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LOOBANI Large Grass Porch Potty Tray

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LOOBANI Indoor Dog Potty Systems

74 Reviews


● Portable and lightweight, easy to clean with hose wash
● Come with 2 grass pads for use in turns
● Ideal for homes and high-rise apartments that have no yard.
● 3-layer design with a grass mat, water isolation mat, and collection tray
● Water isolation mat keeps your pet’s paws dry from her urine
● Leakproof base tray, collect urine without the mess

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You may also like…

LOOBANI Large Grass Porch Potty TrayLOOBANI Large Grass Porch Potty Tray 01

LOOBANI Large Grass Porch Potty Tray

129 reviews

LOOBANI Dog Grass Pee Pads

72 reviews

Easy To Clean

The grass pee pad is easy to clean. Spray it off with a hose, wash it with warm soapy water, and you’re good to go! Or, if you want to clean the whole thing – that’s easy, too – bring it to your bathroom or backyard, and use a hose to wash it.

LOOBANI Indoor Dog Potty Systems 04
LOOBANI Indoor Outdoor Dog Potty Systems (4)

Portable And Lightweight

The Loobani Dog Turf Potty is perfect for an apartment or outdoor use. If you have to work extra long hours, an indoor dog potty could be your best solution. The portable design sets it up for indoor and outdoor usage, so even if you are on the road with your dog, this Loobani Dog Potty would be very handy.

What The Condition Of This Product

Come with 2 grass mats.
Loobani dog indoor potty comes with two artificial grass mats. This way, you can easily replace the mat you are washing and have a dry one ready to go.

4 Size Available
Our potty training trays fit any size dog, from minor to extra large. And our grass mats are available in four sizes to perfectly match the trays. So if your old mat starts to wear out, you can easily replace it with a new one.

LOOBANI Indoor Dog Potty Systems 01

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Fake lawns are safe for dogs to play on. A grass patch is fit for puppies and senior dogs alike. It can even be a great training tool for young dogs, as it will get them accustomed to going to the bathroom on grass instead of your kitchen floor.
You can place the premium lawn for dogs in a hidden corner of your apartment, porches, patios, balconies, apartments, or pet carriages so your pup can “go” without going outside.
Keep your puppy on a leash at the beginning and walk him over to the artificial turf mat every 30 minutes or so. When he goes potty, make sure to reward him and motivate him with some treats or toys.
Utilize your dog’s scents to make Porch Potty better attractive. The same goes for feces. Put the old pee pad on their dog grass pad long enough that some of your pup’s natural scents transfer onto the synthetic to attract them.
Artificial grass must be replaced regularly, usually every two to four weeks. Lots of our customers replace their grass patches every two weeks. We recommend a weekly replacement schedule for dogs who rely heavily on Loobani Dog Grass Pee Pad. In contrast, those who use the grass less frequently and who keep it clean often and thoroughly can replace the grass every two months.
You can put the dog lawn on a balcony or porch‐‐where your dog has used other potties or pee pads‐‐or near the door when taking the dog for walks. It’s best not to put your dog’s grass in a location where it will face direct sunlight—whether inside or outside – or where it could collect rainwater.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Terri Aguirre

On time and in good condition. Got this for my mom who is in an apartment. Works great Thank you

A product I wish I bought long ago

My baby is 14+ years old, and he is having trouble holding his pee for the past few months, so I have been getting home from work, either have to mop the floor or shampoo my carpet. I bought one of these kit few weeks ago, and it's a God sent, he now goes on the fake grass and pee, when I am not home and he can't hold any longer. No more puddles on the floor or carpet. :)

Maurice Phillips
Easy to clean absorbency so so

I was surprised how easy it was to clean and it also came with an extra pad which was helpful. My puppy likes and uses it has helped on those cold nights and training.

Kerri D.
Grass sheds and frays

I like this product overall. My puppy took to it right away. It holds a lot of urine. I’d say it’s easy to clean *except* the grass sheds and the edges fray and long strings come off of it. Every time I rinse it, there’s pieces of plastic grass everywhere. Couldn’t love the rest of the system more, but I’ll probably look for higher quality replacement grass soon.

Carolyn Stevenson
Easy to use & clean

Easy to use & clean. I use it indoor on rainy days! Works great!