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Pooch with high-energy and positive vibes are entertaining to be with, mainly during winter and falls. Both indoor and outside, your dog can enjoy quality time with you, depending on what you call enjoyment. For me, my canine is one of the best things that has ever happened to me since I got her. She is always around me and sometimes helps me with some house chores; sounds exciting, right? Yes, it is. Your pup can enjoy doing anything if you make it looks so to them. One thing I cherish so much about dogs is the fact that they can multitask and can get along quickly with activities. They are blessed and unique pets; I see why they call them a human companion. Of course, nothing beats having your dog all over you when it’s raining, splashing water, and playing in the mud won’t be a bad idea, but after that, ensure you wash your dog and keep them warm to avoid catarrh.

Dogs hunting instincts make them love running, swimming, jumping, rolling, and socializing so much; if you are planning to fix your pup with some activities this period, ensure it has a touch of all these things they love; trust me, your dog will enjoy themselves to the fullest. Canine also enjoys eating and sniffing objects, so a bit of touch of the nose and mouth game will go well for your pup. Weather should not be a barrier that will interrupt your dog’s daily exercise regime, and it’s always a good idea to have varieties during playtime with your canine. Boredom in your active dog can lead to them getting into more trouble like excessive chewing, calling on the road, bringing out the destructive nature in them, whining and barking unnecessary. People mistake fun time with a dog’s regular exercise routine, and these two are not the same. Playtime comes with many praises and treats, which is excellent for your dog generally, but the regular exercise helps them keep stipulating the puppy’s mental and physical well-being. I am not saying playtime activities are not educative, but there is a mix of fun. Most dogs enjoy playtime than their regular daily fitness practice, so it will be nice if you can add some more sweetness into your canine day-to-day activities.


Here are some top 10 indoor summer and winter activities you can do with your dog

  1. Teach your dog some new tricks
    Who says you can’t be getting your dog off that old school life is not possible? Well, it is 100 percent likely. So let me ask you this as a dog owner ‘’are you not tired of opening and closing your puppy’s crate every day’’ or tired of your canine just eating and sleeping all day? If those things still interest you, I bet you your little pup is fed-up, but they are looking for the right time to unleash their anger on you. There are new tricks like spinning, playing dead, fetching things, toy water games, hiding legs under the sand if you are planning to have a great summer activity with your dog, shaking hands and legs, and new commands. Doing these new things with your dog sets their moods and keeps your dog livelier.
  2. Give them the chance to help you around the house.
    Don’t stop your little friend from helping you with some house chores; dogs initially are energetic. However, helping you around the house with some handy activities will help put those strengths to work. For example, show your canine the right place to keep those clothes, and you will be amazed at the outcome. The fun part of it is that you and your dog get to spend a long day with you. Talking about tasks, your pup might not be able to sweep or cook for you, but basic jobs like finding your keys with you, pulling kinds of stuff, and fetching will do and ensure you check the weight and health of your dog before allowing them left or remove anything for you in the house.
  3. Movie or pampering night
    Your canine deserves the whole pamper in the world; after a stressful day, take out time at night to massage their body; it helps stretch the puppy’s bones and has a way of relaxing the mind and brain. And yes, give your companion a nice movie night date, don’t laugh at this yet. There are some special channels for pets that your dog can find interesting; you can enjoy it with the family. It’s a way to have some active family activities with your dog. You are giving your dog a warm bath after long activities with your dog in the sunhave a way of calming their nerve and reducing the possible occurrence of heatstroke.
  4. Opt your fetching games
    The fact that you are stuck inside with your canine does not mean you should sacrifice their playtime; some things you do with your buddy outside can be carried out closed doors. Teaching your doganother format of catching items will be helpful. The ordinary fetch game people know about is spreading treats around in the house or throwing of toys, and your dog go pick them up, spice things up by throwing their toys up and down the staircases and have your dogs go after them; you can also do that on the hallways of your apartments depending on the kind of house you stay in.
  5. Playing on the couch.
    The couch is soft, so no worries about getting injured. Throwing a ball from your sofa to a basket and allowing your dog to go after it won’t be a bad idea at all; the good thing is you can have that done even while you are listening to your favorite music.
  6. Introduce an online class for your dog
    Some online courses will broaden your mind to various activities you can do with your dog, going through a few animal-assisted activities with dog’s guidelines for basic requirements knowledge. Online classes with your canine help instill better manners and help them with their obedience training. Imagine helping your dog helping your dog learn new tricks in style. There are fitness classes your puppy can do online, and life is made easy and fun for your little puppy.
  1. Train your dogon how to pull their weight
    Allow your canine to do things themselves, too, like picking up their toys themselves. Some numerous videos and books will guide you on that. When dropped, teaching your dogs to get their toys on the floor is a bonus for you; at least, it is a minus from your everyday choice. You can make this activity more fun for your pups by giving them several different colors of toys.
  2. Put your dog on the treadmill.
    If you have a treadmill, Veterans has recommended that you replace your daily walk-around routine with a 20 to 30-minute walk with your dog on the treadmill. You may need to go along with some treats if you like and keep them on a leash. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can teach them how to use the treadmill without you, but you should still watch them while they’re at it.
  3. Letting your dog have a ME TIME
    If you are always at home or have kids around always, your dog may want some quiet time for themselves. Gather some blankets on your canine’s bed and some of his toys to put in an area of the house where he can still see you but where he can have time for him if he wants.
  4. Chilling to some fantastic music and enjoying the company with your pooch
    Are you in doubt that dogs don’t listen to excellent music? Then you must be a joke, sorry to say. You can enjoy awesome summer evening activities with your dogin the garden or inside with cool sound
  5. Plan a night camping with your companion
    Take a break from technology, get off-grid and stay in a dog-friendly tiny hurt, and enjoy a fresh and cool breeze with your dog. Sometimes, your dog needs to ease some tension by getting out of their shared space to open space.
  6. Take your canine for a mini boat cruise.
    Dogs too love enjoyment, take your puppy for a boat ride and don’t forget to go with some safety materials like a life jacket and blanket to keep them warm if the air from the ocean is much for them, you can also take your dog for a pleasant canoe peddling your canine will enjoy that too.
  7. Going to Sydney park and exploring some dog-friendly hideaway games with them will be much fun for both you and your dog.
  8. Meeting new puppies in the neighborhood.
    Canine also enjoys meeting new friends; why not book a date for your dog with fellow buddies around your neighborhood. You can go along with their toys and treat to make a date more fun and enjoyable.

Cherish every moment with your puppy and have some fun activities with your dog to keep life interesting. Doing kinds of stuff together with your dog will help strengthen your bond with them. Make every single time you spend with them memorable. You can check on our website loobani.com to learn more about how to take care of your dog.



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