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LOOBANI Expandable Pet Carrier Airline Approved

74 Reviews


  • Airline & TSA Approved Pet Carrier

  • Support small cats and dogs up to 14 LBS

  • Removable Rolling Wheels for Easy Storage

  • 360 Degree Flexible and Smooth Wheels 

  • 4 Side Breathable Mesh Screen

  • 2 Side Expandable Mesh for More Space

  • Used for airline, travel, outdoor camping, etc.


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Most Airlines And TSA Approved

Our wheeled pet carrier bag is compliant with all relevant airline standards, including Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and the TSA. The design of our dog carrier/cat carrier has passed all security inspections, and it can be placed under a seat without shaking during take-off or landing, meaning you can travel with your pet wherever you go.

LOOBANI Expandable Pet Carrier Airline Approved
LOOBANI Expandable Pet Carrier Airline Approved

Detachable And Flexible Wheels

Our dog travel carrier features 4 detachable 360° flexible wheels and a multi-stage telescopic pull-handle trolley that can roll smoothly and freely in all directions. It’s durable, easy to snap on or come off, and glides great across airport floors and other scenes.

LOOBANI Expandable Pet Carrier Benefits Pets With The Following Conditions:

2 Expandable Side
The expandable pet carrier has expandable mesh on both the front and back sides, providing more space for your pets to roam around comfortably. This gives them a chance to stand or lay down as they please, creating a more comfortable environment overall.

4 Breathable Mesh Screen
This pet carrier bag has 4 breathable mesh entrances and exits on the sides and above, providing the best airflow for your pets while also allowing you to interact with them while they’re in the bag.

Removable and Washable Mat
The removable, machine-washable outer lining of the fluffy mat makes it easy to keep clean. You don’t need to spend a lot of time washing the entire pet carrier bag anymore.

LOOBANI Expandable Pet Carrier Airline Approved

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The pet carriers are created to keep puppies and cats safe and comfortable while traveling. Most pet parents use a pet carrier to move their small cats and puppies for long and short trips. It is the safest moving tool for pets, and it is universally used all over the world. But please make sure to choose the right size and leave enough comfortable space for your pets to turn around and lie down.
Sure, you need to remove the wheels and pull-rod. It can perfectly fit under the seat.
This pet carrier can support small cats and puppies up to 14 LBS.
Yes. There are multiple ways to use this wheeled pet carrier. You can pull the pet carrier like trolley luggage. You also can carry it on the shoulder or hand-carry like a bag or attach it to your luggage.
Soft pet carriers are easier to take than hard pet carriers. And wheeled soft pet carriers are much more portable and convenient. They’re perfect for traveling.
Pet Carrier can be placed on the car seat. You can fasten the car seat belt through the opening on the back of the bag carrier.

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Customer Reviews

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Stable trolley handle placement, will buy when different colors are made.

I like that the handle is placed on the long side of the trolley rather than to the short side. This gives it more stability when rolling. And because it has spinner wheels, you can turn it to its narrow side to roll down the constricted aisle of the airplane. What I don’t like about it is the color. Not thrilled about orange but that is just my personal preference. I hope this one will be made in the future with a color scheme that I like.

The old cat gave us a scare

The old cat is over 16 years old. He decided to give us a scare by not eating and falling. He hates to travel. I won't lie. We were frantic. We new that more stress would not be good for our aged little family member. We packed him in this carrier and took him to the vet. Did he like the carrier. No way. He hates everything. But we were able to comfortably transport him and he was comfortable. The medicine the vet game him made him drowsy so he slept all the way home in this. We left him and let him get himself out on his when he woke up. We felt it protected him from his brother (who likes the carrier like a cave or his new bed). The wheels actually make it easy to transport the animal. They are pretty quiet and turn easily on smooth floor. I do not fly so have no idea about using this on an airplane. Only in a car and going into the vet's office. For that it has been really nice for us and met our needs.

Kristine Ezovski
Used with a cat on delta

I got this because I needed something to transport a cat across country on delta airlines.
It was very easy to assemble and attach/detach from the base. This was a blessing to have traveling through three airports. It fit perfectly under the seat And when I didn’t need it for my trip home, the carrier it’s self , along with the wheels , fit very well in my suitcase, while I was able to fold up the base/handle and carry it on the flight with me.
The sides open to provide a bit more space for your pet. And the top opens to allow easy loading.
I can’t find anything I don’t like about this carrier!
Very highly recommend!