Toys in this concept are objects used to catch fun. They are mostly built-in flashy colors to attract the pet and increase their curiosity. When we hear the word ‘toy’, what comes to our minds next is PETS. Your pet sometimes can demand so much attention than you can afford to give, in such a scenario, these toys serve as a substitute for your unavailability.

Some people own and keep animal pets as their babies, it is not strange anymore when we hear couples say they only want animal pets as kids instead of to bear children, and will do all the necessary things to fit the pet into the same level as human babies. Pet owners with busy schedules tend to provide their pets with toys that will engage them till theyare back from work or travel. In some parts of the world, pet owners substitute processed toys with self-made toys such as the humerus bones of cattle, horns of goats, cattle, and so on. This cattle bone cannot be cracked so easily by dogs and at the sametime, it proffers a source of calcium when they nibble on it. There are also Wooden Interactive Dog Toys. These are to an extent dangerous to animal health because they can harbor harmful microorganisms hence it is fed in their natural state, the wooden dog toycan dislodge and harm the pet.





There are more than a thousand and one dog toys out there at the shops, these toys are built in different varieties for different purposes, ranging from  companionship to basic trainings. How do you know a good interactive dog toy? A good interactive dog toy solves the problem of boredom and poor mannerism. Any toy that engages your dog long enough to wane off boredom and at the same time teach new manners and skills are good interactive dog toys. If you are used to playing with your dog, carrying, or playing hide-and-seek with your loved pet, your absence may not be easily tolerated. Good interactive toys tend to provide good company for your dog while removing boredom from her life when you are away. Sometime in 2015, a company worker left his home for a 3days trip, his pet; Josh, a male Pitbull, which was kept as a guard dog was left behind with no one. The owner narrated this ordeal with his right arm badly damaged by his loved pet Josh. What went wrong? This client kept 3 separate dishes for Josh, forgive me to say he was a dumb owner of a lovely dog. The 3 dishes he kept were for the 3 days he was off his home. Josh had no verbal restraint or any manner of training as of then, so he had no idea what the owner meant by keeping 3 separate dishes, of course, the dog did eat the 3 dishes in one day and went hungry the rest of the days. When the owner returned, he expected to meet the lovely pet wagging the tail, but Josh was calm, when he persuaded him to come forth, his dog jumped at him and that was how his arm almost got amputated. Of course, people blamed him for his actions, it was absolutely an avoidable mistake. If you cannot afford to keep a dog, why keep one? How about interactive dog toys if he couldn’t afford a dog boarding home? Someone asked. LOOBANI DOG Food Puzzle Feeder Toys or Pets Dog Treat Dispenser Puzzle Memory Training Activity Toy would have done them justice, at least the dog wouldn’t have to go hungry for 2days in a row, he would have had little foods dispensed till his owner returned.


There are a thousand and one reasons you may decide to introduce an interactive dog toy to your dog.


Toys such as Fetch toys will help you bond with your lovely buddies a long way. Taking time to play fetch with your dog occasionally will improve your dog’s response to calls. The puppy play pack contains good toys for puppies whereby you will make them work for their treats. StarMark Bob-a-lot Interactive Dog Toy
for large breeds and 2 Liter Shower Rod Dog Interactive Toy will give you and your dog much fun and bond.


Slow feeding bowls and some toys such as LOOBANI Dog Outdoor Bungee Hanging Toy, Tether Tug Interactive Dog Rope Toy, fetch toys, and Atomic Treat Ball Interactive Dog Toy will help keep your dog fit hence your dog will eat slowly which will enhance good digestion for dogs having indigestion. Your dog will dispel lots of energy while using some of these other toys. These toys will, in turn, keep your dog from some ailments that come from a sedentary lifestyle.


Toys are fun to play with, the reason most of them are colorful. More than 70% of the toys at the shop will entertain your dogs and make them have fun even while you are away. Ever introduced Waffle the Wonder Interactive Dog Toy, ZEUS Bulldog Motorized Bouncing Toy, or the Dog Toy Self Rolling Ball to your dog? These are toys that make sounds, move, and show a LED light which makes the pet run after him.


