LOOBANI Indoor Outdoor Dog Potty Systems


  • COME WITH TWO PADS: Loobani dog potty system is come with two fake grass mats. After you used them, loobani replacement fake grass mats for this potty can be purchased separately. Loobani artificial grass mat offers that realistic feel that your dog needs to do his or her business. The dog potty is available in three different sizes, which works well for most dogs.
  • TRIPLE LAYER DESIGN: On top of the potty, there’s a layer of synthetic grass. You can easily replace this grass mat or use an odor-eliminator to keep it clean. Below the grass, there’s a drainage grate. It works to catch any solids and allowing liquid to drain down into the sturdy, durable collection tray.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The loobani dog potty is suitable for homes and high-rise apartments that have no yard. An indoor dog potty could be the best solution for you if you sometimes have to work extra long hours, or your elderly dog is unable to wait very long when they need to empty their bladder. It’s portable design sets it up for both indoor and outdoor usage, so even if you are on the road with your dog, this loobani dog potty would come in very handy.


Reusable and Portable Trainer Tray
loobani dog potty tray
Indoor Outdoor Dog Potty Systems Size

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16"*20", 20"*25", 20"*30"

Customer Reviews

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Lola Barber
It really works

Absorbs the liquid very well and is easy to clean. My pup seems to be attractive to using it.

rose johnston
Super absorbent and durable

This product worked as stated. Very absorbent and easy to clean. Would have gotten 5 stars if they were just a bit bigger.
Very happy with the transition from house to apartment living for me and my three girls.


I removed the tray underneath and only use the grass mat. The mat is useful to hold down the pads and makes pads last longer. Next time I would only but the outdoor grass and cut it to size, to cover pad size needed. I used the tray from a large crate.

Perfect for apartments

My pup is picky about going potty in grass. We travel a lot and this is perfect for the road to pop out and let him do his business...having an extra pad allows for multi use before we can get to destination.

Ann Caknipe Owens
Terrific grass mat Setup

This was an awesome set up for the grass mat, thick, quality is great. Unfortunately, our dogs will not use it, didn't even go near it, so I had to return ours.