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Handicapped Dog Wheelchair


Pet Dog Cat Wheelchair For Handicapped Dog 2 Wheels Stainless Steel Disabled Dog Rehabilitation Wheelchchair:

1.Wheel height can be adjusted
2.This toy can be taken apart and put together with ease
3.Wheelchair is light and easy to be pull for pets
4.Help pet dog cat stand up and walk again
5.Portable to carry and storage
6.Both male and female dogs can still go to the bathroom comfortably in this rear harness.

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You can get the right size by measuring the weight and Height,Width data of your pet.
As we know, every dog is different.
If you don’t sure the size you will need please ask us before purchase.
We strongly suggest go to our website for the illustrative photos on size selection before buying. Do not just go by the weight!
2 Wheels wheelchair can help the Handicapped pet walk ,but not for the pet waist injury.
Please manual your pets and check the size details to chose the wheelchair suit to your pets.
If you don’t sure the size you will need please ask us before purchase.

1. 100% Brand New And High Quality(If your pets returnning to normal,you can sale the wheelchair to others that needs it)
2. Material: Aluminum&Stainless steel
3. Color: As picture

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Victor M.
seems comfortable for our dog

easy to assemble and clear instructions adjust to our greyhound with no problem

daef dafe
Great customer service

Product arrived on time and went together fairly quick and easy.
Only issue was the wheel bearings were wrong size , contacted customer service by phone and they answered right away, were knowledgeable about the product and knew what it needed. Said they would ship replacment parts directly and recieved email that it was shipped and on the way the next day.
Would definitely buy again.

stephanie jones

I hate that I needed to buy it in the first place but when my dog got paralyzed, I didn't have a choice! This will save your back if you have a paralyzed dog.

Ashley N. Wilkins
A solid option if you're on a budget, unsure if your pet will adjust or be around long to enjoy.

I love this wheelchair but here's a few things to keep in mind:
1-Don't use your dogs weight as the determining factor for size. My 12 yr old Indian Spitz is 17.5 inches floor to the top of her back but only weighs 25 lbs and has a short body. I bought a medium cart and she's at the lowest notch. As a reference, the brown dog pictured is in a small and is almost topped out of it. The cart came with a Medium harness but we needed a small. Customer service was quick to offer a free harness.
2-Though it takes a few adjustments, don't get frustrated or make too many changes too soon. The concept is new to your pet and can take their body and brain some time to acclimate to.
3-Like most products, there are some things that could improve so take the time to work WITH customer service on any modifications that could enhance your pets experience.'s a great buy!

AmazonGail y. Moss

My sweet, sweet Gryphen. Though he was a medium-sized dog, Gryphen legs were model length so that he couldn't use the wheelchair. It was easy to put together. I blame myself for not going with the larger size. Now he's my little-bit guardian angel. R.I.P. baby.