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LOOBANI Dog Paw Print Ornaments Kit

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● Non toxic and safe paw print kit
● Fun to DIY with beloved dogs
● Great custom gift for pet lovers
● Hang on a Christmas tree as holiday ornament
● Personalized keepsake for your furry firend

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Handmade DIY Gift For Pet Lovers

This pawprint ornament kit makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for anyone with a new puppy, dog, kitten, or cat. The pawprint ornament can display on the easel or wall or hang as a Christmas ornament. an ornament around the house.

LOOBANI Dog Paw Print Ornaments Kit 03
LOOBANI Dog Paw Print Ornaments Kit 06

Special Custom Keepsake For Old Dogs

It is a great way to create a long-lasting memento for your furry older friend. We know how important are our furry friends in our lives. Save their Pet’s Paw Prints and turn them into something beautiful to keep in your heart and home forever.

How To Make A Paw Print In Clay?

Step 1: Thoroughly knead it for a while, shape it into a ball and make it look smooth with no obvious cracks.
Step 2: Press the surface with a roller and ensure the clay area is enough to use the shaping ring.
Step 3: Use a circular cutter to cut the clay.
Step 4: Shave any hair around the paw pads and clean off your pet’s paw so there is no excess dirt or material on it. Once your pet’s paw is dry, slightly press the dog’s cleaned paw.
Step 5: Suppose you want to customize your keepsake with the pet’s name or memorial date. You can cut the letter molds, take the green, blue, purple, or red colors, and stamp them.
Step 6: Use the hole puncher to create the hole for the ribbons. Please don’t drill in a rotating manner.
Step 7: Let dry for 3-5 days in a cool, non-sunny spot. Once the ornament is completely dry, use the paintbrushes to fill it.
Step 8: Done! Display the ornament on the easel stand or hang it with a ribbon, then celebrate your work of art for many years!

LOOBANI Dog Paw Print Ornaments Kit

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This depends on your dog’s print size. You can create 2 dog footprint kits. But you could make 4 or more if you didn’t make them the circle shape (or made smaller circles).
Yes, this product is mainly used to commemorate or keep memories. The ornament is made of non-toxic soft clay. Material safety is not limited to pets. It can also be given to children. If you are looking for a unique baby shower gift and don’t know what to get, this is it! Our baby hand and footprint clay are also safe for your precious newborn. Get personalized baby keepsake gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime and capture those cute little memories.
After professional testing, the clay works in normal temperature(about 77℉(25℃)). Clay should be used in no time when open it. Do not operate for too long. If in winter, micro for 20 second before using. Low temperature will reduce the water content and adhesive fluidity in the clay,resulting in bounce back with no impression. Micro for 20 second will return to normal state.
It normally takes 3-5 days for air-dry clay to dry in a cool,non sunny spot. 
The paw may be cleaned prior to creating the impression.
Our pet keepsake has been upgraded to solve this problem. The current rolling pin has changed from a wooden stick to a roller. Please be assured that there will be no sticking phenomenon.

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Mariah Kristine phillips
Family activity


Roberta Ballard
Easy to use

Easy to use. Hardest part was to hold the cat long enough to get a print. lol
Stamping was easy. Painting was fun. :)
Great gift to make for someone!

Denise Whitis
Cutest ornament on the tree

Was very easy to use. The top is nice and smooth but the back has a few little wrinkles from laying. Takes a few days to dry but it will not be hard. Happy to have a remembrance of my fur baby. Would recommend to all.

User friendly

Very easy to use

Easy to make ornament

Great keepsake to do with pets and get to color the ornament.