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Pet Shadow Box

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How To Create Wooden Picture Frame Keepsake Kit

Crate a Pet Paw Print Clay Keepsake Kit
Following the instructions, you can easy to create unique paw print clay keepsake kit. The paw print keepsake can be preserved for a long time to commemorate your pet.

Collect the Items of Your Pet
You can collect the items such as paw print clay, pup’s photo, leash, favourite toy, stuff used before, ashes, hair and so on.

Put the Items In Wooden Frame
Put all the items you collected into the wooden frame, and tips is that peel off the film of the front frame before install the frame.

Show Your Unique Picture Frame Keepsake Kit
Cover the backboard. Hang your paw print memento on the wall, or display it on a mantel or table.

Pet Shadow Box
Pet Shadow Box

Why Pet Memorial Keepsake Kits

FOR PET LOSS- great comfart during this difficult time of losing our beloved dogs and cats
When the time comes to say goodbye to your pet, nothing will make that grief any less real. We strive to do everything we can to support you through your hardest time, It is a lovely way to have your pet fit seamlessly back into your life, just as they cd when they were alive.

GIFT FOR PET LOVERS- A great way to capture special moments as a lifelong souvenir
The pet memorial can preserve your puppy’s little paw print, photo, collar, hair to remember their awe-inspiring beginnings. Or create this keepsake as a birthday gift. The keepsake can be displayed as a holiday ornament on table or hang on the wall.

What This Pet Memorial Keepsake Kits Offer

We offer 2 PCS keepsake clay kit and 1 PC clay wooden picture frame keepsake Kit, a thoughtful way to remember the wonderful memorial of your loved pet.

Pet Shadow Box


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Absolutely. I used the paw print from the crematory and just glued it into the shadow box.
The length ,width and thickness of the plastic is – 9.8in(24.9cm) x 11.2in(28.5cm) x 0.6in(15mm)
The inner deep of the box is 1.6inches.The amount of clay we offer is very sufficient, and it is recommended to make the thickness not over 0.2inch, to avoid too heavy to hang
The photo is printed on the product, the higher the quality you send, the better the finished product will be
I know what you mean. I found that if you push the pins not staight through but vertical or horizontal, they are absorbed into the panel vs sticking straight out. It took me a fews tries but works.
It should come with the kit. Mine did.

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Carol Wright
Perfect been looking for this for my granddaughter

Pet display Christmas gift

Great except for a scratch on the plexiglass

I had to euthanize my cat because of bone cancer just last week and wanted to get impressions of her paws before she went. This kit came in quickly and did exactly that. There was plenty of clay, enough to get two. I love it.

Overall this whole thing is excellent, but there was a small scratch on the plexiglass. So four stars because I think they could package it a little more carefully so that the plexiglass isn't scratched. Otherwise it's excellent.

Anna P.
Cute Christmas ornament

I bought this for my fur baby, I used his paw print stamp I made (use it for him to “sign” cards) and pressed into the clay and used a scalloped cookie cutter to cut it out. The clay was super easy (and fun to play with). When I let it dry I tested it everyday and on the third I accidentally dropped it, but I was shocked. It was already dry! It just feels kinda like foam.

Abby Elkins
Easy to put together

Made an amazing memory box for my dog love it!

Such A Great Tribute!

My dog was doing really bad healthwise. When we decided it was time, I thought of just making a paw print with clay. I can across this kit while I was searching and I was just really excited by all that it included. I saw some reviews mentioned that their kit didn't come with everything so I was a bit scared but I decided to risk it and I'm so glad I did. It arrived on time and had everything. The plastic setting is nice and clear and the wood frame feels sturdy. This kit really would make an amazing gift for someone that has lost a pet. I absolutely love how it looks. It's so good that it makes me cry just looking at it. She was the best dog ever and deserves some kind of tribute. I'm so glad I found this kit.