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Dogs are wonderful creatures and fun to be with; their presence alone brings joy. They are referred to as human companions due to their high sense of humor, though they can be so annoying at times you can’t trade the feeling of having them by your side with anything. Canine understands your behavior and moods; they can tell when you are sad, happy, and excited just by looking at you; they are great buddies if you choose to have one. If there is one thing I know for sure, there is never a dulling moment with a dog. Dogs are full of lives and energy; their vibes are contagious; you can’t just help it. Although they’re a laugh to be with, on occasion attempting some extra sports with your canine may be greater thrilling, and there are quite a number of them.

Let’s check out these ten fun activities to do with your dog 

Five Outdoor activities for dogs

 Right here are some a laugh summer activities to try with your dog

  1. Beach-trip with your furry friends

The beach is a great idea for outdoor games during summer for you and your pup. You can decide to build a sandcastle with your dog or dig those toes paws in the cool sand but make sure the beach is cool before taking your canine there. Try this Dog Paw Protector Anti-Slip Grip Pad to ensure their feet are safe from tiny beach insects. Throwing balls to your canine to capture is likewise fun at the seaside. This Interactive Pet Football Toys with Grab is suitable for the activity

  1. The dog agility game

Dogs love games, mostly when it warrants them to pass a few obstacles. They may be always keen to search for new matters. To achieve this, set up some obstacles in the garden like the sports cones and enjoy some pet-friendly activities with your dogPhysical activities with your dog help them maintain fit, and it is a extraordinary manner to preserve them in right shape via strengthening their joints, muscle tissues, and heart.

  1. Taking a stroll

Walking with your dogs around the neighborhood is also a perfect exercise for you and your pals. Once your canine has mastered walking by your side, you can take them out to the park or around the neighborhood in the cool evening

  1. Hiking with your dog

Enjoying nature by taking your dog for an adventure is not a bad idea. For safety sake, check in advance if where you are taking your dog to is pet-friendly; it is also pertinent to know what plants are more harmful to your dog before setting out

  1. Tourism with your dog

You can take advantage of the weather by exploring some new places. All cities have some nice places to see, and having your canine as a companion makes this more enjoyable.


Few indoor things to do with an active dog

During winter, the weather can be so cold; letting your dog out during that period might not be safe for them, but that shouldn’t stop you and your canine from having fun. Here are some fun ideas for indoor activities for you and your pup to try this winter:

  1. Engaging your pup with the scent game

Hide and seek is the perfect match for you and your dog during winter; hide some things around the house. It can be treats or toys, and let your pooch sniff and look for them. Not only is this game fun it also helps them enhance their smelling senses, hide and seek is a great way of letting your dog move around when the weather is cold.

  1. The indoor fetch game

This is a replica of the outdoor game, throw toys around and let your dog catch them. It is more suitable for open rooms, with this your dog can feel warm despite the cold weather.

  1. The food puzzle game

As much as your dog needs physical activities, they also need mental exercise, and this LOOBANI Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys or the Pet IQ Feeder Puzzle Toy develops your canine’s herbal pressure to seek and paintings for his or her food. They are also good for puppies teething training, dogs who are picky eaters, or those that eat too fast; it will help curb that bad behavior in them

  1. Tug-of-war

You can do this indoor activity with your dog when it’s raining; not only will it make you bond with your canine, it also helps strengthen their jaw and paws. It can also be an incredible tool to help your dog reduce biting; instead of scolding your pup when they bite,  with the LOOBANI Dog Outdoor Bungee Hanging Toy, you could redirect their conduct toward the toy rope in an effort to get busy with something greater suitable for chewing.

  1. Dinner date

You can enjoy an indoor dinner date with your dog during winter. You love food, so does your dog, too. Why not make this more fun by setting up a dinner feast for you and your pals. You can enjoy some dog-friendly meals with your dog, add some fish, meat, or chicken, and spice it up with fruits like strawberry and watermelon; dogs love those fruits. To make it more fun, you can add pup cakes for dessert. Just ensure they are prepared with dog-friendly recipes.

These activities are meant to be enjoyed by you and your dogs; it should not be all about you; watching your little buddy having fun is pleasing to the eye. You could do other matters with them; it is able to be indoor activities with your dog, however before you have interaction them, recognize this; dogs love running, swimming, leaping, sniffing, consuming, rolling, lounging, gambling, posing, and socializing. So whichever game you choose to play with your dog should have a little feel of these things they like doing. Another thing to note when playing with your dog is to check if your canine is enjoying the activities. Dogs are masters when it comes to creating their fun, so turning what is meant to excite them into a challenge won’t be fair on their part. That doesn’t mean you can’t spice up things for your dogs to enjoy.


How to know if your dog is having fun

You don’t have to be a dog behaviorist to have a taste of what your dog feels when they are having a nice time. One of the easiest ways to detect if your pup is having a whale of a time is through their furious wagging of tail; I am sure you’ve seen one before. A tail that is seriously rotating at high speed with their whole body moving sometimes feels like they are about to take off like a canine helicopter. The wagging of a dog’s tail is just the basic way to know if they are enjoying themselves, but sometimes the tail wagging does not always connote that your dog is happy, so there are other signs you can watch out for to indicate if they are truly enjoying the game or not. 

  • Check your dog’s eyes and lids to see how relaxed they are; with this, you will know they are pleased with the activity.
  • Another indicator is their body language; always remember this, dogs don’t talk; they can only communicate with signs and gestures. As the owner, it is vital to learn how to understand your dog’s body.Relaxed ears and mouth, a loose and wiggly body, are a sense of enjoyment that is more noticeable among dogs having fun.
  • Other signals like barking, whining, jumping, and dancing dependson your dog’s personality.

Important things to look out for

  • Body language: Things like jumping, barking, whining, and tail wagging might be a sign that your dog is having fun.
  • Other signs: open mouth, relaxed eye, and eyelids, loose and wiggling body, relaxed ear. All these are physical things to look out for to know if your dog is having a nice time with you.

How can you help your dog have fun?

  • Spice things up

Dogs love routine naturally, but you have to mix things up once in a while. Following one regular activity might look boring for you and your dog, so it’s better to introduce new things to make the day more colorful. Things like visiting new places, going for an adventure, a visit to a dog park, trip to the new neighborhood will do the magic

  • Take things slowly and smooth together with your dog

Don’t force activities with your dog; know this dog can be stubborn if they choose to; they prefer doing things at their will. So forcing them to be engaged in an activity is like you stressing yourself, and trust me, it received’t turn out properly, usually permit your canine to vibe themselves.

  • Watch out for change in behavior

Not at all times will your dog be tagged as an active dog. When canine gets older, things that look fun might end up turning them off. As a pup, your dog might love jumping and running; as he turns to an adult, relaxing under a shield might be the new thing he enjoys doing. The winter activity with your dog won’t interest them once more in a few cases. However, sudden changes in your dog’s behavior could indicate some health issues. For example, dogs with diarrhea feel weak and inactive for any game.

  • Check activities that fit a particular time or season.

It will be more fun if your dog’s activities are based on the current season. There are some activities with dogs in the winter, during summer, in the sun, etc. Also, check the location, for instance, some activities to do with your dogs inside, the ones you can do with them at the park, in the garden, etc.

  • Their personalities

Your little puppy trait is very important when choosing an activity for them; there are activities for dogs with natural guarding instinctsactivities with a high energy dog, activities to do with an aggressive dogand activities to do with an unsocial dogTake out time to study your dog’s personality before engaging them. 

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