Should I Restrict Activity for Dog with Heart Murmur?

A heart murmur is quite common in dogs, you don’t have to worry too much about it. There is little you can do to prevent heart murmur and it could go away on its own. So, if you have a medical identification of your dog that shows he has a heart murmur, keep calm and observe for a period of time then decide to go to the vet or not is okay. A heart murmur from your dog may be congenital or acquired. Knowing this, you should have your dog’s health screenings as fast as you keep him. This article will explain what is heart murmur and how to do it with dogs with a heart murmur. Please continue reading and know more about heart murmur. And test more interest for puppies with heart murmurs at

Should I Restrict Activity for Dog with Heart Murmur?

What is Heart Murmur?

heart murmur is a valid made with the aid of turbulent blood glide in or close to the heart. A heart murmur is different from an arrhythmia. While arrhythmia is different from a normal heartbeat that has a rhythm. A heart murmur is an abnormal sound heard during the heartbeat, caused by the rapid flow of blood through the atria and ventricles, the heart valves, or the tubes connecting the vessels or between the vessels and the atria and ventricles. Heart murmurs are like tumors; there are benign and malignant tumors, as well as an innocent and abnormal heart murmur. If your dog has an innocent heart murmur, you may not have any other signs or symptoms. Many harmless murmurs depart on their personal as developing. But if your dog has an abnormal heart murmur, it could be congenital or acquired. When it is congenital, it is usually caused by structural problems of the heart. When it is acquired heart murmur, it could be heart valve problems.

From another point of view, a heart murmur could be divided into innocent heart murmur, functional heart murmur, and pathologic heart murmur. A functional heart murmur is associated with physiologic alterations such as exercise, anemia, hyperthyroidism, and increased blood volume associated with pregnancy. Pathologic heart murmur is almost the same as an abnormal heart murmur mentioned before.

What are the Symptoms of a Heart Murmur?

If your dog has a heart murmur, you may be asked by the vet to pay more attention to monitoring these symptoms:

  • Breathlessness
  • Coughing
  • Low energy
  • Pale gums
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Weakness

A dog with an innocent heart murmur always has a healthy/normal heart and may have no symptoms. This type of heart murmur is as common as a newborn puppy or young dog.

An harmless murmur occurs when blood flows through a dog’s coronary heart more fast than everyday. Conditions that may cause blood to flow quickly through the dog’s heart, resulting in an innocent heart murmur, such as:

  • Fever
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Not having enough healthy red blood cells to carry enough oxygen to your body tissues (anemia)
  • Physical activity or exercise
  • Pregnancy
  • Rapid growth phase, such as puberty


Should I Restrict Activity for Dog with Heart Murmur?

What Causes a Heart Murmur?

Generally, a heart murmur may happen when:

  • The heart is full of blood
  • The heart empties
  • During the entire heartbeat

An innocent heart murmur is temporary and reversible. Under the adjusting diet and exercise levels, dogs can have a normal heartbeat again. being pregnant, fever, anemia, hyperthyroidism, and immoderate workout may additionally reason an harmless coronary heart murmur.Innocent heart murmurs may disappear or company throughout your dog’s whole life. In this case, you should find the fittest way for your dog to have activity in order to get the heartbeat back to normal or turn to normal. You can reduce intensive exercise and add more indoor activities with dogs. Playing dog toys with your dog at home is a good choice. An abnormal heart murmurs are usually caused by structural problems of the heart in young dogs. Loobani interactive dog toys are nontoxic and fun enough for you and your dog.

(Check more information in dog academy in about activities to do with dogs outdoors, activities to play with dogs, weekend activities with your dog, indoor activities with your dog, and best activities to do with dogs.)

In adult dogs, the most common cause of an abnormal murmur is an acquired heart valve problem. Abnormal heart murmurs are usually caused by structural problems of the heart in young dogs and it’s congenital.

The causes of abnormal heart murmurs include infections and diseases that damage the structure of the heart in a senior dog. For example:

  • Valve calcification. This hardening or thickening of valves, such as mitral stenosis or aortic stenosis, can occur with age. The valves may become narrow, making it tougher for blood to flow through dog’s heart and causing a heart murmur.
  • This infection of the lining of your heart and valves usually occurs in another part of your body, such as your mouth, where bacteria or other germs travel through your blood and get stuck in your heart. If left untreated, endocarditis can damage or destroy your heart valves. This usually happens to people who already have heart valve problems.
  • Rheumatic fever. Although now rare in the United States, rheumatic fever is a serious disease that occurs when you do not receive prompt or complete treatment for streptococcal infection. It can permanently affect the heart valves and interfere with the normal flow of blood through your heart.

In young puppies, common congenital flaws that cause abnormal heart murmurs are as follows:

  • A hole in the heart. Known as an atrial septal defect, the hole in the heart may or may not be serious, depending on the size and location of the hole.
  • Heart shunt. A heart shunt occurs when the blood flow between the ventricles or blood vessels is not normal, which can lead to a heart murmur.
  • Heart valve problems that are present at birth. Examples include valves that do not allow enough blood to pass through (stenosis) or those that do not close properly and leak (regurgitation).


Should I Restrict Activity for Dog with Heart Murmur?

How to Prevent Heart Murmur?

There is not so much thing that you can do to prevent a heart murmur. An innocent heart murmur may go away as well as disappear once your dog has grown up. And a heart murmur is usually not a disease and is often harmless. As your dog grows, the heart murmur may go away since the underlying condition improves. After monitoring the symptoms required by your vet and you observe that your dog may have an abnormal heart murmur, you should take your dog friend go to the hospital to recheck and stop the deterioration of the disease. Dogs with a mild heart murmur may live as long as other dogs, but if it develops into congestive heart failure, it will vary depending on other health factors and the severity of the condition; some dogs live only a few months, while others live for years.

How to Have Proper Activity with Dogs?

If the vet tells you that the heart murmur of your dog is very mild, you may have exercise activities to do with your dog as usual. but if the coronary heart murmur of your canine still wishes further commentary, and considering that workout is an crucial part of a dog’s existence, what must do? You don’t have to restrict the activities with your dog, but change the form of activities. You can do some activities that don’t bring much stress to the dog’s heart. And you also need to pay more attention to your dog’s eating habits and diet balance. If your dog has a pathologic heart murmur with clinical symptoms, you should reduce excessive exercise to prevent the further deterioration of heart function. There are nevertheless many thoughts for you and your puppies to have enough and slight sports.

  • Fun game of hide-and-seek

Some dogs will look like lion dancers under the cloth, while others are more interesting and will come out from under the cloth like slippery dolphins. This game teaches your dog the three basic command words: show your head, wait and come out. if you want your dog to seem like wagging on the cloth, you must pick out a light, translucent cloth with a view to be less demanding to your dog.

In besides the common plain wrapping cloth, the owner can also choose to adjust the atmosphere with different designs of blankets or bath towels, such as Christmas trees patern, small snowflake patterns, etc. It is very hilarious to have a dog perform such a game at a Christmas party, and you can also take pictures to remember it.

  • Sniffing training

Sniffing drains your dog’s energy and strength as much as walking. Spend a few minutes per day to hide snacks in tin cans, sofa, or garden. Many loobani interactive dog toys can train a dog’s ability to sniff.

Also, CBD can help to reassure the stress of your dog’s heart. It can make your dog feel better. (In here you can find more about CBD oil for dogs with an overactive immune system , outdoor activities with your dog, exercise activities to do with your dog, exercise and activity dogs with chemotherapy, how to keep a dog active with busy work schedule, what to do with an active dog, and things to do with an active dog.)


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