Some toys improve the cognitive thinking of the pet, they are highly stimulating and educating. These toys teach your dog some basic home training such as table manners, slow feeding, curiosity, and identification of typical smells. Toys such as the SNiffiz SmellyMatty Dog Food Puzzle Snuffle Mat will stimulate your dog’s sense of smell to be able to identify a particular smell when they come in contact with it. LOOBANI New Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Dog Toys For Puppy will help a voracious eater learn to eat better hence the dog will have to be patient while the food dispenses, it is one of the top-rated interactive dog toys.


Pets tend to be destructive when they are bored, though they do not intend to destroy those poor slippers, they innocently bite them out of boredom. Some dog toys are so engaging that you can afford to leave your pet dog with their toy all day without having the fear that some of your household items can be destroyed. Pets that are recovering from some type of surgical procedure also deserve to have a toy around, this distracts them from the pains emanating from that part of the body, preventing them from trying to access the surgical locations hence most dogs try to bite off the sutures. Dog toys that move by themselves usually make good companion toys and are most at times preferred over ordinary toys that do not move. Amazon Dog Interactive Toy is a great companion.


The toys have been categorized based on the type of inbuilt features, the result they will produce on your dog, their use, and their uniqueness. Before making a choice of toy for your dog, you will need to consider the age of your dog and the type of result you wish to see on your dog afterward, and be sure you can take proper precautions during the use of the toys.

Educational dog toys

Average humans tend to enroll their wards in school starting from kindergarten till infinite studies. It’s a pity there is no such thing in the animal kingdom, dog training may seem like it but it is a different thing entirely. Educational dog toys help to teach and sharpen a pet’s instincts to be more pronounced, this helps your dog to cohabitate better in the environment. It pays a lot to have a dog that has some level of intellect, this prevents the embarrassment of some sort while you are taking work on the street or visits at the vet place. Educational dog toys will teach your pet patience, and some help to potty train your dog by improving their intelligence quotient. Some educational toys will educate your dog on feeding manners. They include-Slow feeding educational dog toy – this will help a dog who is a voracious eater and has a poor manner at dining to eat better.

Pet Puzzle Feeder slowing eating bowl
Dog Snuffle Mat
Dog Snuffle Mat
Electronic dog toys

Electronic dog toys are usually battery-operated or remote-controlled. Some of the toys in this category are Automatic interactive toys for dogs, while some are dog toys that move by themselves. Electronic dog toys are very fun and keep the animal curious each time. You can leave your dog with this type of toy while you are away at work. It makes a great companion provided they are well charged; some can entertain your dog all day, and it will make your dog have that feeling that someone is around. Some good electronic dog toys include-

Dog toy self-rolling ball
Dog toy self-rolling ball
Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Interactive Dog Toy
Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Interactive Dog Toy

Most dog toys offer that interactive ability, but some are highly exceptional and indeed provide infinite interaction for a dog. Toys in this category can almost make your dog speak! Whichever type of dog you have, AFP interactive dog toys will satisfy your quest and that of your dog. This category of toys makes the best dog mind toys. These best friends of ours deserve to be happy, and the list of toys below are some good interactive dog toys.

Interactive Dogs Puzzle Snails Plush Toys

From the name; stimulating, this category of toy tends to stimulate the pet’s sensory organs and mental faculties by constantly keeping the dog on the go. Ranging from the sense of smell to reasoning, to their maternal instincts, verbal restraints, and co. It enhances the dog’s mood and makes it act inquisitive, thinking about what the object is up to. The stimulating dog toy is also a good puppy mind toy because the dog will make use of all the senses while playing with the toy, it acts by making your dog feel energized. Stimulating dog toys are used to train the security dogs at the airport to identify a particular smell when they come in contact with it. This is a type of toy you can get for your dog if you are a busy person or if you tend to travel a lot. Below are some of the toys listed.


This is a popular brand of dog interactive toys. They are known for their durability and variety of products. Some of their varieties are

●  Trixie activity flip board interactive dog toy
●  Trixie activity poker box interactive dog toy
●  Trixie activity poker box interactive dog toy level 2
●  Trixie chess interactive dog toy
●  Trixie mad scientist turn around interactive dog toy
●  Trixie mad scientist turn around interactive dog toy level 2
●  Trixie mini mover interactive dog toy Level 3


This is also a very good brand of an interactive smart dog toy. There are different types of dog interactive toys available. Aussie interactive dog toy reviews are
relatively good enough to give it a trial.

