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what to put on the dogs’ paws to stop slipping

Just imagine if your beloved dog was slipping on surfaces regularly at home, I think that could probably stress out both of you and your families who love this furry baby so much.. which may turn into some injury result if things get worse. Do you know that?

Apart from that, the occasional slip may not cause much concern, falls present the risk for some serve injuries, particularly for some older dogs. Although your dog may not unharmed by some moves like the floor-skating physically, sometimes enough slipping may make them get fear walking on certain surfaces.

Forget the anti-slip dog shoes and dog booties for slippery floors if your beloved dog is not into some external items wearing on. Maybe you will find some other easier ways to provide dog paw traction for your beloved dog in different aspects. Are you ready?

what to put on the dogs’ paws to stop slipping

Causes of dog slipping and ways to stop it


Have you ever think about that the dry dog paw pads could be the most regular problem for most dogs that have slipping problems when moving. The healthy paws were ought to be almost spongy and flexible as well, which may let the dog paws get a better and also more secure touching with the flooring they need to make a move on. However, the dry, or even chapped, dog paw pads were a super common and easily being ignored problem among so many dog owners.

Making some unprotected contact with heat or cold pavement, sand, and many other surfaces may lead to the worse things happening with dry and cracked dog paws up to some points. This not only may cause so may uncomfortable to your beloved dog, but also may cause him or her to lose grip or even slip very easy you know? Once the dog paw pads’ skin was dry overly, that may lack the capability to grip things anymore and allows the dog paws to slide across any slippery flooring you know?

SOLUTION: Applying some dog paw extra protection to add grip

Some protectors like paw wax for traction can be perfect for most dogs because the all-natural solution is to moisturize and heal the dog paw pads. Within just several applications you may want to notice the differences in the feel and look of your beloved dog’s paw pads. 

what to put on the dogs’ paws to stop slipping

One more extra protector should be applying the dog paw pad stickers on the dog paw pads. Due to the healthier paws, a dog would have better traction and also grip so you may add the external items like the dog anti-slip pad grips, which could provide a dog less slip-slipping around when moving at some points. If you use some vehicles to go out with your beloved dog a lot, you may need the non-slip dog mat for cars. If you like to let your dog be in his or her own fancy house for hours, you may need the nonslip mat for dog crates, nonslip dog kennel mats, or just the non-slip mat for dog bed could work pretty well, who knows?

No matter you use dog pad grips or paw wax to prevent slipping, you’d better make it, right on your dog practical case, which could be considered to be the best for your furry friend, right? 


As time goes by, our dogs may go gray with us together, can you ever imagine that? Then there are must be so many issues that need to get experienced, like arthritis or joint pain, etc… Some older dogs may lose some mobility, get limping or have an otherwise altered gait that my case falling and getting some injuries involved. Have you ever thought about that? But we also have faith to solve all these issues, just like we solving ours.


If you were not looking for some excuses to try those bohemian kinds of stuff? Then just give a hand with your beloved dog, especially an older one, by adding some dog-non slip mats or non-slip floor runners for dogs within some moving areas for your beloved dog, for instance, some items like non-slip dog bowl mats, dog non-slip bath mat, and non-slip dog kennel mats maybe your best option which deserve you a shot you know?

Does your dog slip on hardwood floors? If your answer is yes, then you need to get more attention to what we are going to tell you next. Because this could be the best runner rugs for dogs we have ever tried on our cute golden retriever. That is the LOOBANI dog non-slip mats, doing a great job with preventing dog sliding on the hardwoods, because of this treads mats are consists of totally dog-friendly materials, quick and easy self-adhesive features, also helping a lot in muffling sounds by the active dogs around while playing a role as non-slip mat floor covering for dogs.

ISSUES: the extra TOENAILS AND FUR on dogs

Sometimes the overgrown dog’s toenails or toe fur may contribute to a dog’s difficulty with maintaining comfortable contact with some flooring, at the same time may increase the likelihood of being slippery out there up to some points. Even if the dog paw pads were being moisturized and grippy, the extra toenails could alter the posture of the dog’s toes, and avoiding those dog paw pads to make full contact with the flooring up to some points. Likewise, some extra long wisps of toe fur could cover up those grippy pads, then may lead to some slippage that we do not want at all. This issue mostly showed up on our beloved dog’s side, which means we can notice as long as we keep a close eye on them every time they move.


We could say that getting the dogs’ nails and toe fur trimming could be the most common operation on dogs as we can think about. You may help your dog get these jobs done on your own, or you can just go to the pet beauty salon if you prefer. Normally simply trimming dogs’ nails and fur around the toes may gain more traction you know? 

Something like your dog was being shy about getting the toes part of the body being handled may happen, but don’t panic and make sure to take your time with training the beautify job, until the dogs allow the nails being clip, or maybe you can just have a conversation with your veterinarian, groomer for some professional assistance. Regardless of how hard is it, we bet you will find a way to get the job done, right? Therefore, we as the dog-owners, need to keep in mind that some overgrown dog nails could lead to lots of serious issues, including arthritis, sometimes may require surgery possibly if that being left unchecked you know?

Final note

There is no doubt that all the issues and solutions above are just part of those we can meet in our daily life. But we do hope what we talked about up there does makes sense, and may inspire you with some things helpful to deal with the issue “what to put on the dogs’ paws to stop slipping”? You know that there are still a lot of what we can do for that, we just gave our most common, most honest opinion and advises as we have ever seemed, ever received before. Hopefully, that could be helpful. Thank you very much for your time. Good luck to you all!

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