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Why is it fun for dogs to chew on toys?

Maybe you think that’s one of life’s coolest mysteries, how come our beloved would canine best friend rather gnaw on some active dog balls or rubber chew toys than sit next to us on the comfortable couch, and get the endless belly rubs with smiles? What happened to that furry cute little head that makes her/him focus on the dog chew toys as if it were the world’s greatest porterhouse? Have you ever thought about that?

Well, maybe our dogs were about to chomp on the popular dog chew toys, but that means he/she’s not chomping on the sofa. Right? Better still, we all know that chewing ought to be a natural behavior with lots of benefits for our beloved dogs. For some starters, chewing on some hard plastic dog toys or hard rubber squeaky dog toys could help to keep the dog’s jaws strong, and the teeth and gums clean up to some points.

These are great reasons to support your dog’s chew toy obsession, but they don’t explain its underlying cause. It’s difficult to get a immediately solution out of a dog, but here are a number of the most not unusual theories dog psychologists have floated for puppies’ undying love in their chunk toys.

Why do our dogs love to chew? 

We know that boredom could be another culprit. Maybe we can think about it like this: Our beloved dogs were at home alone while we are at work all day, he/she just waiting for us to back home to him/her. We can imagine how bored that could be! 

To combat such boredom on our dogs, we may offer some chewable dog toys or interactive pet treat dispenser toys, etc… We could keep some out of reach so that we may surprise our beloved dogs with something novel at home, or break out the interactive dog toys for chewers just before we leave. We can invest in something like interactive food puzzles for dogs that keeps our dog busy and gives us some peace of mind up to some points, which is similar to what we might do for our cats at some points. We just need to make sure that the dog distraction toys were filled with a daily portion of some healthy dog food instead of dog treats. What do you think of that?

On the other hand, some puppies who are teething might want to chew on some kinds of stuff to relieve some pain frequently. What’s more, they might want to put everything into their mouths just like our human babies up to some points. Just like some new textures, some new tastes, and some new experiences! that is additionally an excellent way to preserve our cherished dogs from staring shamefacedly at a slipper, we need to make sure our dogs would have plenty of age-appropriate exciting canine toys which will be chewed, and try not to leave our dogs to be unsupervised for too long. That could be fun for dogs if things go well.

Why is it fun for dogs to chew on toys?

Chewing with Separation Anxiety on dogs

This should be the most important thing we need to do, which is to figure out why our beloved dogs are so engaging in such destructive behavior. As all of us recognise that the common cause must be separation tension in puppies. Mostly, our dogs would give us sad eyes when we’re about to leave, but we also need to know that a dog with separation anxiety may go beyond a simple pout or even whine if we leave him/her at home alone. Maybe this also makes a very strong confrontation with why is it fun for dogs to chew on toys at home alone.

Normally a dog with separation anxiety would soil in some corners at home or just start some destructive behaviors, such as tipping over the trash can, ripping up the sleeping areas… Sometimes, a dog like that may even get into injuring himself/herself attempting to escape up to some points. Some anxious dogs may bark or would refuse to consume any food or drink… Well, that may should us why is it fun for dogs to chew on toys more strongly.

Our dogs may be seeking comfort

We know that some rovers might not love to chomp out of joy, so do our beloved dogs. So many dogs would exhibit obsessive chewing behavior while they feel anxious you know? In case your dog chews predominantly when you’re away, he may be experiencing separation anxiety. In this case, it’s particularly vital to allow him to understand what matters he’s allowed to chunk and what things he isn’t via fine reinforcement schooling. Having a unique toy to hold round in his mouth or chew to his coronary heart’s content can consolation your doggy whilst he could in any other case be troubled. That’s also a reason why is it fun for dogs to chew on toys, especially interactive tug of war dog toys

Our dogs might be bored

If our dogs were not getting enough exercising or mental stimulation, he/she will be often are looking for their very own leisure. once more, we should be satisfied that our beloved canine has a favorite chunk dog toy that isn’t our residing room carpet or even dining room table. But in case we sometimes need to offer him/her another type of stimulation, we ought to remember to feed the dog meals in the dog treat toys, commit to dog play dates, or enroll him/her in a dependent physical pastime inclusive of agility training. That’s also one explanation for the fun to chew on toys.

Our dogs just want to have fun

It can sound obvious but also actual at some points. Normally our puppies experience the act of chewing at some points. Such as a dental version of fetch, which it’s a funny game our beloved dogs in no way become bored of. A few puppies have also developed a high-quality association with their chewing puppy toys. If we provided it to our dogs and also praised them when they first chewed on it, this reminiscence builds on itself. Just like the human mind, we can see that the mind of canine has A satisfaction middle that lights up while presented with something they understand the experience. That’s what high-quality reinforcement, or we will consider that like canine treats used to inspire puppies at some point of training, is all about.

Our dog was just a puppy

We can see that a canine’s age can make her more likely to chomp. Similar to our human toddlers with some teething canine toys, our loved dogs love to bite frequently as their infant enamel fall out and their tooth are available. Therefore, as a pet proprietor, the key pass at some point in this section may occur round while our canine is four to 6 months old. Thus, we just have to make certain your canine is chewing the proper things, i.e. no longer your preferred shoes. hold lots of chunk toys around and notice which kind she likes first-class. That should be the basic common sense for us to know about why is it fun for dogs to chew on toys…

Why is it fun for dogs to chew on toys?

In conclusion

We may be confused about why is it fun for dogs to chew on toys at the very first beginning. However, all the reasons we have shown above might release some of your confusion so far. We recognize detrimental puppies can purpose havoc on a domestic. do not forget why your canine buddy is performing out, and deliver him a few opportunity alternatives to let loose his boundless energy. Anyway, hope you guys can get the answers you want in this article. Good luck! 

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