●  Aussie dog home alone interactive toy
●  Aussie home-alone interactive dog toys
●  Aussie home alone interactive dog toys pet barn
●  Aussie home alone interactive dog toy large


In all we do in life, precautions are very essential to avoid costly mistakes and stories that touch the heart, in the use of dog toys, precautions are not exempted. Always remember that pets are somewhat like babies, at times they don’t know potential harmful objects, so we should guide them. You should take note of the following before, during, and after your dog must have played with the dog toys.

⦁ For electronic interactive dog toys, ensure the parts that bear the wires and the batteries are well secured before introducing them to your dog.
⦁ Please carefully read the manufacturer’s manual, some toys are not meant for puppies, the instructions may be stated.
⦁ Check for breakages and cracks, especially the sharp edges
⦁ Take note of choking hazards by ensuring the size of the toys are not the type your dog can easily swallow to avoid them choking on the objects.
⦁ During the use of throw toys, observe that the places the toys lands are within your sight, as your curious puppy may insist on finding it even to his detriment. There have been cases of pets falling inside the body of swampy waters with crocodiles, and even got accidentally knocked down by vehicles.
⦁ Also, observe for snakes when you play fetch with your dog in the woods or around bushy neighborhoods.
⦁ while using toys that move by themselves, ensure the environment is free of obstacles and snares, this is for the good of both the toy and your dog.
⦁ After the use of toys, be mindful of toys with shocking hazard instructions, do not immerse in water as this may dispense unexpected electric currents.
⦁ Always check for rust if the dog toy has metal parts, rusts are dangerous for your pets.
⦁ If possible, do not leave skeptical toys with your pets unsupervised.


One man’s need, they say is another man’s poison. your environment, apartment, and daily schedule have a lot of input in how the toy favor’s you and your pet.

⦁ Interactive dog toys are great ways to bond with your dog
⦁ When puppies start teething, they tend to bite on whatever they see just to entertain their itchy teeth, this may include your legs at times. A good interactive dog toy distracts your dog from destroying other household items such as footwear, foot mats, curtains, and many others.
⦁ If an adult dog is introduced to your household, or you buy a dog in adulthood, sometimes they find it difficult to acclimatize. Toys are beautiful ways of getting the newbie to blend with the new family and environment.
⦁ Toys can help a pack of dogs that always engage in fighting to channel their interest and energy to the provided play toys.
⦁ Dog interactive toys somewhat train your dog’s understanding to reason better.
⦁ If you are a busy person, dog interactive toys as the name imply help to interact with your dog in your absence

⦁ Choke is very likely when the parts of the toys get dismantled by the pet dog or if the size of the toy is small enough to be swallowed, victims are usually puppies.
⦁ During the use of electronic toys, electric shock is probable if the toy is poorly handled.
⦁ During ‘FETCH’ games with your buddies, they can get injured or at worse get missing if the toy gets thrown mistakenly to a wrong location.
⦁ Some of the product materials are toxic to the animal’s health.
⦁ Toys that use batteries can be accidentally cracked and will be highly detrimental for your dogs to have access to the batteries.


These toys listed below rank among the best 10 interactive toys in the United
Kingdom, you may want to give them a trial.
Ethical Pet Laser Exerciser Dog And Cat Toy
Zippypaws Hide And SeekPlush Dog Toy
KONG Tires Dog Toy
TRIXIE Activity Flip Board Dog Toy
Bob-a-lot Dog Toy
Outward Hound Tail Teaser Dog And Cat Toy
KONG Stuff A Ball Dog Toy
Chuckit Classic Launcher Dog Toy
Bones And Chews Cotton Rope With Bones Dog Toy.
Nylabone Teething Rings Puppy Chew Toy


LOOBANI is a highly outstanding company brand. LOOBANI dog toys have high quality. They are known for their good quality, durability, and high safety precautions. You cannot make a wrong choice in selecting this brand as the toys in this brand are the best of their kind. All protocols are duly observed in the manufacturing of their products. Your pet will love you for it. Below are some of the available interactive dog toys in stock. The link takes you to the shopping cart.

