Dogs are just like humans. They have personalities and traits that should be considered too.

Dogs with low activity levels might be due to their trait; some breeds have high energy, such as the Pointers, Setters, Fox Terriers, and Huskies, while others don’t. There are also some personalities like being lively, anti-social, laid back, etc. Adopting a dog with a lot of energy is good but make sure you are an active family member. Active dogs do not do well when they are isolated for too long; leaving them to themselves in the backyard all day won’t work for them; if you have a high-energy dog and must leave the house for a more extended period, ensure you get them to a place more spacious that is dog-proof.

Also, engage them with lots of toys to get along with, including a chew toy. Try out  this Dog Molar Toothbrush Chew Toy . It chewing for your canine. Exercises are suitable for active puppies; you should create hobbies for high-energy dogs like hiking, jumping, agility games, or even swimming during summer. Your active canine needs to be put to work, they need both mental and physical activities, but they can’t do all these themselves.

Your dog needs your total involvement, and if you fail to give them, they can become wild and create problems for you. Giving them the appropriate attention and guidance, your dog will turn out to be a great addition to your household.Canine naturally are lively and active species, they are full of enthusiasm and can turn out to be anything, but all these are centered on their well-being. Dogs who are physically and mentally challenged might find it difficult to socialize or get involved in any form of activity, no matter how interesting it is.

Knowing your dog’s health status before engaging them in any form of activities at home will help a lot; I remember forcing my dog to play with me, but a peaceful game turned out to be something terrible unknown to me that my little Bobby is going through the worse phase of his life, he had an internal injury that alone made him inactive and resisted me from even touching him. For weeks, I was busy enjoying the winter activities with my dog, not knowing I was killing him. Due to his love for me, Bobby pretended to be fine until the day he broke down totally. Taking him to the vet, he informed him the injury was intense, and he has been under stress for days, me looking at my little buddy on the bed, still in shock with the news, we lost Bobby to that injury because of my negligence, he died trying to please me. This was not geared up the emotional part in you, yes, it’s painful, but you need to consider your dog’s current state before fixing them up with activities.

Fun activities to do with your active dog

  1. Set up obstacles for your active canine

Running up and down the stairsActive dogs agitate a lot; they love exploring new things some might even get into trouble trying to suit themselves. But all these are not your dog’s fault. It is the way they are wired. Canine with much energy have their brain working faster, and to keep up with this, introducing them to a game that will keep the brain active is the best for them. In a spacious room or the garden, when having the summer activities with your dog, set some obstacles courses for them, not necessarily sports cones; your dog can jump over chairs, run around pillars, walk under the tables, etc. Just give your active dog something to keep them busy. Aside from the fun part, the obstacles games help your dog’s brain stay woken 

     2.Get itWhile growing up, running on the staircases was one of my best games; dogs love that too. Engage your dog with the staircase racing game; ensure the stair is large enough you can throw toys up and down and let them catch them. You can try this Interactive Pet Football Toy With Grab;  you don’t have to worry about them going up and down to fetch the ball; dogs naturally love to hunt for moving objects. This exercise is not suitable for older dogs, dogs with health issues or injuries. You can check out activities for injured dogs

     3.You can also call this activity family with dogs or keep away. It only takes an active household to keep an active canine; if you plan to get a puppy or have one already and still have not done this game with them, you are missing out. Get it is an indoor activity to do with your dog. It is a family game to play with your dog during winter or when it’s raining; get a toy you can easily carry with your hands, throw it to the next person and let your dog go after it. It is amusing; luckily, you can try it with two or more dogs and people’s that’s why it is called the fun active family with your dog

  1. Swimming

You can take your canine out for swimming to enjoy an excellent time out with your dog in the sun or set up indoor swimming activities with your dogTry swimming with your little puppy in a bathtub or your mini swimming pool in the garden. Once you do not instill a fear of water in your dog, swimming can also be an excellent indoor activity you can train your active dog to do.


  1. Shell game

This activity is one of the best you can do with your dog to enhance their mental health. It’s a hand game you can do with your canine; in fact, it’s the most awesome mind game ever to practice with your pup. Put a few treats in one hand and close both hands, show them to your dog and allow them to sniff them out. You can also use multiple cups or bowls let your dog watch you keep the treats in one of the cups of the bowl, cover and shuffle, then let your dog guess the one with the fists

  1. Chewing exercise

There are numerous mental, physical, and hand games you can play with your little pal; it can be outdoor activities with your dog or fun activities inside with your dog whichever suits you. Most indoor activities with your dog are meant to stimulate their brains and not stress them or make them feel weak. It depends on the canine mental intelligence. Some perform better than others typically.Active dogs love chewing. It can be bones or toys, and the good news is these chewing toys are great ways to burn calories in dogs. Most high-energy pooches enjoy chewing toys and bones; all you need to do is to get them some varieties of chewable toys to get them busy. Check this out Pet Dog Molar Toothbrush Chew Toy 

Dogs are precious, and they have moods too; there are times they feel down, and sometimes they are all around you wanting to play; the best thing to do when you notice a fun-filled pup being cold all of a sudden is to book an appointment with a vet. Don’t assume things are okay with your dog when you see these signs

  • Constantly panting when involved in a bit of exercise
  • Consistently weak and sluggish even without doing anything
  • Going two days stretch without eating something substantial
  • Always gasping for water after a small activity
  • Frequency stooling and vomiting
  • Dogs that are social suddenly turn out to be anti-social
  • Constant barking or whining when you touch them.
  • Unusual weight lost
  • Collapse or finding it difficult to breath
  • Red and dull eye.

Dogs are very strong due to their survival instinct. They look healthy from the outside; that was the case with my little Bobby. Please don’t fall for it. As a pet owner, you need to be vigilant and observant of some particular behavior in your dog. I am sure you know your dog more than anyone could, so if you notice any change in routine or even eating habits, take them to the veterinary for a proper check-up. Don’t assume things losing a dog is like looking at a close pal. Believe me; it hurt bad.


Don’t feed an active dog with high protein meals, this type of food makes the dog even more agile. Good quality food with low protein will help your canine maintain its energy and help calm excess muscles; you can check for food for dogs with active allergies also ask your vet for medical prescriptions for your little pup.

Active dogs turn out to be troublesome in the long run if proper measures are not taken. Your high-energy buddy needs directions, and obedience training is just the best thing to instill in them. These lessons should be part of their everyday lives; when your dog feel over-excited, instruct him to stay calm with this word “down”, “stay”, “calm” can give the guidance necessary to aid their relaxation. Additionally putting your dog’s mental state in a check by introducing them to new things will help reduce some of those excess energies too.


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