6L Automatic Cat Feeder Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Pet Feeder for Cats and Dogs Auto Food Dispenser

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Top Ben

Absolutely changed our lives!!

Our little cat is an absolutely wonderful snuggly amazing companion — until 2am, when he wants breakfast.

We have battled with the cat for the last TWO YEARS trying all the training methods in the book to convince the cat that 2am is not an appropriate time for breakfast. He is absolutely relentless, with extremely loud purring, licking our faces, YANKING on hair… When we tried just shutting him out of our room, he started pushing dishes off of our open kitchen shelving (we lost a stack of 4 bowls all at once, plus some glasses over time). When we tried shutting him in a crate until a normal breakfast time, he broke out of the plastic crate, ripped the zipper off of the soft-sided crate, and figured out how to un-latch the metal dog cage with his paws. When we tried free-feeding him, he gained almost 3 pounds in just a few months.

After two years of this I was absolutely desperate to get to actually sleep through the night, and spent HOURS researching the best cat feeder that could thwart a food-motivated beast.

It is true, if they jiggle the container a few kibbles might fall out, but only the few closest to the opening, and after a few fall out that’s it.

We ended up just putting a heavy barstool with low horizontal bars over the feeder so the cat can’t move the feeder more than a few inches in any direction.

Last night we used this feeder for the first time, and WOW. Completely amazing to not be woken up by the cat at 2am. If the cat is that desperate for breakfast at 2am, FINE. He can have breakfast at 2am, but we don’t have to wake up to give it to him.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?


Great Upgrade From Older Model!

This is a great upgrade from Wopet! I have two of the older models (not WiFi enabled) that have been awesome for my adult cats, so when we got a new kitten, I did not hesitate to pick up this newer model.

It is a lot easier configuring the feeding times with the app rather than using the buttons on the old model. It took a few tries to get the app to pair with the device (had to use their alternate method), but it eventually was able to sync. I love how small you can make the portions as well, because I like to recreate the feeling of free eating for my cats by setting up 5-6 very small meals per day. The portions aren’t the exact same each time, but they are close enough.

My only feedback for Wopet: give the bottom of these more grip! Or include attachable suction cups. My cat with the biggest appetite has learned to drag the feeder until the cord gets taut & it falls over, spilling kibble. Probably wouldn’t be a problem for everyone but would’ve helped us!

Kristi Leigh Parker
Builds a routine for your dog!

It takes 15 portions to equal a half cup for our dog. He is a 75lb dog so I feed him 4 x a day to equal 2 cups. He loves when the kibble starts pouring out in the bowl. He whimpers with excitement. My husband made it custom height so our 9year old pittie wouldn't have to bend over. It's fantastic that he doesn't wake us up on weekend mornings. He loves eating at 6am so that's when he eats his first half cup of food. It would be even better for cats or small dogs but we made it work just fine for our pooch. Easy setting up the app. Love it!


I started with one... then two... now four! I love these feeders! I am away from home many nights a week. My roommates check on and interact with my four kittens, but I felt guilty asking them to feed them so often. The feeder holds a lot of food. One 13lbs bag of kitten kibble fills all four perfectly in my case. I get a notification when the feeders are low. I measured out the portions to make sure they dispense the amount I want each time! This helps with keeping my cats from over eating as I can do many smaller servings throughout the day. Plus, my two food frantic cats can’t hog all the food. My bf has one for his cat and has been able to control the cat’s weight loss diet more easily.
I removed the plastic food dish that comes with the feeders due to a kitten plastic allergy/irritation. The simple metal bowls I ordered fit perfectly. I use a silicone mat underneath to keep the bowls from being moved away from the feeders. Once I had the feeder on a cloth mat (the grey one as pictured) and a kitten pull the mat out from underneath knocking the feeder over. I got a notification that the feeder was low (due to the kibble moving out of the sensor) and was able to quickly respond and correct!
Another reason I enjoyed introducing these feeders since my glaring was young was to direct attention for food away from me. My kittens never associate me waking up with food time. This has removed any annoyance from the cats waking me up or keeping to be fed.
One of my kittens is very shy and hard to get a hold of. If she has a vet appointment I can dispense a small portion of food. She will hear it from anywhere in the house and come running to me/the feeder.
I had to quarantine a kitten for a month and was able to use the feeder for the entire month unplugged, running on the batteries alone.
10/10 I do recommend. I got my first one 4 months ago and have no complaints, just praises. Since, my bf and my friend have each gotten one for their own cats. If your cats are not food aggressive one feeder should work for 1-3 cats. The original, included food dish was wide. My cats also like to stand and sit on top of the feeders.

A. Tremper
Overall very satisfied—just one small issue

Overall I am satisfied. You can set the manual feed button to serve 0 portions in the app, so you can disable that. My cats have not been able to break into the hopper (yet), so that’s good. However, when you move one around, a few kibbles pop out. One of my cats has figured this out and now spends a good amount of time every day trying to move it around. So that is definitely something to work on, but it’s not a major problem as it doesn’t seem they can really get that much food out and it’s a lot of work for them to do it.

Edit: After owning for a while now, I did have a problem with 1/3 cats moving the units around. I came up with the solution pictured—all you need is a piece of plywood and a router. Trace the outline of the unit then route a small indent slightly wider than the outline.

Another update: my cat has managed to break a tab off on the bowl, and now it does not stay in well. I am trying to get a replacement bowl from the company. Also, my plywood has not done a great job of keeping it in place—it worked for a while, but this devil cat quickly found a way to dislodge it. I have resorted to small gutter screws with plastic spacers to create small bumpers on either side. She has now defeated one of the bumpers so I am going to add more and see if it holds up.