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Non-Slip Treads Mat For Dogs And Pets

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Non-slip Treads Mat For Dogs:

FAMILY & PET-FRIENDLY– Provides extra grips for dog on hard floors, encourages dogs & cats to confidently walk, muffles the sound produced by doggie running, while also protect your hardwood floors from dog nail scratching, which give your family and dogs a safer experience;

PREVENTS SLIPPING– If your dog struggles on slippery hardwood/tile/laminate floors, these mats can help. This is ideal to help your dog enable instant traction and improved mobility;

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Based on 82 reviews
Please non slip mats…

I need non slip mats… please!!! 😭

Great pet product

I use these for under my bottomless rabbit hutch. Easily can be swept and vacuumed from hay and waste. Can spot clean with cleaner easily. My rabbit appreciates the softer surface vs a tile floor. Can you daily take one or all up and replace it with a spare while washing and drying. It was pricey but totally worth the money to save my floors from rabbit pee staining. My rabbit won’t pee on fabric so it’s been a life saver. I will definitely buy again if I need more or replacements.

Easy to use, keeps pets on their feet :)

Not the most stylish option, but work very well so the pets aren't skating around on my super slippery floors. They stay in place and were pretty easy to layout (especially considering my house is so crooked) and easy to cut/trim with scissors (ex. See pic with squares cut diagonally across to fill in corner wrapping around dining room table). The instructions say you should lift them up and re-lay them every week or two so they don't get too stuck to the floor, but for how much area I covered it would be too much work to get them laid out again nicely. I peeked under a couple the other day and there doesn't seem to be an issue with being too stuck or leaving residue, and I've had them in place for a couple months walking on them, vacuuming them, etc.

Highly recommend!

We use these for our senior dog in the kitchen. She usually requires runner rugs to get around on hard surfaces. Tried these and absolutely loved them so far. Only downside is if left in place for more than a couple weeks it leaves the stickdown strips behind when removed. These are very difficult to remove. I used an old credit card to scrape away and that worked. The squares that did this were no longer adhering to the floor after removal.
Our roomba has some difficulty with the corners of those that partially came loose. Vacuuming manually does the same.

Laurean Stefenel
Looks great and it sticks to the floor

My biggest issue with this is the cost which is high if you want to cover a larger space.