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what are a dog's nutritional requirements?

We believe that no one would provide the same diet for any newborn baby with an adult sensibly. The nutritional requirements we need can be getting changed dramatically because that depends on our life stage, our situations… On the other hand, that could be the same goes for our beloved furry friends, right? And there are so many different dog nutritional requirements for a dog, but normally most of them could satisfy the nutritional needs of a dog in many ways. At the same time, we as dog owners should be responsible for the ideal dog diet for our furry family members, maybe also need to consider some nutritional supplements for dogs if necessary. How do you think of that?

what are a dog's nutritional requirements?

Maybe we ought to consider a dog’s nutritional requirements according to the life stages

First of all, when it comes to what are a dog’s nutritional requirements, that could be a great option to figure it out by the dog life stages’ nutrition.

That is true that every single dog needs an adequate amount of the basic elements daily, those should thrive: carbohydrates, fatty, protein, acids, minerals, water, and vitamins. Normally proteins could provide some amino acids to us creatures in this world, especially the 22 amino acids protein could supply nearly 10 of those, which we can see that our dogs may not be able to synthesize on their own. 

Additionally, fats could provide our beloved dogs with a few nutritional benefits, which also can make food more appetizing with that dog food fat content. The fat in dog food can be helpful with maintaining a healthy coat and skin, which is very crucial for dogs to digest some fat-soluble vitamins at the same time. Even though our dogs were mostly omnivores, but also could survive well enough with the vegetarian diets up to some points. But normally those most nutritional vegetables for dogs should include plenty of fats and protein, right?

Some experts generally agree that we ought to get the best diet for dogs, which that nutritionally balanced dog diets should contain some meat because the dog health nutrition must need to go with protein and fats in general. Do you agree with that?

On the other hand, we know that along with proteins and fats, carbohydrates could provide some energy needs for a dog mostly. As for the healthy carbs for dogs, normally were consist of cellulose, starches, and primarily sugars. In the dog food requirements, the cereals and legumes could account for much of carbs’ sources inside. Our dogs require some vitamins for some chemical reactions, particularly the A, B, D, E, and K… And minerals, like sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, were also required for different chemical reactions inside a dog.

Most importantly, water could be the most essential for nearly every bodily function, so do our dogs. We ought to keep in mind as we walk through the diverse phases that nutritional requirements were dependent not only on the life stage but also on the other factors of a host, like our dog’s size, breed, also health states.

what are a dog's nutritional requirements?

What are a puppy’s nutritional requirements?

The puppy nutritional requirements usually included the dog mother’s milk provides all a puppy needs could up to about four-week-old. That means puppies could start to be weaned for one or two weeks as a period around that time. 

Sometimes, we may be surprised at the amount of food that a puppy may need to keep the body growing rapidly. Puppies may need to consume about twice as many calories as an adult dog with each pound of a dog’s weight. Furthermore, they also require more proteins and fats than adult dogs normally. If you are keeping the larger breeds of the dog, you may want to be careful that the puppy will not grow very quickly due to the stress this could put on joints, organs, and bones.

Therefore, puppy nutrition guidelines according to some experts might be helpful for us, like something may not be formulated for a puppy’s diet specifically, but just happens to meet the minimum dog’s nutritional needs of a puppy normally. The dog food percentages should meet those dog food we choose, which we can easily tell from labels. 

Even though our puppies may need lots of food, but we still do not want to have food out for them all day so that stay at a healthy weight. Then we can do the measuring with dog food before we give them, which is based on a veterinarian’s advice or the food label normally. Or maybe we can try to feed them about 2 to 4 times each day regularly, to see what should be the best for dogs. Besides, by the time when they reach six-month-old, we can try to reduce the frequency down to about 2 times each day. How do you think?

what are a dog's nutritional requirements?

What are a senior’s nutritional requirements?

Have you ever thought about getting a senior dog to get used to a new diet even you have not ever taught a senior dog any new tricks? Some senior dogs would become overweight, which can be claimed to be a natural result of the slower metabolism that comes with aging for most creatures in this world. Thus, the senior dog nutritional needs should be understandable that so many dog owners need to think about very carefully that their dogs were getting on, which leads us to the next thing we need to talk about as follows…

For the reason that the slower metabolism could reduce a dog’s exercise and activity, then senior dogs should need fewer calories normally. Particularly, senior dogs may require about 20 percent of calories fewer than the average adult dog mostly. For aiding their digestive system, they can benefit from an additional fiber diet.

Then we may notice some old dog food that boasts of protein with a low amount. But we should not assume that our old furry friend could benefit from it unless the veterinarian recommends a diet with the low-protein for a condition, such as liver or kidney failure and so on…

what are a dog's nutritional requirements?

Some so many experts made that very clear about senior dogs require even more protein than those younger dogs, to maintain then balances of the protein reserves. Since the proteins could be easier to digest, so the need for a high-quality protein could be probably even more important at the aging stage in dog life. Have you ever considered that before?

Because of some sensory loss that comes with aging in dogs, some elder dogs may not own as a big appetite as they may be used to owning, right? In case, you can have a try with tempting your senior furry friend to consume different food or just heating the meals if that was getting so bad that they were no longer want to keep a balanced diet. That’s worth a try. And you ought to always have some water available to them because water maintenance balances could get more difficult with the aging dog bodies up to some points. Do you know that?

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