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LOOBANI Dog Booster Seat

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● 6″ booster seat for a better view
● Support pets up to 25LBS
● Easy to install in 3 minutes
● Larger softness room for more comfort
● Safe and Stable with 2 adjustable belts
● Unique 2-layer detachable design
● Large storage space inside and in front
● Build-in safety clip to hook pet’s harness
● Machine washable materials and easy portability for travel


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Elevate Your Pet To See More Views

Make car rides more enjoyable for your furry friend with the Loobani Dog Car Booster Seat. This two-layer design elevates the seat by 6 inches, allowing your pet to see out the window and enjoy the ride. With its sturdy construction and comfortable padding, the car seat booster for dogs is perfect for long or short trips around town. Keep your pet safe and make every car ride a fun experience.

LOOBANI Dog Booster Seat
LOOBANI Dog Booster Seat

Safe And Stable Design

This dog car booster seat comes with 2 adjustable safety belts and 3 ways to fix the car seat, offering triple fixation to prevent it from sliding in the car. It also features a safety clip to hook the dog’s harness, keeping them safe in case of sudden braking.

LOOBANI Dog Booster Seat Benefits Pets With The Following Conditions:

Easy To Install
Installing or storing the car booster seat is a quick and easy process that takes less than 3 minutes. The zipper links the upper and lower parts of the dog car seat for 2 dogs. Placing a coral fleece mat, finally link the built-in adjustable straps to the car seat. It can not only be put on the car’s front seat but also on the back seat, fit for SUV trucks – making it a versatile and convenient option for pet parents on the go!
Large Soft Room For Bigger Dogs
The Loobani dog booster seat for the car is large enough to accommodate 1-2 small dogs or one medium-sized dog, supporting up to 25lbs. It provides a comfortable and spacious area for your pets to sit up and lie down, ensuring an enjoyable ride.
Large Storage Space
Our dog booster seat for car is a unique double-layer design that is both sturdy and practical. The bottom support plate prevents the seat from being flimsy and doubles as a storage area for your dog’s bottle and snacks. Two extra pockets are in front of the pet car booster seat, perfect for storing your pet’s toys and other belongings.

LOOBANI Dog Booster Seat


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The crash-tested dog car seats are safe, but you must purchase the booster seat with the right safety features and use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. And pet car booster seat should be paired with the safety harness to guarantee your pet’s security. Loobani suggests every pet parent put the booster seat in the back seat—not the front seat—because airbags will injure dogs.
The booster seat can prevent your pet from flying out of the seat during sudden stops and prevent your pet from jumping out of an opened window. In addition, the small-dog booster seats can pop your pet up and let them look out the window. On a long road trip, it’s also comfortable for your dog to curl up in a soft dog bed and snooze. 
Yes, the dog booster seat can elevate about 6″, enough height for dogs to look out the window.
1. Open booster seat-bottom. 2. Attach support plate hook, look strip to 4 corners. 3. Zip-up booster seat-top 4. Put in coral fleece mat
The surface of the dog booster seat-top and the outer lining of the mat can be disassembled for cleaning. And the dog car seat lining and cushion outer lining can be removed to hand or machine wash.
You should consider 5 main features when purchasing a dog car seat.  1. Safe and stable structure 2. Comfortable surface 3. With enough height to boost the pet up to look out the window 4. The appropriate size of the seat for the pet 5. The maximum weight support

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Exceeded my expectations

Great dog car seat. Even my 15 lb little guy can see out his window which makes him happy!