitely relieved. So if you're flying Allegiant and are looking for a bag that's big but still works, this one is for you!

The top opening is great my dog loved poking her head through it. All the side openings are good. I didn't use them on the plane though. My dog had enough room without opening them. She's a 16.5 lb. Maltichon.

All in all worth the price and worked with Allegiant. I would buy it again if I had another dog, and will be using my bag for many times to come on all my future trips.

I went on vacation and the cage worked great it unzips to make more than enough space for ...

I went on vacation and the cage worked great it unzips to make more than enough space for my jack russell terrior who is about 16 inch tall and weighs 19 pounds. The cage fit fine on the plane and she was comfortable.