Best Interactive Toys At Loobani

Interactive dog toys come in various types, but they have one thing in common: they let your dog have fun without you having to do anything (other than installing the toy and training your dog to use it). 
Whether your dog is small or large, you could find the right size for them at Loobani's Interactive Toys Collection.

Food Dispensing Toys

The dog puzzle feeder toys are designed to serve some challenge to keep your pets occupied, which can make them enjoy the process of foraging and avoid destroying the furniture due to boredom. This food dispenser toy can force dogs to slow down at meals.
You can fill the Loobani Spin Toys with food or treats to keep your dog happily entertained while you have no time and energy to play with your pets.

Snuffle Mat For Dogs

Snuffle mats are like dog puzzle feeder toys, designed for your dog's smell training and slow eating.
To use the mat, sprinkle some kibble or treats among the fibers, and then let your dog try to sniff them out. It quickly turns mealtime into an interactive play session instead of being over in 60 seconds.