●  LOOBANI Dogs Outdoor Bungee Hanging Toy
●  Loobani Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toy
●  Nonslip Catapult Funny Feeding Bowl
●  Loobani New Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys For Puppy
●  Dog Toothbrush
●  Dog Snuffle Mat Pet Food Feeding Mat With 8 Carrots Plush Treat Puzzle Toys
●  Rubber Chew Toy For Dogs
●  Dog Slow Feeder Toy
●  Interactive Dogs Puzzle Snails Plush Toys Nonslip Pet Snuffle Mat Slow Feeder
●  Squeaky Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers Rubber Puppy Chew Ball With Squeaker
●  Pet Food Dispenser Treat Ball Slow Feeder Puzzle Toys Pet Tumbler Automatic Food Dispenser
●  Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers Rubber Interactive Puzzle Dog Toys
●  Pet Dog Molar Toothbrush Chew Toy
●  Pet Feeding Dispenser Smart Treat Toy
●  Dog Slow Feeder Toy
●  Slow Feeding Educational Dog Toy
●  Talking Pet Starter Set – 4 Pack Recordable Buttons For Dog
●  Pets Dog Treats Dispenser Puzzle Memory Training Activity Toy
●  Premium Treat Dog Toy Xl Extremely Durable Natural Rubber Toy
●  Hide And Seek Plush Dog Toys Crinkle Squeaky Interactive Burrow Activity Puzzle Chew Dog Treat
●  Interactive Dog Toys For IQ Stimulation And Mental Enrichment Treat Dispenser
●  Dogs Interactive Ball Launchers Thrower Pet Automatic Tennis Throwing Machine
●  Dog Snuffle Mat Pet Feeding Mat Dog Training Pad Sniffing Mat
●  Pet Plush Chew Toys
●  Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers Large Medium Breed Dog Chew Toys Dog Chew Toys Dog Toothbrush Interactive Toys
●  Starmark Treat Dispensing Bob-a-lot Dog Toy
●  Interactive Dog Bone Toys Automatic Moving Toy For Dogs Bone
●  Dog Chew Suction Cup Tug Of War Toy Multifunction Interactive Pet Aggressive Chewers Rope
●  Pet Puzzle Feeder Slowing Eating Bowl

dog interactive toy flirt pole
dog interactive toy flirt pole



Dog brain game toys are worth to be sold. The best brain toys for dogs are the Puzzle Dog toys. Puzzle toys challenge your pet a whole lot. They will have to use their brain to figure out where the next meal or treat comes from. Some of the puzzles will require them to sniff, dig or scratch, but in all, these enhance their reasoning.


Dogs are usually carried away when they gnaw especially on materials, they find indestructible. Pet chew toys such as Kong Classic Dog Toy makes the best Interactive Dog-Chewing toys. It is a tough interactive dog toy.


The Ninna Ottosson dog puzzle game is the favorite for most dog owners and dog trainers.


The best moving dog toy is the LED moving dog toy. This toy is a very good entertainer, it is durable and very safe hence the pet runs after the LED light while the toy itself is well secured from attack. Moving dog toys tends to make the best toys to entertain dogs.


Trixie Mad Scientist Turn Around Interactive Dog Toy makes a very good selfinteractive dog toy. This can make your dog have fun alone without a single


The KONG Goodie Bone Dog Toy is the best interactive dog toy in 2018. This dog toy is made of a durable material that your dog can chew without health implications.


Kibble Dispensing Push Toys is the best interactive dog toy in 2020. This toy slowly dispenses the treats, this makes the pet make more effort to get more.


There are dogs out there that need and deserve to own a toy but the owners cannot afford one for their dogs. How do we reach such dogs? Good interactive dog toys help dog owners a whole lot, but no matter the type of interactive dog toys you make available for your dog; we all know nothing can be equated to your physical repour.
Do dogs get addicted to their toys just like humans get addicted to video games and their phones?
Do you think dogs have withdrawal syndrome when their favorite toys get suddenly withdrawn from them?

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